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mom-and-jasmineI believe that….

Pleasurable eating is as much nourishment to the soul, as it is to the body and that we are all healers – especially mothers who do the invisible work of prevention.  I believe that healing is a journey of awakening to the transformation we require to return to our wholeness….disease happens ‘for’ us, not ‘to’ us.

How I awakened to the path….

My journey started on the west coast at age 20 wearing blue eyeshadow (on my lips)…..

In those days you could find me painting nails in the salon by day, and spending my nights chain smoking cigarettes to the tune of Nine Inch Nails, Alice in Chains and Tool (interspersed with a little Delirium, Sarah Mc Lachlan, Ani De Franco and Tori Amos). It wasn’t long though before I became sick on the fumes and traded in my high heels for Birkenstocks (metaphorically speaking) and gave up ‘the grunge’ for all things natural.

That was when I first took responsibility for my own health and healed myself from acne, yeast infections, PMS, mono and depression using only natural food, energy medicine and natural remedies.

WFP photoI was so excited to share my discoveries of how to tap into the body’s innate healing forces, that I gave up my career as an aesthetician, to work in a health food store – so that I could spend my days immersed in the healing wisdom of natural health.

Over the years, I went on to manage and own my own businesses in the natural health field and graduated with honours from two of Canada’s top nutrition schools. Since then, I’ve taught traditional food skill classes to hundreds of women-locally, online and abroad, as well as consulting in private practice since 2006.

With my back round in childbirth studies, I also have a passion for bridging the gap between midwifery and holistic nutrition. In 2013, I conceived the Nutrition Wisdom for the Childbearing Years Certification Program – where birth wisdom meets natural nutrition (contact me at [email protected] to learn more).

Today the focus of my work is….

  • teaching aspiring nutritionists at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Kelowna, BC
  • offering business coaching for health coaches, holistic nutritionists and personal trainers
  • helping women approaching 40 (and beyond) lose more than JUST the weight – without giving up the rich, sweet and creamy foods they love (yes that is possible)!

Before that though…..

RobezoIn the year 2000, I conceived and homebirthed my first child with Midwives and soon after discovered a love for all things- childbearing. I took a hiatus from studying nutrition and traveled from the west coast of BC to Hawaii to as far south as North Carolina to learn from Midwives that carried the knowledge and ancient wisdom of traditional midwifery in their hearts and hands. I used that wisdom to birth my second child unassisted and to serve as a Doula attending over 20 births locally while studying and raising my young children. The decision to put midwifery on the shelf to focus on teaching and mentoring was a tearful one, but it is with excitement that I plan to pick it up again in my Crone years when the kids are grown and having their own : )

And for a little bit of the more formal stuff…

Food MattersMy relevant teaching experience includes offering workshops in the community and seminars to audiences small and large including: midwifery students, nutritionists and other foodies at the Ancient Art Midwifery Trust Birth Conference, The Matrona School of Midwifery, Manitoba Association of Childbirth and Family Education, Food Matters Winnipeg ….and currently I teach Pathology, Paediatrics, Symptomatology, Preventative Nutrition, Allergies, Aging and Business of course at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in beautiful Kelowna, BC.

If you are looking for the conventional letters behind my name (you won`t find them), but what I do have is the wisdom of decades of personal experience and maybe even lifetimes (a psychic intuitive once told me that I was a an Inuit medicine women in a past life, haha!).

And of course, being a life long learner like you, I have a long list of certifications in business, birth, energy medicine and nutrition.

Want to keep learning with me?

Let’s talk about you and how you can get started!

e-mail me at [email protected] to chat

I look sooooo forward to connecting with you!



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