Nourish Mama by Sherry Rothwell

Learn the Lazy Way to Lose the Weight!

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Best of all you don’t HAVE to exercise or give up the rich, sweet, creamy comfort foods you love – while eating better than you ever have in your life – so that you never have to feel miserable, bored, starving or deprived – and without having to count calories, fat grams or cut down on your portion sizes!

This is for you if you want to drop the weight steadily, sustainably and permanently.

Watch the webinar to learn what, when and how to eat to lose the weight permanently!

Sound about right? Then let’s make this the last diet you ever do!

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This program is definitely for you if….

  • Eat healthy, but still can’t seem to lose weight 
  • Haven’t been able to release the ‘after baby’ weight.
  • You are already preggers and you don’t want to gain more weight than necessary 
  • The weight has been slowly creeping up on you even though you haven’t changed your diet
  • You’ve been dieting without lasting results for so long and you are just done with it already!
  • Your metabolism is so screwed up that you have to diet to maintain your weight, never mind lose it.
  • Your depression meds or birth control pills are making you fat and you feel helpless 
  • You suddenly gained a ton of weight for no apparent reason
  • Pushing 40 has you feeling frumpy, dried out, puffy and ‘plumping up’
  • You want make sure you know what you need to know, to make sure none of the above happens to you!
  • You feel it in your gut that my approach and this program is the missing link for you!

All this is a sign of hormonal weight gain that requires a very specific approach. 

No amount of counting calories or extra exercise is going to work. 

But subtle shifts in your diet and lifestyle will. 

Let’s face it. Diets don’t work. You’ve tried everything. 

But don’t give up!

The reason why they don’t work is because pretty much everything the diet and exercise gurus tell you about what it takes to lose the weight is wrong.

It is pretty much like the blind leading the blind.

Sure, you’ll lose a few pounds at first, but it doesn’t last long.

Their advice “eat less and exercise more” only works for young people with healthy metabolisms – and men.

You know what I am talking about right? You go on a diet with your husband, you lose 2 lbs, he loses 20lbs, what the?!!!

It’s because women have unique hormonal challenges when it comes to losing the weight.

But at the end of the day, your hubby is going to gain it back too…..because diets don’t address the root cause of why people are overweight in the first place.


You don’t lose weight to become healthy, you have to get healthy if you want your body to maintain your optimal weight naturally – without having to obsess about diet or exercise.

If you’ve had babies, you’re pushing 40 (or well beyond it), have hormone issues or you’ve been overweight your whole life, the ‘calories in and calories out’ model won’t work for you.

If you want to lose the weight permanently, you have to address the root cause.

That’s where I come in.

before and after.jpgHi there! My name is Sherry Rothwell, RHN.

Like you I struggled with my weight for years. As a nutritionist, I thought I was already doing everything right.

But I was wrong.

I had to explore way outside conventional – and even holistic nutrition to figure out why I couldn’t lose the baby weight 15 years later – and then why I gained 21 lbs in less than two months at 38 years old.

After 2 years of studying and experimenting with my own body, I figured it out.

And that’s why I created the Delish Diet – so that you don’t have to spend the countless hours I did or have to suffer with extra weight – needlessly.

You too can…..

  • Have the body you want (not the one you think you can have, but the one you REALLY want)!
  • Wear the clothes you want (think sexy lingerie and that bikini you’ve had your eye on)!
  • Feel light on your feet, comfortable and at home in your body again (finally).
  • Finally just let yourself eat when you are bored, emotional or just for the pure pleasure of it (without having to worry about paying for it later – I am NOT kidding – you can!)
  • You can even eat after dinner and before bed with out putting on the pounds (when you know what to eat to keep you in fat burning mode – and no, it’s not celery and carrot sticks… come on)!!
  • Give into your cravings, knowing they are good for you and helping you become THAT person who eats whatever they want and doesn’t gain extra weight!

This can be you in the very near future……

Can you imagine being out on the town, wearing an outfit that you feel totally slim and sexy in, confident that you could turn into any store, try anything on and feel totally ‘hot’ in it!  …..being concerned about your weight is a thing of the past. And right now, you feel like treating yourself. So you turn into a coffee shop and you know exactly what to order for perfect pleasure –  without having to worry about your weight. You’ve learned exactly how you CAN have your cake and eat it too!

Yip, you can eat decadently rich and satisfying foods – without gaining a pound!


They just don’t know. 

It really bothers me that the answer to permanent weight loss is not at all complicated, difficult or deprivation based – and yet people continue to live their lives feeling futile about ever losing the weight – when if they could just get the right information (and the on-going support)– they could lose it sustainably and permanently!

If only they knew the truth about what it takes to lose the weight!

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Losing Weight is Simple (when you know what you are doing to address it at the root cause).

TRUTH 1: Weight gain is not a health problem, it is a symptom of a health problem.

TRUTH 2: It is not only about eating the RIGHT foods, but you have to eat them in the RIGHT way, at the RIGHT time.

TRUTH 3: The answer is in decadence, not deprivation!

But at the end of the day, simple isn’t always easy and that’s why I created the Delish Diet, to get you on the path to losing the weight fast – without having to figure it out, all by yourself!

Do you wish you could wake up in the morning and feel totally at home again in your body – light, curvy, flexible and strong?

It would be so nice wouldn’t it, to see the contours of your natural youthful shape again!? Imagine getting up in the morning, looking into the mirror and appreciating the beauty of your feminine curves and excited to adorn yourself in clothes you love to wear and feel beautiful in! Can you visualize yourself walking into the kitchen, putting on a pot of coffee and opening the door to a fridge full of decadent, satisfying and delicious foods fit for a queen – all the while knowing without a doubt that you can eat whatever you want – without worrying that it will affect your weight!?

This is totally possible – even if you have been struggling with your weight for decades!

Extra weight have you feeling heavy?

But right now do you wake up feeling heavy, puffy, bloated and feel trapped in a body that feels like it’s someone else’s?

Sometimes when you look in the mirror  these days, it feels like you hardly recognize yourself. You might even have started to dread picking out what you are going to wear for the day – because nothing really fits quite right. Your closet is full of frumpy clothes that make you feel anything but hot – but at least they don’t cling to your rolls! Too often, you find yourself skipping breakfast all together or just grabbing a croissant or muffin, because you don’t have the energy for much more than making a coffee. You are starting to dread facing the day, as you hate going out and about, being seen and walking past the dreaded glass windows that mirror your silouette…sigh.

I totally get how you feel. One day I literally woke up fat.

One day I was curvy at 155 lb and less than 2 months later, I was ‘boxy’ at 176 lbs. This might sound weird but, it literally felt like I was an actress walking around in a fat suit – because having that much extra weight was so foreign to me. I kept thinking, “how do I get this off of me”! Seriously though, the moment that I realized that I had gained yet another 21 lbs, I felt the blood rush to my extremities because I had actually launched into fight or flight response.

I just couldn’t get my head around what was happening. The day I found out, I was at a family gathering and as I sat through the meal, it felt as though I had left my body. I was desperately trying to mentally come to terms with what was going on and what it meant. As a nutritionist, I knew that something was wrong.

People don’t gain weight that fast unless they are binging on junk food. But I was eating the same natural whole foods diet I always ate!

Since having had babies, I had simply accepted an extra 30 lbs as being the inevitable
fate of being a mother, but adding another 20 plus pounds to the equation, moved me out of apathy and into action – to figure out what the heck had gone wrong with my metabolism!

It took me almost two years to figure it out.

Today at 40 years old, I weigh less than I did when I was 26! Even though you would think that as a nutritionist, I would know exactly what to do to release the weight, I didn’t – because I was sure that I was already doing everything right!

None of the standard nutritional dogma around weight loss worked for me. If you are still reading this, it is probably because it doesn’t work for you either.

I started with making a scientific experiment out of myself and later learnt from cutting edge researchers to understand, why what I did worked!

And that is why I created this program, to help you get the results I have created for myself, without having to spend months reading and researching to figure it all out on your own!

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Like I was, you might be at a crossroads.

It’s that point where you simply accept gaining weight and losing your feminine shape as a harsh reality of having babies or getting older.

I don’t think it has to be that way, and frankly I think accepting it, is accepting being a fraction of the most healthiest version of yourself possible.

When you gain weight, lose your feminine curves and start drying out, that is a sign of underlying nutritional deficiencies and imbalances that need to be addressed – at their root cause.

Just because so many people around you choose to accept all that as the progression of aging, it doesn’t mean YOU have to!

Stop letting yourself ‘go’ and get your ‘glow’ back!

You can be a hot sexy mom or gorgeous grandma now and for life!

That’s my plan!

Are you coming with me!?

In the Delish Diet DIY e-course, I am going to show you how you CAN!

I’ve laid it all out for you…..what to eat, what not to eat. What to buy, what to make, how to get prepared… it’s all here.

You’ll fill your fridge with the right foods and I will let you in on some tricks for blasting past the plateaus and you’ll be good to go!

It’s super easy! 

Best of all, there is nothing to count or track. And you don’t HAVE to exercise.

So far, as of this date I’ve lost 48 lbs in total (and still losing) without any extra exercise….just walking.

You’ll get the specifics on what to avoid and guidelines about what to eat (but you’ll let your body tell you how much).

There will be no counting calories, carbs, fat or protein – exercise is optional.

I will show you how to consistently lose weight at a sustainable pace without having to obsess about food.

Best of all, you don’t have to give up sweet treats, chocolate, coffee, creamy desserts, rich sauces, meat or dairy.

This is not about perpetuating weight obsession.

It is about consciously listening to your body.

Weight gain is a symptom.

A shit ton of other symptoms that are currently bothering you – are simply just going to just fall away – even if you’ve decided to do this program for purely superficial reasons.

When we use food as medicine – we get good side effects – instead of bad ones!

You’ll LOVE not feeling…

  • afraid of mirrors
  • getting your picture taken (ooh the horrors of the double chin!)
  • heavy, swollen and bloated
  • too fat to fit your favourite clothes
  • always worrying about gaining weight
  • obsessing about how to lose it
  • feeling frumpy

You’ll LOVE….

  • feeling comfortable in your skin again
  • seeing the contours of your curves
  • feeling slim, sexy and satisfied
  • wearing whatever you want
  • eating like a queen
  • being proud to be seen
  • sexy in the bedroom

Best of all, you can finally eat the rich, creamy and sweet foods you love again, and enjoy the pleasure of food without worrying about gaining weight!

In fact, I can guarantee you that the Delish Diet is more decadent than what you are already eating and that you’ll be shocked to discover how much more satisfied you feel from your meals.

Once I get a hold of you, you’re going to eat more luxuriously than ever!

Sound like your style? Let’s do this then!

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The minute you join, you get instant access to Module 1 (where you’ll learn everything you need to know to lose the weight now and the remaining modules (which show you how to keep it off permanently are delivered every 7 days thereafter)!

Module 1: Eat Like a Queen without Putting on a Pound!

Want to enjoy treats and sweets without having to pay for it later? Learn how it is possible to lose weight while eating more decadently than ever. Best of all you’ll do it naturally (no pills, shakes or protein bars!) – and without having to give up the rich, sweet, creamy comfort foods you love! The Delish Diet is a lifestyle – one that I guarantee you will find much more decadent, luxurious and fulfilling than what you are currently eating! Learn step by step how to eat to get your body to burn fat again, finally! I will show you how to speed up your weight loss by eating more strategically and also how to eat whatever you want without gaining.
Here is a little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in class….
✔️ Know exactly what to eat & what not to eat & when to easily get into & stay in fat burning mode
✔️ Discover the 1 food that doesn’t stimulate fat storage that you can eat liberally to never feel deprived while dieting again
✔️ What you need to include at every meal to keep you slim, sexy and satisfied!
✔️ Determine how many eat – up days you can have each week without back tracking
Tools and templates to make implementing the Delish Diet easy breezy….
1) Eat this/Don’t Eat That List
2) Delish Diet Skinny Recipes
3) ‘Shop Your Way Slim’ Grocery List
4) Sample Meal Ideas
and more!

Module 2: Delish’ify’ Your Kitchen!

Want losing weight to be no brainer? Learn how to revamp your kitchen to easily set your self up to eat more pleasurably than you ever have before – all the while consistently losing weight (without having to think about it!) – no counting calories, carbs, fat or protein! Step-by-step, you will learn how to create an environment in your kitchen that supports you to successfully implement the program.
A little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in class….
✔️ Learn to look forward to your time spent in the kitchen instead of dreading it!
✔️ How to stock your kitchen so that you never have to stand in front of an open fridge wondering what to eat again
✔️ How to keep eating the Delish Way, when you don’t feel like cooking (or can’t)!
Tools and templates to make implementing the Delish Diet easy breezy….
1) Food Pre Preparation Pyramid
2) Revamp Your Kitchen Workbook


Module 3: Get Skinny Eating Fat!

Want to eat fat to lose fat? Learn the real truth about fat and how you can eat even more of it to finally feel slim, sexy and satisfied. You’ll put your fat phobia in the past so that you can finally feel satiated, heal your hormones and get off the diet cycle for good.
A little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in class….
✔️ How eating more fat revs up your metabolism and makes you skinny (except for two that make you fat and how to avoid them)
✔️ Why calories don’t count (and when they do)
✔️ Learn about fats that stop your cravings for sugar and greasy foods
✔️ Put your fear of fat to rest (how to protect your heart and gear up your gallbladder for optimal fat digestion)
Tools and templates to make implementing the Delish Diet easy breezy….
1) Prime and Protect your Heart Protocol
2) Good Fats/Bad Fats Cheat Sheet
3) Fat Phobic No More Belief Busting Bulletin
4) Gear Up Your Gallbladder Guide for Ultimate Fat Breakdown
and more!

Module 4: Pleasurable Pantry Makeover

What to be able to eat whatever you want and still stay slim? We are going to turn your kitchen into a sacred slimming sanctuary that feeds your soul. Discover how to stop fighting the urge to eat for emotional reasons and instead binge yourself to bliss – without hurting your body or feeling guilty. You’ll love discovering how to turn your favourite comfort foods into skinny ones!
A little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in class….
✔️ How to sweeten up your kitchen so that you always have treats on hand (eat more decadently on your diet than you ever did before)!
✔️ How to binge blissfully rather than use willpower to stop emotional eating (resistance is futile)
✔️ How to get back on track when you’ve gone overboard (during moves, trips and the holidays)
Tools and templates to make implementing the Delish Diet easy breezy….
1) Delish Diet Drinks (allowed alcohol)!
2) Delish Restaurant RunThrough
3) Pleasurable Pantry Grocery List
4) Blissful Binging Foods Cheat Sheet
and more!

Module 5: Curb Your Cravings for Good!

Want to stop needing willpower to stop yourself from caving to cravings? Discover how eating more, NOT less, boosts your metabolism and heals the nutritional deficiencies that are driving your cravings. We’ll explore your relationship to food and how specific deficits in other aspects of your multidimensional life are the real reason you are using food to self soothe – and most importantly, how to give your soul what it really craves instead.
A little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in class….
✔️ Discover which specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies are causing you to have cravings
✔️ Learn which foods and supplements will stop your cravings so that you don’t have to use willpower (your cravings will just follow through on their own)
✔️ Uncover what you are really craving (soul level nourishment)
Tools and templates to make implementing the Delish Diet easy breezy….
1) Curb Your Sugar Cravings Action Plan
2) How to Recover From A Sugar Hangover Quickly Guide
3) How to Get Back on Track Cheat Sheet
4) Nutrient Questionnaire

Module 6: Say Goodbye to the Bloat

Want a flat stomach without having to do crunches? Learn exactly how to let go of stubborn fat such as the ‘bra bulge’, ‘muffin top’, the ‘spare tire’ and finally kick your ‘cankles’ to the curb – without exercise! Discover the real reason your body holds onto fat in these areas and what you need to do finally stop feeling like you need to hold your stomach in or wear frumpy baggy tops, just to hide your belly!
A little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in class….
✔️ Why too much exercise might be stalling your weight loss and causing your ‘spare tire’ or ‘muffin top’ (and which exercise to do instead)
✔️ The two key body systems that are crying for a cleanse by creating the ‘bra bulge’ and ‘cankles’
✔️ The real reason you get bloated and your face gets puffy
✔️ How to lose up to 15lbs in 21 days in a healthy way and actually keep it off
✔️ Discover the Delish Diet Elixir that burns fat, clears cellulite, flushes water and beautifies your complexion!
Tools and templates to make implementing the Delish Diet easy breezy….
1) Exercise Do’s and Dont’s
2) Delish Diet Detox Program
3) Delish Diet Diary
and more!

Module 7: Say Goodbye to Menstrual Mayhem & Hello to Powerful Periods

Want to take your power back? Learn about ‘obesogens’ – common chemicals you may be currently eating that grow your fat cells –
even though you don’t put them in your mouth! You’ll also discover how these same chemicals underlie PMS ‘crazies’ and menopause ‘mania’ and why you don’t have to settle for any of it! Say good bye to feeling frumpy, fat, frazzled, puffy and drying out – to feeling hot, happy and horny again!
A little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in class….
✔️ We’ll go through your personal care products, laundry and other common household ingredients for common sources of obesogens and explore what to use instead
✔️Discover how estrogenic obesogens not only make you fat, but anxious, depressed and fatigued and how to get them out of your life for good!
✔️Learn how to eat for easy periods and a symptom free menopause
Tools and templates to make implementing the Delish Diet easy breezy….
1) ‘Dirty Dozen’ personal care brands
2) ‘Detoxify Your Home’ checklist
3) How to Eat to Detoxify Excess Estrogens from Body!

Module 8: Sleep Yourself Skinny!

Want to be a sleeping beauty? Learn how to sleep your way to your ideal body weight. You’ll learn to how to improve the quality of your sleep while getting more done than you’ve ever been able to before! Discover how to turn your bedroom into both a sleeping sanctuary and an oasis of relaxation and pleasure.
A little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in class….
✔️ Discover why not getting enough quantity and/or quality sleep can stop your body from losing weight.
✔️Learn how to set your room up for the best quality sleep
✔️Create a soul nourishing nighttime ritual that will have your looking forward to going to bed instead of resting it!
Tools and templates to make implementing the Delish Diet easy breezy….
1) ‘Sleep your way skinny’ bedroom checklist!
2) ‘Sleep Smarter’ Simplified List
3) Create Your Own Sleep Ritual Template

Module 9: Blast Past Weight Loss Plateaus

Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to get faster results to keep you motivated, inspired and on track. In this class you’ll learn tricks and tips to shake things up and blast past inevitable weight loss plateaus on your way to your dream bod.
A little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in class….
✔️ The #1 reason your body doesn’t want to lose weight as fast as you would like (and what to do about it)
✔️How to manage your mind and expectations on the way to permanent weight loss (be a babe, not a baby)!
✔️7 tips to keep you losing sustainably until you reach your goal weight!
✔️ 3 ways to blast past stubborn plateaus
Tools and templates to make implementing the Delish Diet easy breezy….
1) Mindset Mastery Manifesto
2) 7 Ways to Trick Your Weight Set Point Checklist
3) 3 DFY (done for you) Plateau Busting Diet Plans
4) Fat Flush Foods Guide

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Plus you get these amazing BONUSES too!

BONUS #1 Quick Start Cleanse (VALUE $397)

Lose up to 15 lbs in 21 days with this quick start fat loss program that gets to the root of stubborn weight gain by balancing your blood sugar, eliminating toxicity (say goodbye to cellulite!) and eliminating the inflammation that’s making you feel puffy, bloated and fat. You’ll learn everything you need to know to lose the weight fast – and get healthier at the same time in this 3 part no fluff video training!


BONUS #2 Kitchen Revamp (VALUE $197)

In this module I walk you through everything you need to do to transform your family’s health at the same time as laying a proper foundation for your self inside of the Delish Diet. One of the problems with diets is that they are not based on real food, so you can’t stay on them without eventually becoming unwell. What is the point of being skinny if you feel like ‘shit’ and have to deal with unhealthy side effects of the diet?! This module is all about learning how to choose quality, nutrient dense versions of your favourite foods, so that no matter what you eat, it will be healthy and conform to the Delish Diet lifestyle. You don’t have to give up your favourite comfort foods to be healthy slim, sexy and satisfied!

You’ll receive over 20 short video trainings that cover topics like….

  • Why sugar isn’t just an empty calorie (and how it hurts you).
  • Discover what food can arrest immunity by decreasing your white blood cell count down to the level of a leukaemia patient (for up to 4 hours!).
  • Discover a nutrient you’ve likely been avoiding – and it’s making you feel crazy, keeping your kids hyper (and having trouble in school)!
  • Learn which forbidden food can stop you (or your kids) from peeing all day (and night) with the added side benefit of getting rid of unsightly cellulite!
  • Discover why brown bread is actually bad for you (and especially bad for your kids) and what kind of bread you should feed them instead.

That is just a taste of what you’ll learn in this life changing module, plus so much more!

BONUS #3 Sweet Life Without Sugar (VALUE $197)

cheesecakeIn this module, you’ll learn how to live the sweet life without sugar. You’ll never go back to your old ways once you learn how you can have your cake and eat it too! Living the Delish Diet Lifestyle is one of pleasure – where you can eat chocolate to your hearts content! That’s right lady! In fact, I keep delicious home made chocolate bars in the freezer that take 5 minutes to make and last for days. They are so healthy, nutrient dense and satisyfing that I let my kids have as much as they want! I never have to hold them or my self back. When you learn now to make treats in the right way, you won’t have to use willpower to stay slim and sexy, because your natural satiation chemicals will kick in. Unlike regular treats, that cultivate cravings and ultimately binging, when you’ve had enough of the decadent treats on this ‘diaeta’, you simply won’t want more!

You’ll learn how to….

  • kick your sugar cravings to the curb easily
  • discover why diet coke and skinny lattes are making you fat
  • learn how and why to avoid artificial sweeteners to protect your health (and your waistline).
  • discover natural non-toxic alternative sweeteners that give you the pleasure without the calories or blood sugar swings
  • get holiday recipes so that you don’t have to give up family traditions like ‘stuffing’ and egg nog!
  • learn how to avoid gaining weight through the holidays, with out giving up the pleasures you look forward to.
  • discover ‘skinny bombs’ that will satisfy your cravings, while revving you up with energy and keeping your body in fat burning mode while you snack and treat your self (anytime of day or night)!

BONUS #4 Feel Fat’tastic’ (VALUE $197)

bacon-and-eggsIn this module, you’ll learn all about the benefits of fat and cholesterol and finally feel freed up to eat all the rich, creamy and even greasy favourites you love, without worrying about your heart or your waistline (grilled cheese anyone?). Yes, bacon and eggs are on the menu honey bunny! The truth is, you’ve been lied to about fat. That’s why I am going to set the record straight for you and help you let go of your fear around it, so that you can finally enjoy the most satisfying foods again. You’ll love how incorporating healthy fats into your diet like bacon, eggs, butter, avocado, olives, bone broth, coconut and macadamia nuts are going to make you not only feel calm, cool and collected, but smarter too. Not to mention, you’ll be amazed at how your energy soars and your skin starts to glow again!

You’ll get trainings on….

  • How to free your self from the fear of fat
  • How to know how much fat is ok for you
  • How to digest fat better (and help for your gallbladder)
  • How to stop constipation (even if you’ve struggled with this problem for decades – what the experts have been telling you is dead wrong and will never work – learn what does).
  • Discover all the benefits of fat (and cholesterol)
  • Discover how fat eating fat can make you skinny and ‘happy’!
  • How to eat fats for beautiful hair, skin and nails.
  • Learn which two foods in concert make you susceptible to heart disease (and no it’s not saturated fat or cholesterol).

BONUS #5 Easy Kick Start Menu Plan – 7 Days of Comfort Foods (VALUE $27)

I’ve taken out all the planning and guesswork to get you immersed in the program fast – while eating super decadently! Just print up the grocery list, fill your grocery cart up with delicious food and get started right away! This menu was created with ease, comfort, and speed in mind, so you won’t spend your days slaving over the stove or facing a huge learning curve!

BONUS #6 Monthly On-Going EXCLUSIVE Live-Streams & Unlimited Support in our private Facebook group (VALUE $697 – priceless really)!

You’ll get daily support in our private Facebook group to get your questions answered, as well as monthly live-streams for more Q & A, motivation and inspiration to stay on track!


Here is what to expect when you enrol in the Delish Diet program….

  1. You’ll get immediate access to Module 1 which will enable you start right away.
  2. You also get immediate access to a private Facebook group for connection, community and support around adopting the lifestyle.
  3. I will be present in the group to provide new recipes, inspiration and to answer your questions to the benefit of the group!
  4. Monthly live-streams for Q & A, additional trainings, motivation and inspiration to stay on track!

Are you ready to make this the last diet you ever do!?

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Have questions? Send them to [email protected]

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These people took a chance, even when other diets failed them!

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1. Q) How much time will the course take?
A) Module 1 will have you learning what you need to get started in less than 2 hours! It will take about 8 hours in total to go through the core content, plus there are hours and hours of additional BONUS videos that you can watch for extra inspiration and motivation when you need it!

2. Q) How can I best prioritize putting the time aside to learn?
A) No need to sit in front of the screen idly. Simply play the videos while you are cooking and cleaning (that way you won’t be lonely cooking dinner, it will be like I am right there beside you)!

2. Q) How much time does the food prep take?
A) Let’s be honest, making real food takes time, however when you have the right foods on hand and choose to eat simply, you won’t have to slave away at the stove (plus we have a template for what to eat when you don’t feel like cooking, an menu plans with 5 minute meals you don’t have to cook)!

3. Q) Are the ingredients ones I can find in my usual grocery store?
A) Mostly, but you will have to go to the organic grocery store for a couple of things.

4. Q) Will I need any special equipment?
A) No special equipment needed, but a few recipes call for a ‘spiralizer’ (optional).

5. Q) How long before I start to see results?
A) Depends on how damaged your metabolism is and how much weight you have to lose. This is not a fad diet. You can lose up to 15 lbs in 3 weeks. The point here is to heal your metabolism and get your body burning fat again so that dieting becomes a thing of the past for you. This is about permanent weight loss.

6. Q) What if it doesn’t work for me?
A) It will. Every body is capable of healing. For some people it works immediately and for others, the body prioritizes other issues before it decides that it is time to let the weight go. You must decide that this is it. Hell or high water, you are going to take a path that leads to permanent weight loss and greater health. If you decide to chose a fad diet that works faster, well, let’s face it, you’ll be on the hunt for a new diet to try in no time again. So why not just start now with what is sustainable?

7.  Q) Does it work if I am gluten free/ vegan/or otherwise a restrictive diet.
A) It is 100% gluten free. While it is definitely possible on a vegetarian/vegan or otherwise restricted diet (such as one due to food sensitivities), eliminating dairy will definitely make it a little less luxurious and decadent!

8.  Q) I have a medical condition, can I still follow your plan?
A) Contact me at [email protected] and let me know a little bit about your condition and dietary restrictions and I will let you know, based on what you tell me.

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