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Want to Learn 24 Ways to Get More Clients Now?

Even if you don’t have an e-mail list or website!

Read on to discover how you can gain access to my quick reference checklist that reveals simple secrets for how you can use discovery sessions to get more clients (without being salesy!).

Is this you…….

  1. You’ve been putting offers on your Facebook page that turn into ‘likes’, but no bites?
  2. You’ve been putting your self and your card ‘out there’, but no one is calling you?
  3. Offering free sessions and talks where people gush about how great you are – but they don’t end up becoming your clients.
  4. You’ve barely even tried to get clients, because you don’t have a clue about where to start (awesome, this training is going to save you a ton of wasted energy!).

It is sooo frustrating isn’t it?! I was once in your shoes. I too struggled with not only knowing what to do to find clients, but my free sessions would overwhelm them with too much information. They would get off the phone either feeling like they got everything they needed or be scared away by how much time, effort and willpower it sounded like it would take to implement my recommendations!

Offering free coaching sessions are totally useless, when not done correctly. Not only are they a waste of your time, but they cheat your potential client out of the opportunity to fully step into transforming their health.

In this FREE video training series, you will discover how to offer discovery sessions in the right way, so that you can invite people to become your clients without being ‘salesy’ or giving away the farm!

Here is a sneak peak at what you will learn….

  • How to properly give a ‘discovery session’ that converts your ideal client from being curious to comitted!
  • 24 ways to find ideal clients, even if you don’t have a website or e-mail list!
  • How to talk to a potential client without sounding ‘salesy’.
  • 18 BONUS strategies for setting up online systems that invite potential clients to work with you on autopilot (for a steady stream of clients)!
  • ‘Start Getting Clients Now’ 90 day planning template – come away from the call with ideas and a plan you can implement right away!

This is perfect for you if you are…

  1. Fresh out of school as a holistic nutritionist or health coach.
  2. Graduated a while back, but your business is barely up and running.
  3. You’ve got some clients, but not enough to make a decent living.

Who I am.. mom-and-jasmine

My name is Sherry Rothwell, RHN. I am a mother of two, instructor at a local nutrition college and the creator of the Nourished Nutrition Business program.

Like you, I struggled to get my business off the ground – because becoming an entrepreneur was not what I was thinking about, when I signed up for nutrition school! I literally had to become an expert in business to figure out for myself how to make a generous living as a nutritionist.

Along the way I went from resenting that, to loving it! Nothing excites me more than inspiring new nutritionists to turn their passion for health into a profitable business doing what they love!

As a graduate of 2 of Canada’s top nutrition schools (with honours), you can trust that what I teach is in alignment with your values. I am not just a business coach, but a die hard whole foodie, nutritionist and hippy mama too!

The tools and strategies that I offer are not only heart based, but designed and customized specifically for health coaching and holistic nutrition businesses.

Ready to learn how to be ready to receive more clients now!?

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Where do YOU get stuck when it comes to finding clients?



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