Nourish Mama by Sherry Rothwell

Do you wish you had someone by your side to show you how to get your start up nutrition business on its feet fast?

Imagine having your new practice fully set up and systematized, so that you feel organized, prepared and ready to invite
new clients to work with you? It would be so amazing wouldn’t it, to finally have a step-by-step, repeatable system that you can rely on to successfully support your new clients to adopt the diet and lifestyle changes you recommend! Wouldn’t you feel oh so much more professional and proud of your work, if you had something ‘hold in your hand beautiful’ to give to your clients to help them retain and implement what you teach in each of your sessions? It would be such a relief to go into a session with full clarity about what to do in advance. And, so much more rewarding to spend more time serving your clients and less time trying to find them!

But right now……

You are feeling confused about where to get clients and about how to get organized to officially open your practice. You’re likely feeling doubt about whether you really even know enough to charge good money for your advice (after all you just graduated or you haven’t had many clients to practice with yet)! You might even secretly feel like your own health and habits aren’t where they “should” be …and you wonder “how will I be able to help my clients do ‘this’, when I can’t even help myself sometimes?”.

Part of the reason that you are not able to focus on taking care of yourself, is because you’ve been
working so hard trying to figure out this business and marketing thing. You are so tired of not getting a return on the time you spend working on your business. What’s worse is, you are even finding yourself subtlety resisting signing on new clients, because you don’t feel that confident that you can help them, not to mention, you are becoming overwhelmed with how long it takes you to prepare for client sessions, and create hand outs. You are starting to wonder if you can really make this whole natural nutrition business work (there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day)!

Finally, you are exhausted from having to reinvent the wheel with each client and from constantly worrying about whether or not they think the service you offer is really worth what they are paying – to the point that the self doubt it is really starting to hurt your self esteem. Sometimes, you wonder if you are even really cut out for the work anyway!

And at the end of the day though, you have to start making a living doing this (like yesterday!) or you worry that you’ll have to go back to your ‘day’ job – or never be able to leave it!

You have probably tried….

“Winging it”, putting your cards in health food stores and yoga studios, making posters and postcards, giving free talks (and exhausting free sessions!), reading books about business and taking internet marketing courses…..without much success.

I was once standing in your shoes…..

I started working in the natural health field in 1998 after healing myself of mononucleosis using a combination of diet, supplementation and energy medicine – in fact, it worked so well for me that I never missed a day of work! In the process of healing myself, I discovered a passion for nutrition and began to spend my evenings and weekends in coffee shops and libraries studying everything that I could get my hands on! Naturally (pardon the pun) I quit my toxic career in the field of aesthetics, took a pay cut and gave up the ‘tips’ to work for minimum wage in a health food store. None of that mattered to me as I was so deeply passionate about helping people take responsibility for their health and heal themselves from disease (the way I had done for myself).

Somewhere along the way I opened up my own natural baby and mama store and pursued studies in the field of childbirth – a passion parallel to my love of nutrition. I also began a homestudy course in nutrition from the Edison Institute of Nutrition. I graduated in 2006, but felt I was missing pieces that could only come from being in a classroom with fellow nutritionists in training and experienced teachers. So I sold what was then my dream home (the home that my daughter was born in), packed my family up and traveled from Winnipeg in south central Canada, to the west coast to study at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Vancouver, BC.

Yet, even after graduating with honours and a second certification in nutrition, I still felt like there were gaps in my knowledge. Without clinical experience and mentorship, like you I was on my own to figure out how to translate my intellectual knowledge in to a practical context that would support my clients to make the changes that were necessary – not only to heal themselves, but to maintain that healing too.

And even though my final mark in business was 100% and while it came easy to me in theory – what I learned about business in nutrition school did not translate into money or clients in the real world.

From my past experience marketing in the alternative birth field, I knew that natural nutrition would have some of the very same obstacles, and I didn’t want to waste time making the same unproductive mistakes or spinning my wheels doing the same thing and expecting different
results (definition of insanity)!

Essentially, I was lost because, number one I didn’t want to have to sell or to convince people to keep coming back for more sessions, yet I knew that in most cases more than one session would be needed to get results. And, that many more sessions than that would be required to learn and implement all the essential lifestyle changes in a complete way – leaving no stone unturned on their healing path.

When I began to write down all the things that I knew my clients needed to do and the changes they needed to make to get the same kind of results that I got through diet and lifestyle – I felt again at a loss, because the only practitioner model I had heard of people using was the ‘1 off’ sessions model.

And yet it didn’t seem like the right fit for nutrition consulting or health coaching.

I wondered, how would I be able to help people ‘go all the way’ when the human condition is to simply stop when things get difficult?

Even though I knew how I would need to work with people to help them make permanent change, I just couldn’t imagine people spending the kind of money they would need to, to spend THAT much time with me. So I simply didn’t have the guts to set up my practice and just do the I saw that it needed to be done.

I was still looking for the proof that it was even possible!

So I turned my focus to marketing. I began searching around on the internet to see what other successful nutritionists were doing and discovered that many of them were in fact using a package model – which is the perfect fit to help someone create better health and maintain it!

I found people who were doing what I wanted to be doing and learned from their experience how to set up my business, not only so that it better served my clients, but so that I could make a generous living as well. I immersed myself in studying business systems, practicing copywriting and I literally invested tens of thousands of dollars to learn how to market effectively.

As a nutritionist, I went from charging $70 a session and wondering where my next client was g
oing to come from – to charging $4000 per client for 6 month coaching packages… and knowing exactly how to get new clients to keep my programs full.

The first year that I fully embraced the package model, I made $48,000 working part time from home with kids in tow, seeing clients 2 days a week (only 3 weeks a month!).

The reason why I created this program…..

I had so much fun learning and doing the work of creating my own package based nutrition business, that I eventually certified as a business coach so that I could confidently help you to do what I did – without burning yourself out having to reinvent the wheel and start your programs from scratch.

I can’t wait to show you how you can do this too and help you get set up for success from the start! 

I want you to get the best results possible for your clients, while building a financially and energetically regenerative business that nourishes your soul – because your work should give back to you, as much as you give to it!

What this program covers…..

√ Systems: How to set up your nutrition practice (you get done-for-you forms, contracts checklists, a signature system, package ideas and suggested pricing so that you don’t have to start your practice from scratch)

√ Mindset: How to get your subconscious mind on board for sales and charging package prices (so that you don’t feel guilty about charging more money than your colleagues and getting paid generously by your clients)

 Marketing: How to market effectively and mindfully (so that you don’t feel like you are ‘bugging’ people).

√ Sales: Learn how to sell without being ‘salesy’.

and soooooooo much more!

Sherry has been there every step of the way, keeping me accountable and making sure that everything is implemented.

saraI have taken so many business courses over the past couple of years. This is the first time that a course went straight to application. Sherry has been there every step of the way, keeping me accountable and making sure that everything is implemented. It is the first time that I have been this clear in my message and the people that I am helping. Sherry coached me through some big mental blocks that were holding me back. I am incredibly grateful that I went through this program, and I finally feel like I have legs to run with.
Sara Noad
Kelowna, BC

Module 1: Your Soul’s Calling

Do you sense that you are here on this planet to do something unique in the nutrition world, but you are unsure exactly where to start? What if you could make a generous living by combining all of your gifts into a multi passionate business that serves people, only in the way that you know you can? While deep in your heart you know that what you have to offer is valuable, does it feel like you just can’t seem to figure out how to pull it all together in a profitable way? You want your business to not only to serve others, but serve your soul’s purpose so that you look forward to jumping out of bed every morning excited to do work you love! You want to craft an `outside the box` holistic business plan and do business in YOUR own unique way – including more than JUST nutrition!

Here are the benefits of incorporating more of who you really are into your business..

  • Provide a truly holistic service that addresses not just the body, but the mind and spirit too!
  • Create a luscious lifestyle you love and let it naturally market your business, while you have fun!
  • Have the freedom to set up your business schedule, so that it flows around your wants, needs and desires (forget business as usual)!
  • Integrate your self care and the ‘stuff’ you love to do into your work, so that your life doesn’t feel compartmentalized (finally have the time for everything)!
  • Create a business that is perfectly suited to your strengths and also capitalizes on your quirks (what if your faults were actually your ticket to freedom, fame and fortune!?).
  • Conjure up the confidence to stand apart and share your truth confidently!

and much more!

She took all the years of her experience and basically made it into a “business in a box” with very clear and precise steps.

lisa personal photoFor years I have always wanted to start up a business that revolved around whole foods and nutrition. I have so many ideas of what my business should look like, but never knew where to start, until I met Sherry. I had just graduated from CSNN as an RHN and thankfully, Sherry saw that there was a desperate need for business coaching for recently graduating RHN’s. So I signed up for the Nourished Nutrition Business course and can’t express how grateful I am. Sherry coached, supported and clarified so many aspects of starting up your own business. She took all the years of her experience and basically made it into a “business in a box” with very clear and precise steps. I can’t express enough, how thankful I am to Sherry for believing in us and encouraging us to do what we love. I highly recommend that anyone who struggles with any aspect in business or in life to call on Sherry, I promise, you won’t regret it. In health and happiness Lisa Shorter!
Lisa Shorter
Kelowna, BC

Module 2: The Spiritual Anatomy of Your Business

Sometimes the specifics of setting up a business can feel so boring and uncreative to holistic practitioners. After all, when you started your training, you were excited about learning how to help people, you weren’t thinking about becoming a business woman! What if there was a way to delve into your business in a more soulful way!? There is! With my ‘spiritual anatomy of your business’ training and template, you will uncover the soul of your business, so that you can easily find and express your vision, mission and message through an explorative journey through the soul of your business.

Here are the benefits of delving into the spiritual anatomy of your business..

  • Know what your message is to help your work stand out from the crowd.
  • Be clear on your ‘why’ – so that you can summon the strength to keep going when things feel hard (as they inevitably do).
  • Feel prepared to talk about your business, how it helps people, what you believe and who you are – without feeling nervous and put ‘on the spot”.
  • Discover how the places where you get stuck in the ‘spiritual anatomy of your business’ process is an opportunity for you to heal and grow – with specific soul work to help you break through your own limitations!

and much more!

I now have beta clients in my system, I can comfortably run a sales call, my website is almost ready to launch and most importantly, I have fallen back in love with my work.

maddie boatWhen I first began my Nourished Nutrition Business course with Sherry, I had a vague dream of starting a nutrition business. Since taking the course Sherry has helped me to clarify that dream, release the underlying emotional baggage that was keeping me from action and given me the practical tools to make it happen. Personally and professionally this experiance has enriched my life. I have found joy in working on my business, where I once only felt overwhelmed and scared. I now have beta clients in my system, I can comfortably run a sales call, my website is almost ready to launch and most importantly, I have fallen back in love with my work. Before working with Sherry I had a vague dream about starting a Nutrition business but no direction or “next step”. Since joining her Nourished Nutrition Business program have been able to clarify my dream, find the next steps and act on them! What I loved most about the program is the structure that made a big dream seem more achievable and attainable and the insights Sherry had into all of our lives around fear, procrastination and going deep. When I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this for myself, I feel proud of myself for making a good decision! I highly recommend this program (or working with Sherry), if you’ve struggled with feeling “stuck” in your business, lacking clarity, feeling overwhelmed, needing a little extra push.Thank you Sherry!!!!
Maddie Devlin
Kelowna, BC

Module 3: Your Niche Naturally

So now that you are on the right path and have the right mindset for moving forward, it’s time to choose a niche! But are you already tired of the whole niche conversation?! Maybe you’re hoping to avoid it altogether and simply move forward wild and free? Hold your horses lady love, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! It’s not an ‘until death do you part’ marriage kind of thing! Choosing a niche is just like being in the dating scene. Sometimes you have to go on more than a few dates before you find ‘the right one’! What’s most important is that you do the inner work of getting clarity about the kind of person you want to work with – so that you attract ideal clients right from the start. Finding your niche is partly about ‘chemistry’ and partly about getting clear on the results your service offers. Together we’ll uncover the perfect client who wants what YOU have to offer! In this training, I’ll help you find that ‘special someone’ who wants what you’ve got – so that you can design the perfect program that marriages what you love, with the people who want it the most! This module will give you a head start in your business, by getting you on track to attracting clients you love. Together we will uncover your authentic, lucrative niche, so that you feel confident with the people you work with – and love the time you spend with them!

These are the benefits of getting clear on your niche!

  • Allows every little bit of your business – your marketing message, vision and mission – to fall into place.
  • Effortlessly attract and keep more ideal clients!
  • Market less, fill your programs, workshops and products quicker and easier, by speaking directly your ideal clients’ desires, pleasures and needs.
  • Attract the kind of kind of clients you love, and love to be with, while being your easy, authentic self in your business – not some conjured up, cold and so-called ‘professional’ version of you!
  • Effortlessly write web copy that converts – your ideal client will feel like you are speaking directly to them!
  • Customize your signature system and programs, so that they are a perfect fit for your niche – giving them the exact results and the experience that they are looking for.
  • Increase your expert status and hone your skills by focussing on one kind of person to help them overcome specific obstacles.
  • Have total clarity about what you offer, who it is for and how it helps them so that you can easily receive referrals!

and much more!

Since joining her program I have gained the confidence to start my business, I know what direction to take it in and the steps I need to achieve my goals.

Haley“Before working with Sherry I felt lost as to where to start with my business, how to get clients and feel confident that I can help them. Since joining her Nourished Nutrition Program I have gained the confidence to start my business, I know what direction to take it in and the steps I need to achieve my goals. I loved doing the worksheets, working things out in class, as well as her integrated approach to business that shows you how to unblock energies/emotions, so that you can help clients at a deeper level. When I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this for myself, I feel proud of myself for taking the leap to reach for the knowledge needed to move me onto my path. I highly recommend this program if you’ve struggled with knowing where your niche is, how to market yourself, how to help your clients move through emotional blocks and how to feel confident in your thriving business.”
Haley Bellet, RHN
Kelowna, BC

Module 4: Bohemian Branding

Discover your branding archetypes so that you can express your style through your brand and attract the right clientele to match. Your Brand Archetype will magically capture the spirit, personality and passion of you and what you do- so that you can paint a picture that conveys so much more than words. Discovering your brand archetype will also give you the freedom and a vehicle to integrate your beauty, truth and art into your marketing. Finally, have that professional, consistent look and feel to your work that you’ve always wanted- and never wonder again, ‘is this on brand?’…because YOU are the brand! There’s a unique part of you that many business owners mistakenly believe they have to hold back. Your Brand Archetype unlocks the powerful, instantly recognizable presence within you that’s a client – attraction and opportunity magnet.

Here are the benefits of creating a brand identity…..

  • Have a consistant look and feel to your brand
  • Feel proud of the graphics and design you use in your business – without spending a fortune
  • Make sure that what you ‘put out there’ is giving people the feeling that you want your brand to convey
  • Stand out and be noticed by the right clients for you
  • Design a personality brand that feels oh so you! Never feel like you have to put on an air of professionalism that feels fake –  so that you easily attract the kind of clients you REALLY want!
  • How to confidently choose your website design and images AND easily write attention – getting emails, sales copy and marketing material (even if you’re not a writer!)
  • How to create a name for your business that is a match to your business model.

and much more!

Her coaching, knowledge and wisdom was everything I needed to get going. Her compassion, patience and experience motivate me and keep me going!

nikkiI felt like I was stuck in a very small shoe box, full of bursting ideas. So many ideas that I was sure the lid of that shoe box was going to blow off any second and my business would be off the ground flying! I waited, then waited some more and it was like the lid on that little shoe box was glued on tight. Slowly I started to worry about my ideas – were they good enough? Would I attract the right people? Would anyone sign up? How would anyone even find me? As a single mother with a minimum wage job – would I even be able to afford a website? The negatives started out weighing the positives and I new I wasn’t coming out of that shoe box fast, or anytime soon. Two days later I received an email from Sherry with information on her Nourished Nutrition Business program. I new instantly, after reading the curriculum details that THIS was exactly what I needed. I’m very happy with the choice I made! Her coaching, knowledge and wisdom was everything I needed to get going, while her compassion, patience and experience motivate me and keep me going! I am very confident with my decision I made to invest in myself through Sherry. I know I have saved precious and valuable time by working with her. Time that I would never get back trying to do this on my own! I’m pretty sure I’d still be stuck without her.  If you have your business lined up and feel you should be doing better, or sound like you are in a position like I was, then I would recommend Sherry in a heartbeat. I am so grateful! I can’t even begin to thank you enough for you Nourished Nutrition Business program!  My testimonial doesn’t even ice the cake!  Thank you thank you Sherry!!
Nikki Moir, RHN
Kelowna, BC

Module 5: Build Your Tribe

Every minute you aren’t building your tribe and collecting e-mails,  is not only YOU leaving thousands of dollars on the table, but SOMEONE who needs your help can’t find you! Imagine getting up every day with an audience of people waiting to hear from you, inspired by your message and excited about getting access to the new content you create (complimentary and paid!). Finally, your message gets to be heard, valued and enjoyed while you get to become comfortable in your role as a leader – without having to feel like someone whipped you out of the audience and threw you on stage unprepared with what to say! Every minute you are not building a list of subscribers, is opportunity wasted. You MUST start building your tribe now, so that they are ready to buy, when your product or service is ready to deliver! There is no need to wait! I will show you how you can build your audience, start becoming the ‘go to’ person in the areas you are most passionate about when it comes to health even before you open your virtual online doors and start selling!

You’ll love learning all about….

  • How to quickly create a free gift to build your list and following.
  • How to title your gift so that people are attracted to it.
  • The best way to share your free gift on social media.
  • How to start growing your tribe before you even have a website.
  • Learn list-building strategies without having to ‘burn out’ hosting a tele-summit.

and much more!

What I enjoyed most about the program was pinpointing my niche and discovering which brand archetype works best with my personality and what I have to offer.

melissa greenwoodBefore I started the Nourished Nutrition Business Program, I thought I had the ‘know how’ to do everything…. bit by bit I figured it would all just come together. But now I feel that I was in a delusional head space! Knowing what I now know, I am so far ahead of the game than where I was. I have learned SO much in these last few months. With my new found technological knowledge that Sherry provided in the program, I can spend more time learning about and perfecting my nutrition services. instead of fighting with a website start up etc. What I enjoyed most about the program was pinpointing my niche and discovering which brand archetype works best with my personality and what I have to offer. I can now speak to the public knowing that my voice will attract my ideal clients! The most profound difference that I experienced as a result of working with Sherry is that I can work with the nervous energy within me that comes out whenever I’m public speaking or sharing my thoughts on health. She taught me that this energy is just my passion wanting to burst out of me – and that’s a good thing! I highly recommend her services because you don’t know what you don’t know. Coming out of the other side of the program I am SO grateful for everything I have learned and I wouldn’t trade this knowledge for anything!
Melissa Greenwood, RHN
Kelowna, BC

Module 6: Wonderful Website

Your website can either sit there like a pamphlet, looking pretty or you can get it working for you! In this Module, I am going to show you how to set up a simple site that is deigned to get you clients. Many people new to business make the mistake of investing thousands of dollars into websites that do absolutely nothing for them. This module will not only save you money, but show you what to focus on to get your website making you money  from the start! You really can set up a simple elegant website that acts like as a salesforce for you while you sleep, without breaking the bank on web development and graphic design!

You’ll love knowing….

  • What to put on your site (and what not to).
  • How to write well, even if you aren’t a writer
  • How to write captivating web ‘copy’ that converts ‘window shoppers’ into buyers.
  • When it is appropriate to include prices and when it is not

and much more!

The most profound difference that I experienced as a result of working with Sherry is confidence.

Chef Jenny“Sherry is a goddess when it comes to nutrition and business. This course was worth every penny. It has definitely changed my life! If I hadn’t done this, I would still be stuck on building a website! Sherry goes deep with business….giving you an understanding not just of the technical side, but the spiritual and emotional side too! If Sherry doesn’t know the answer to a question, she will find out for you. She’s the hardest working and most reliable teacher I have ever had. Before working with Sherry, I was lost on how to begin my business but, since joining the Nourished Nutrition Business program, I have completed my website and know what to say to prospective clients. When I look back at the moment that I made the decision to do this program, I know I made the right decision. I highly recommend this program if you are starting your own nutrition business and you need inspiration and quality advice. Before I started the program, I was worried that I might not ever get clients or even get my nutrition business started! But now I feel confident that I can make it work, working from home to be with my child and not have to work outside the home for someone else. What I enjoyed most about the program is the advice and inspiration Sherry provided, as well as the group discussions we had and the connections I’ve made. The most profound difference that I experienced as a result of working with Sherry is confidence. I highly recommend her services because Sherry has the knowledge and skill to come up with marketing ideas on the spot and without breaking a sweat!
Jennifer Chisholm, RHN
Kelowna, BC

Module 7: Soulful Sales

Now that you have your system and marketing in place, it is time to finalize the sale! Learn how to use discovery sessions, to have soulful sales conversations that delivers value to your prospect and inspires your ideal client to take their next steps with you (with out any pressure sales techniques…. of course!). You will dramatically increase your sales confidence by learning how to turn a sales call into an easy conversation, that feels natural and not contrived – you’ll even start to look forward to sales! When you think ahead to the calls you have booked, you’ll feel excitement instead of fear and dread! You’ll never again wonder what you are going to say or dread having to talk about the money part. With both practice and the right systems in place (ones that get your client prepared to make a decision on the spot), you’ll have no trouble converting free discovery sessions into clients and cash flow!

You’ll love learning how to soulfully sell so that you never have to feel ‘salesy’! You’ll learn…

  • How to structure your sales call so that it flows naturally and seamlessly into your offer (so that you don’t feel weird about transitioning to talking about the money).
  • Learn which questions to ask to motivate people to take action and commit (take a stand for your client to get the results they say they want).
  • Help your potential client to access her courage and confidently decide to move forward with your help.
  • How to overcome objections with grace and ease (in a way that is in your potential clients best interests – not to pressure them)
  • How to get into a Zen like state of non attachment before a sales call (so that you don’t look, feel or act desperate).

and much more!

I highly recommend working with Sherry, if you’ve struggled with attaining clients in your existing nutrition practice, if you’re sick of doing 1 off session with your clients and want to start offering package programs, or if you’re just starting out and don’t know what step to take first.

EmilyBefore working with Sherry I wasn’t even certain I wanted a nutrition practice. The thought of having to type up a mountain of handouts, somehow choose a niche to market to and then figure out how to market and learn to coach people all by myself, was intimidating and discouraging to say the least. After listening to Sherry speak on business I knew then and there that I wanted to learn how she does it. Since joining her Nourished Nutrition Business program I feel a clear sense of direction with where I want to go with my practice, and confidence that I CAN do it IF I apply what Sherry has taught me! I really enjoy the fact that she taught us that we don’t have to be married to our chosen niche. I feel the freedom to change and practice as I please, using the same foundation taught in this course. What I loved most about the program is all of the effort Sherry put into creating it for us. She knocked it out of the park and delivered way more then I ever could have imagined. I had no idea how much work went into a starting a business & I’m thankful I don’t have to go through all the trial and error that she did. This woman knows what she is doing. When I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this for myself, I feel grateful that I took the leap of faith. If I didn’t take this course, then I wouldn’t be challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone and push myself from my very comfortable job, that does not challenge me at all. This course made me want to be more! I highly recommend this program (or working with Sherry), if you’ve struggled with attaining clients in your existing nutrition practice, if you’re sick of doing 1 off session with your clients and want to start offering package programs, or if you’re just starting out and don’t know what step to take first. Sherry will show you exactly how to market yourself to your ideal client, how to get a website set up, how to coach people and manage your time. This course will, without question, deliver above and beyond what you think it will!
Emily VanGils, RHN
Kelowna, BC

Module 8: Start With Strategy Packages

Strategy packages are the perfect solution for people who aren’t ready to go all the way with you – and solves the problem of needing to spend 12 hours or more working on your clients case to prepare a plan! In this module you’ll learn how to create small consulting packages that don’t take up a lot of your time, yet empower your client to get results with their main concerns. Consider the strategy package a hybrid between offering 1 off session vs. a an on-going coaching package.

You’ll love offering strategy packages so that…. 

  • You can offer personalized support without it taking up so much of your time.
  • They allow you to keep your prices accessible to the average person who doesn’t want or need a high end hand hold (they just want to know about natural drug free approaches to healing themselves).
  • Gives you a steady stream of income (and experience) while you build out your platinum full transformation program.

and much more!

Now I feel relieved, organized and very confident!

dianaBefore I started the Nourished Nutrition Business Program, I was worried about not having a clear outcome of where I wanted to go with my business. But now I feel relieved, organized and very confident! What I enjoyed most about the program is Sherry’s willingness to adapt the flow of her teaching according to what you need in the present moment in order to move forward. Also, she gives and gives and gives… to the point where you are just in disbelief about how good you have it right now! Sherry exceeds expectations by FAR!!! The most profound difference that I experienced as a result of working with Sherry is not only major confidence in my business, but also confidence in who I am as a person and a total feeling of empowerment! I highly recommend her services because she is extremely knowledgeable about how to set up a business where your passion is completely weaved through it! She goes above and beyond in providing you with what you need to start your own thriving business! She is able to teach you the ins and outs of online marketing and coach you through the process of it all! She is a truly loving and kind person and that feeling is always present in conversations with her, which makes the experience that much more enjoyable!
Diana Sturt, RHN
Vernon, BC

Module 9: Launch Online

Now that your website, free gift and e-mail follow up systems are in place, it is time to launch your website! Just because you have a website, that doesn’t mean people will find it. You have to send them there! In this Module, you’ll learn how to write blog posts that people want to read and share with their friends! You’ll formulate your ideas and never again wonder what to write about! Most importantly, you’ll learn how to formulate your blog posts to get you clients so that the time you invest in writing them actually pays off!  Finally, you’ll formulate a launch plan for your website using social media strategies so that people know your website exists, subscribe to your list, follow your work – and buy from you!

You’ll love learning how to…..

  • Write viral blog posts that people love to read and even more important, inspire sharing on social media!
  • You’ll also learn simple search engine strategies to make sure that your content shows on the front page of google!
  • Choose and set up your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked In, Periscope, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram….omigosh, how to decide so that you don’t lose your mind)!
  • Simple SEO (search engine optimization) strategies that don’t cost you a dime
  • How to be a bad ass blog ‘her’ so that your blog posts don’t just sit there, but actually get shared!

and much more!

She made it easy to learn and I was able to pick the niche best suited for me with ease.

lisaI’m really thankful that I had the opportunity to be apart of this class! Sherry took away all of the guess work and had everything I could think of needing plus more. Way more! She made it easy to learn & I was able to pick the niche best suited for me with ease. I really enjoyed learning from Sherry and would absolutely take the opportunity to work with her again! Thank you Sherry for a wonderful experience and for sharing all your years of knowledge!
Lisa Magnusson
Kelowna, BC

Module 10: Prosperity Path

Want an alternative model for business planning? One that isn’t boring, tedious or a shot in the dark? The prosperity pyramid business planner has nothing to do with market research, spreadsheets, guessing games or hoping for the best!  Instead, you’ll plan out your business using my ’Prosperity Pyramid’ playbook – one that gives you a clear visual picture of your current business and exactly what to do next to grow into your bigger vision. This non-traditional business planner gives you big-picture clarity and a plan that can grow and change with you! You’ll LOVE the feel of ease you’ll experience when you envision the future of your business. Having a visual picture of your offerings in mind (and by your side during sales calls) will help you choose the right package to offer potential clients (without having to squirm in your seat and have to make it up on the spot)! If you want to be ready for sales calls with both ‘up-sells’ and ‘down-sells’, while having different packages to serve people at different levels of engagement, time and financial commitments – then the ‘Prosperity Pyramid’ playbook is perfect for you!

You’ll love how the playbook helps you design your business in a way that serves you and your tribe at the highest level …

  • People can grow with your work, go from one package to the next and remain continuous as a client.
  • Add new income streams – with minimal effort!
  • Learn how to create a visual picture of your business and what you offer, so that you can keep your head straight about it all!
  • Easily adapt your business as it evolves.
  • Never again have to start with a blank slate when you’re in biz development mode.

and much more!

Sherry has helped to break me out of the mold and given me great ideas and a ladder to work with.

aaron testimonialSherry is an excellent and professional friend, coach and teacher. I felt quite lost with business and was struggling in the start up of my nutritional consulting. Sherry broke down the the basics of business specific to holistic health, with the unique perspective and experience that she brings. She has helped to break me out of the mold and given me great ideas and a ladder to work with. I would recommend her program to any beginning holistic entrepreneur.
Aaron Penner, RHN
Vernon, BC

Module 11: Sacred Signature System

Now that you are totally clear on what your business is all about, it is time to take what feels intangible and make it tangible. Let’s get you set up with a marketable program! Having a step-by-step program not only gives you clarity and confidence, but it takes the marketability of your offer to the next level! Not to mention, it improves the professionalism and organization of what you deliver. You’ll love creating your own signature system and packaging it into a program as unique as you are. Having a signature system makes your work so much more easy to sell, because it makes what you do, easier to explain… and that much easier for your client to understand! Having a clear step-by-step system is the ONLY way to build a service platform that you can confidently stand behind. If you are still struggling trying to define and sell yourself according to the ‘tools’ you use to help your clients, then learning how to turn what you do into a signature system will be a breakthrough for you! Your clients don’t care about your tools or processes you use as a nutritionist, they only care about whether or not working with you will help them get the results they are seeking. Those results don’t come by accident, they come by design. This is the real heart of the matter when it comes to being able to serve effectively – no to mention make good money doing it. Once you have a clearly defined expert signature system, everything will change for you – especially your confidence in how much your service can help your ideal client. If you are tired of feeling like you are getting a low level of commitment from your clients, of feeling out of control and unorganized in your sessions – or that you don’t have a strong basis for charging what you need (to beyond survive) – you will be so relieved to step into this next phase of your journey. A signature system solves all these problems, so that you can assume the expert status you know you are capable of – and finally have the time freedom that being an entrepreneur promises!

Are you ready to step up in a whole new way and experience…..

  • Being able to go WAY deeper with your clients than with 1 off sessions.
  • Having a full “I”m in!” attitude from those who work with you – clients who are ready, willing and excited to go through a transformation experience with you.
  • Be able to give your ‘all’ without the boundary problem of undercharging and giving away your time.
  • Have a clearly laid out results based plan that you only have to tweak to individualize (rather than reinventing the wheel with each client)!

and much more!

The process of working with Sherry was exactly like she promised, and brought me deeper than I thought possible.

MicheleThe process of working with Sherry was exactly like she promised, and brought me deeper than I thought possible.  Before working with Sherry I was really stuck in my life, but I didn’t realize it.  I thought being a great mom was my life’s path and that was that.  Now I can see how much more is available to me, and I am relieved to know that I can be a great mom AND fulfill a greater purpose in the wide world.
Sherry literally held my hand through developing every page of my website.  When my writing was uninspired, she stepped up and put in words that resonated just perfectly for me.  Her unique personality and style was exactly what I needed to realize how much I have to offer to those who need my nutritional guidance.  I look forward to working with Sherry again soon!
Michele Schubert
Ottawa, ON

Module 12: Purposeful Packages

Want to stop trading your time for dollars, feeling stressed, exhausted and resentful – to passionately packaging up programs you love to deliver! Doing the dollars – for – hours thing creates feast and famine in your business, because you constantly need to ‘hustle’ to hit your numbers. While on the other hand, offering your services in packages frees you up, so that you can better use your energy to care for your current clients, improve your skills, and simply enjoy your life! In this module, I’ll help you outline dreamy results-based packages for your clients that include the things you love, while creating a memorable experience for your clients that they’ll be dying to tell their friends about! Your clients will be thrilled with everything you’ve put together, to help them feel taken care of! While others struggle to get results with their clients and make a decent living offering hourly services – you on the other hand will make good money and be known for having a service that gets results. You’ll LOVE being able to offer a full-service experience with a ton of personal touches and luxuries that will have your clients shouting out about your services – so that you don’t have to!

In this practical and purposeful module, you’ll learn how to…

  • Structure your offers, so that they make sense and lead to other offers (it is easier to re enrol clients than find new ones!).
  • Build out your packages purposefully – give clarity and form to your offerings (so that you can easily explain the options to your clients)
  • Learn to make your package a full on unforgettable experience for your clients, so that they want to shout out from the rooftops about your services –  without spending a ton of extra time (or money).
  • Make your package feel ‘hold in your hand’ real – and ready for your client, so that you feel ready to confident and excited to sell what you offer

and much more!

Oh my gosh! I’m just feeling so stoked about the direction of my business!

Tara“Before working with Sherry I wanted to take my business to the next level, because I felt that the previous way I had mapped it out for myself was not the best way to do that. After working with Sherry I learned how to streamline everything I offer with who my ideal client is. I now feel validated about everything I have to offer. Oh my gosh! I’m just feeling so stoked about the direction of my business. You really nailed it Sherry, with the beauty & branding expert thing. I couldn’t figure out how to take the beauty thing and make it bigger, but I knew that what I wanted to offer in terms of beauty was way bigger, and the branding things tied it all in! It feels like everything has just snapped into place! I revamped my ebook, and as soon as I started writing about business for healers, the writing was infused with so much more pizazz! Thank you! Thank you! I highly recommend working with Sherry for anyone who wants to incorporate the whole picture of who they are into their work.”
Tara Preston, Soul Based Business Mentor
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Module 13: Cash Clarity

Not sure where your income will be coming from next? That’s a scary, stressful place to be stuck in. Not only do you need an income plan, but you need to start running your numbers to make sure that your pricing is viable! By learning how to accurately price your service and predict your cash flow, you will gain a sense of peace in your business.  When you stop worrying about where your income is coming from and allow yourself to focus on the things you love about your business instead –  like honing your skills, serving clients and watching them create results for themselves with your guidance! Not to mention, it soothes the stress you feel about sales, because you can let go of the feeling of ‘needing’ clients. When you feel that you need a client to make money, your potential client can feel that and will feel repelled at the thought of working with you. By having clarity, faith and understanding where your money actually comes from, you can get off the vicious cycle of feeling fear and lack in your business and your life.

Having cash clarity will help you….

  • Create a consistent flow of income, so you can predict your cash flow.
  • Never have to worry where your money will be coming from.
  • Conscientiously price your offers (and take the randomness out of it)!
  • Never stumble again when someone asks you how much your service is (or challenges you on your pricing).
  • Understand how your pricing strategy contributes to your client’s actual transformation.

and much more!

I have gained the clarity I needed on how to step my business forward and have now put the backbone and form to the purpose of my business

Laura Bean Headshot_Aug 2013“Before working with Sherry, my business was stagnant; it felt more like a hobby and was moving at a pace that I would never be able to make a “living” from. In my head I had this vision of my business, but no tangible plan to follow. I have gained the clarity I needed on how to step my business forward and have now put the backbone and form to the purpose of my business. I would recommend working with Sherry to any spiritually connected woman who is really serious about putting form and clarity to their business and their purpose- as well as who they really want to serve and why. The information in the day long retreat is golden. As I look back at my notes there are such relevant and important pieces of self-discovery in every section. The knowledge is not just academic but holistic and spiritual, so the delivery really resonated with my beliefs.”
Rev. Laura D. Bean
Winnipeg, MB

Module 14: Value Verified

Do you ever feel unsure about whether or not what you offer is worth the price you ask for it? Or do you ever feel tongue-tied when it comes to sharing your pricing structure? If you feel this way it’s because you don’t quite yet personally value what you have to offer (at a deep enough level). However, once you get in touch with the depth of how you impact the life of your clients, you’ll never feel guilty about charging for your services again! Besides, helping you create your own step-by-step signature system that positions you as an expert (people naturally expect to pay more for services by practitioners they see as experts) – I will help you add a ton of value to your program by guiding you through the  inner work required to believe in yourself! In order to be successful in selling your services, you need to get past any internal doubts you have about whether or not what you offer is worth the investment for your client. I’ve got specific exercises to make sure that you fully integrate feeling valued and valuable – both ‘as you are’ right now – and as someone who provides a unique one-of-a-kind offer.

Here’s how the value module can help….

  • Reveal the cost to your client of staying stuck and not doing the work with you.
  • Learn how to add value to your program without spending more time or a lot of money.
  • Discover what to add to your program that exponentially increases your clients’ results.
  • Emotionally feel at ease in your sales conversations.
  • Feel confident in the value of your service and know that’s it’s worth the money/investment.
  • Ground yourself in the value of YOU and what you offer!

and much more!

It’s such a relief to set to work on a business that feels so right for me, instead of how business “should” be.

SONY DSC“Before working with Sherry, I had so many ideas and no way to organize them into something useable. I didn’t know which idea to work on first or how to set up the sequence of my business. Now, I have practical steps to implement the pieces of my business in a way that makes sense for me, but also for my clients. It’s manageable and just feels right-the tightness and anxiety is finally gone. Now I can flow with my ‘inner sorceress’ and know that each piece will fill in as it needs to. This program is for someone who wants to serve from the heart but feels confused about how to do that and make a living at the same time. You will learn how you can truly be yourself, build a business and attract the perfect people to work with. I also loved the conversational format – I learned so much for everyone else’s questions and stories. I felt like we each built on the previous question or comment and ended up with this rich tapestry of knowledge. I would recommend working with Sherry if you want your work to FEEL good, as well as do good and if you want help getting organized and launched into the world. It’s such a relief to set to work on a business that feels so right for me, instead of how business “should” be.”
Jodi Lee, RHN
Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Module 15:  Starter Kit

In this module you are going to create your very first info product! When people first get started on their healing journey, they may not be ready to invest a lot of time or money in the experience, because they are just coming to open up to using nutrition and natural medicine. Some people truly don’t have the money to invest in personalized one on one services – but they still need your help and support! For others, it gives them a chance to explore the quality of your services before upgrading to a more advanced or ‘hands on’ and personalized program. Creating a ‘starter kit’ solves the problem of feeling like your services are too exclusive and only for the wealthy. Plus, you’ll love having an impulse buy offer that is super affordable for your tribe and rewards you with extra cash to enjoy more of life’s little luxuries!

You’ll love learning…..

  • How to design it so that it gets people results (even though you won’t be there to hold their hand)
  • What to put in your starter kit (and what to leave out)
  • How to price your kit
  • How to set it up, so that people can buy it while you are sleeping
  • How to use it to encourage people to upgrade to your private coaching packages

and much more!

I highly recommend working with Sherry if you are seeking clarity on your personal path to success.

niki“Before sitting down with Sherry I was unclear about how to market my diverse range of talents into a successful business.  Sherry created a personalized  business blue print for me that she reviewed in great detail.  I now feel excited and confidant that I have a starting point with my business. I will continue to work with Sherry so she can guide me every step of the way.  I am so grateful to be making such a wise personal investment.  I highly recommend working with Sherry if you are seeking clarity on your personal path to success.”
Niki Trosky
Winnipeg, MB

Module 16: Jazzy Jumpstart

You’ve got a signature system, packages and the big picture in mind, yay! What you need next is to deliver a beta program that gives you the experience and confidence to sell your packages! Something designed to get your people results, but in a short time. Your jumpstart program allows your clients to get their ‘feet wet’ with you so to speak, giving them a ‘taste test’ of the quality of your work before committing big time! Your jumpstart program is the perfect alternative for people who want to work with you privately, but don’t have the time or the money to go all the way (just yet!). In this module, I will help you create and market a group beta version of your jumpstart program, so that you can get the experience you need to feel confident in the results that your service promises.

You’ll LOVE having a jumpstart program because…

  • It helps you get your clients fast results! Happy clients + glowing testimonials = Happy You + more ideal clients!
  • Smaller packages keep things feeling fresh in your business – they are the perfect solution for the ‘commitment- a-phobe’ or people who like a lot of change!
  • Less overwhelming to complete and put the finishing touches on (for perfectionists who use “it’s not good enough yet” as an excuse for not getting started)!

and much more!

I have a new, succinct way of looking at and marketing my work; I now feel confident in charging what my services are worth and am inspired to continue to add and explore things I could offer women in a way that includes all of my talents and passions.

Sandra“Before working with Sherry, I was incredibly frustrated with my business.  I am a doula, blogger, etsy shop owner and I felt completely scattered!  Working all of the time, yet not really getting any results.  After 2 sessions with Sherry and receiving my Blueprint, I felt incredibly empowered to refocus and redefine what I do. I have a new, succinct way of looking at and marketing my work; I now feel confident in charging what my services are worth and am inspired to continue to add and explore things I could offer women in a way that includes all of my talents and passions!  I highly recommend working with Sherry f you’ve struggled with finding focus and inspiration for your creative business! Sherry gave me “permission” to value my work and pursue things I wouldn’t have thought of, but are a perfect fit for me!”
Sandra Maurer
Norfolk, Virginia

Module 17: Beta Clients

Offering a beta service solves the problem of feeling like you don’t know enough or feel sure that you really can help people get results! Many people, when they first get started in business, they struggle with feelings of ‘not being good enough’, feeling like they don’t ‘know enough’ or don’t have ‘enough experience’ to charge for their services. Offering a beta program is the perfect solution to overcome the hurdle of inexperience and ‘under’ confidence. A beta program is a one where the client or a group of clients understands that this is the first time that you are offering the program and agree to come along on the ride as you iron out the kinks!

You’ll love the confidence that creating a beta program affords because it helps you to…

  • be confident that your program can in fact deliver results!
  • you’ll be better able to explain how your program works once you have had a visceral experience of doing the work with clients
  • get feedback that make your service even better
  • receive testimonials that encourage your future clients to trust that they too can get results!

and much more!

I was able to increase my income by a crazy 30%, not to mention doing the stuff I love at least 50% more often than before.

beth“Before working with Sherry, I was going off in every direction with my business – lots of interests seemed to leave me doomed to have lots of directions in my business. After 6 months, I learned how to identify and message to my audience with much more precision. I discovered that I’m primarily here to help women find their authentic voice, and when I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this coaching with Sherry, I feel so grateful. I highly recommend working with her if you’ve struggled with getting organized for putting all your talents into one meaningful business. In the first 6 months of working with her I was able to increase my income by a crazy 30%, not to mention doing the stuff I love at least 50% more often than before. Thank you Sherry, I love you!!!!!!!!”
Beth Martens Winnipeg, MB

Module 18: Savvy Systems

This module is all about setting up systems that will help you get (and stay) organized behind the scenes in your business, so that you feel ready to accept new clients. Being highly organized and utilizing my savvy sales systems will help you enrol clients consistently and feel confident that you can deliver a professional and polished service. In turn your clients-to-be will feel confident that you can take them where they need to go on account of how conscientious you are and how you’ve paid such close attention to details. You’ll have their respect and confidence from the start with your fine tuned and seamless client intake system. You’ll learn how to set up client attraction, enrolment, intake, service and retention systems, so that your clients can’t wait to re enrol and tell their friends to do the same!

You’ll love feeling….

  • ready to receive your new clients
  • organized no need to re invent the wheel each time you invite a new client to work with you
  • professional – your clients will take you and your business only as serious as you do
  • reliable – provide a consistent service

and much more!

It went over the top as far as my expectations went, and we are not even done yet.

jen (2)“Before working with Sherry, I was lost in my mind (with so many ideas) and overwhelmed as to how I could possibly even land any of my creative ideas. I knew one thing, I had something to offer, I just didn’t know how to get my service out there. I felt frustrated with the internet and web stuff, always redoing and rewording, and yet never gaining the results. I wanted help. I wanted someone who I could trust in and who would be willing to help me put together a program, organize my thoughts, and help me word all of this professionally on my website. I am so amazed and grateful for the service that Sherry has provided. It went over the top as far as my expectations went, and we are not even done yet. Each day I feel more confident in my work and that I have something valuable to offer. My thoughts are organized now. My programs are being developed and tweaked as we speak. My website is almost ready to be launched and I am falling in love with it. I no longer feel scattered. I feel cared for and heard and I believe that Sherry is invested in my success. This all feels wonderful and I am so grateful.”
Jennifer Summerfeldt, Edmonton, AB

Module 19: Mindful Marketing

Now that you have programs to market and you are clear on your message, it’s time to create a marketing strategy. How amazing would it feel to have a steady stream of people connecting with you about wanting to work together, without you having to be ‘salesy’ and self promoting?! It is totally possible!  I can’t wait to show you how! In a consumer culture where we have all been both programmed to fall prey to marketing hype that has made us skeptical and marketing phobic (especially us holistic types!), you’ll be relieved to discover mindful marketing practices that are creative and giving centred.

You’ll love learning how to….. 

  • Create flyers and cards that grab people’s attention and compels them to call you.
  • Design a client attracting booth (for markets, trade shows and health fairs).
  • Create your own marketing plan so that you always have creative marketing ideas at your fingertips.
  • Know exactly what your daily, weekly and monthly marketing  and sales tasks are so that you make sure you are spending time in your business doing what gets your message out there so that you serve more clients – not waste time doing busy work that doesn’t pay – on any level!!

and much more!

Module 20: Retreat Days

Learn how to quickly and easily design, market and deliver luxurious and profitable retreat days for your client in their home or yours. Add as much as $2,000 – $5,000 to your income in a hurry – even if you don’t have a big list. Retreat days can be added to any business model and are simple to implement. You can be up and running with your first lucrative retreat day offer in as little as 1 day! These luxurious and high touch retreat days, generate income quickly and give you something simple to launch that doesn’t involve complex or lengthy marketing campaigns. Best of all, retreat  days are super fun and satisfying for you to deliver – and they serve your client at a WAY higher level because you can set them up for success in a day!

In this exciting training, you’ll learn……

  • What kind of topics make the best VIP days (and will generate the most income for you)
  • Why your clients will happily pay 2 – 3 times MORE for your intensive format on the spot
  • 4 different types of VIP days and how they add to your revenue streams
  • How to offer a luxurious VIP day experience on a shoe string budget

and much more!

Module 21: Platinum Program

In this module you`ll learn how to design, market and fill lucrative, high end ‘platinum style’ programs so that your business supports your dream lifestyle. You’ll learn step by step, how to create high end programs that provide the full transformation you can offer – luxuriously. You’ll learn exactly what to put in and what to leave out- so that you spend less time working, more time serving and actually make WAY more money!  Learn mindset secrets for  attracting high paying, easy to work with, ideal clients that pay in full and up front. Learn secrets for how to confidently price, market and fill your ‘platinum style’ program, even if you’re just getting started in your business or don’t have a big list! This may surprise you, but every business on the planet has the opportunity to offer a high-end, ‘platinum style” program. And the benefits are huge – you serve clients who truly desire what you have to offer, while you end up working fewer hours for significantly more income. Offering a platinum program catapults your reputation to expert status, too!

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn….

  • How to step into expert status so that you can confidently charge platinum prices.
  • Put on your platinum ‘hat’ so that you can deliver on your promise!
  • Package up your platinum program – I’ve got you covered when it comes to the finer details!
  • Learn how to effectively market your platinum program with ease!

and much more!

Module 22: Spirited Speaking

Learn the secrets of using speaking opportunities to create a steady stream of new clients. Discover step-by-step how to create engaging and content-rich talks that enrol private clients and fill your workshops. Step-by-step learn how you can court new clients any time – to boost your cash flow, fill your programs and enrol people into your workshops! This will work for you whether you are just starting out, afraid of public speaking or have no idea what to talk about!

Here is what you will learn….

  • Get through and beyond your fear of public speaking
  • Create your signature talk
  • What to do or say if you don’t know the answer or someone challenges you
  • Get speaking gigs that generate income
  • Learn how to get prepared and what to have on hand for ease of flow
  • Learn how to sell your services and grow your e-mail list without being salesy

and much more!

Module 23: Courageous Coaching

You’ll love knowing how to coach a client who is stuck or not making progress, so that you feel assured that you can help them breakthrough and get results in your program! Confidently coach anyone, on any topic to a deep and meaningful breakthrough fast! You’ll also learn how to set up your practice so that you can offer your clients consistent accountability and determine clear outcomes. Not only will you save time and get better results with your clients, but you’ll be able to charge more with the confidence you’ll gain through learning the Courageous Coaching ®Method! With the method at your fingertips, your confidence in yourself as a coach will sky rocket! Not only because of the proficiency with which it helps your clients get results, but also because it will coordinate, de clutter and take care of the organization and systematization of your practice too.

Here’s what you’ll learn….

  • Breakthrough coaching questions that help your client get access to their own answers and higher guidance
  • How to keep your own energy clear so that you can equally hold the space and be rock solid grounding force for your client
  • How to empower your client when they feel confused or stuck
  • Know exactly how to run your client sessions

Module 24: Mindset Mastered

Does it ever feel confusing as to why sometimes seemingly less talented people are so much more successful in terms of having a bigger practice and making more money –  than others who seem to have more talent, skill and a stronger intellect? That’s because natural talent only goes so far! In this module, you will learn what it really takes to be successful in your business and practice. We will walk step-by- step through the 11 Principles of Practice and Profit. You’ll know exactly the actions and qualities that you need to master in your life and business, to ensure that you are successful in all of your endeavours.

By mastering your mindset you will…

  • Cultivate confidence, feel connected to a community, become more focused and disciplined (without being rigid or boring)!
  • Step into being the leader you know you really are, harness your passionate nature and be highly regarded as the go-to person in your niche.
  • Know how to make quick decisions that will move you forward fast!
  • Learn how to transform failure into ‘wins’ so that you can capitalize on your mistakes, instead of feeling ashamed or paralyzed by them.
  • Increase your current level of health (be come more attractive to clients on all levels)!

and much more!

Here is how The Nourished Nutrition Business program works….

  1. You will receive a new module every second week for 12 months, giving you two weeks to integrate and implement what you learn before moving on to the next Module.
  2. On the 4th Tues of each month there is a LIVE group Q & A call so that you can get your questions answered LIVE and in real time. Don’t worry if you can’t make the time, you can send in your questions in advance and get the recording after.
  3. You also get daily support in the Nourished Nutrition Facebook group.

You CAN do this!! I’ve made it super easy for you!

√ You’ll get ‘to accomplish’ lists to keep you on track with your learning!
√ To make implementation faster and easier, I have created scripts, templates, systems, e-mail sequences and hand outs etc. for your clients that you can customize to match your brand and attract your niche, so that you can start serving your current and new clients right away (no getting dragged down with details and minutia)!
√ What you learn will nourish you, and help you make changes in your own diet and lifestyle, so that you finally feel like you really are walking the talk!

And now for the BONUSES!

BONUS #1 Grow Your Goals! VALUE $397

Are you clear on what you want to accomplish in your business and life? In order to have what you want, you need to know what that is! Many people live their lives in quiet disatisfaction. They know that something is missing, but they haven’t quite been able to put a finger on it. That’s because they haven’t stopped to get focused enough to really think about it. On the other hand, people are often very clear about what they don’t want. Unfortunatley, by focusing on what they don’t want, they just create more of the same! It is a viscious cycle. Let’s get you off of it!

BONUS #2 VIDEO Challenge VALUE $397

In this training, I will teach you how to use video to grow your list, increase your credibility and elevate yourself to expert status in the eyes of your audience – so that you can get your message out there in front of the people who need it the most,  sell more and enrol people into your services at higher prices. You’ll learn all about how to get set up to do video, what to say and the best platforms to use to make sure that people find your videos!

BONUS #3 Done For You Signature System VALUE $3997

You’ll get my step-by-step  health coaching foundational signature system. You can use it ‘as is’ – or transform it into your own unique branded system to attract a steady stream of ideal clients. You’ll love being able to take what I have created and be able to package it into a program uniquely suited to your clients!. The best part is, I’ve done the tedious parts for you so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

BONUS #4 Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time VALUE $397

Learn how to stay organized, in flow and energized while you build your business. Far too many people complain that they don’t have enough time. But the truth is we all have exactly 24 hours in a day. In this module we will be working on how you perceive time, so that you can go from feel like you are wasting time, spinning your wheels doing ‘busy work’ and not accomplishing much – to feeling like you have more than enough time for everything that is important to you! You’ll learn how to focus, build your energy and prioritize what is important so that you feel like you making a ton of progress, accomplishing the things you want to and enjoying yourself in the process!

BONUS #5 Salespages that Sell VALUE $397

Don’t worry if you are not a ‘good’ writer, I will walk you step by step through what you need to include on your sales page (and what you don’t). In this training, you’ll learn what the essential elements of a sales page are while learning how to  write it intuitively from your passion and natural voice!

BONUS #6 Nutrition Biz in a Box $1297

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have everything you need at your fingertips to customize plans for your clients? The ‘nutrition business in a box’ is just what you need to be able to easily access important details you learned way back in school, but find difficult to remember. You will love having access to hand outs and ‘copy and paste’ content that makes it quick and easy to create content for your clients  without having to start from scratch!

BONUS #7 Technical Training Videos VALUE $397

Feel like a technophobe? Wish you had someone by your side to help you overcome the technical challenges you experience using the computer or internet? I’ve got you covered! While I can’t be by your side or do it for you, I have recorded a growing selection of technical trainings to help you learn how to use common platforms and online services that you can use to support your online business.

BONUS #8 12 Months in the Dream Design Tribe VALUE $564

This program is all about elevating your organization, keeping you in flow, increasing your health, your energy, helping you get your money stuff handled and condition your mindset for success! In this program you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed, meandering through life, stuck and feeling limited by your circumstances – to getting clarity about what you want, learn how to hold it in mind (instead of worrying about what you don’t want and therefore accidentally creating it!), while cultivating the confidence to take risks and follow through on the actions steps your dreams require.

TOTAL VALUE of BONUES: $7843.00!

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Option 1: Online Group Program starts Tuesday May 9th

Learn from the comfort of your home! Plus receive LIVE support via monthly Q & A calls and daily support in the private Nourished Nutrition Business Facebook forum.

Reg $3997 EARLY BIRD $2997

Click here to grab the EARLY BIRD pricing and join now to SAVE $1000 on or before May 2nd by midnight PST

Option 2: LIVE in person group in Kelowna, BC starts Wednesday May 17th

Starts Wednesday May 17th! You get everything that is included in the online program plus 1, 3 hour group work date each month for a total of 12 sessions. In these LIVE in real time sessions, you’ll have me by your side to help you implement what you learn and give you feedback in an up close and personal way. We meet from 6-9pm and you’ll get exact location details via e-mail.

Reg $4997 EARLY BIRD $3997

Click here to grab the EARLY BIRD pricing and join now to SAVE $1000 on or before May 2nd by midnight PST

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