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Just like ‘Pop’ Bubbly Beverages!

Got some juice junkies on your hands? Then you’ll love these healthy alternative ‘pop’ recipes (all the delicious bubbly, hardly any sugar and tons of taste!)

In this workshop, we’ll be making…
Kombucha, Kefir Water, Coconut Water Kefir, Juice Kefir

We’ll start the day with the healing tonic Kombucha!

Kombucha is revered as a cancer preventative, liver cleanser, digestion soother, energy booster and as a probiotic panacea that stops sugar cravings!

While drinking Kombucha has recently become popular even beyond the health food store, it is actually a traditional food with many health benefits.

This delicious and bubbly drink can:
√ stop yeast infections
√ boost digestion
√ support natural liver detoxification
√ soothe joint pain

Already love drinking Kombucha? You’ll save hundreds of dollars by brewing this wonderful healing and thirst quenching tonic at home!

Next you’ll learn….

How to make kefir water and kefir juice, a healthy, thirst quenching probiotic beverage that tastes like ‘pop’ without the sugar and caffeine crash.

Kids and kids at heart love this wonderful probiotic beverage that is way more potent than probiotic pills!

In fact this delicious drink can:
√ stop yeast and fungal infections
√ eliminate gas, bloating and indigestion
√ way more potent (and less expensive) than probiotic pills!

Kefir is a wonderul healing tonic for the whole family and can even help you ‘ween’ those little juice junkies without giving up the pleasure or taste of boxed juices!

You will learn all about the many health benefits of drinking kefir water, taste test a variety of kefir beverages and make your very own to take home.

Coming Soon!

Fall in Love with Dairy Again

Do you love the taste of dairy, but feel uncomfortable, bloated or in pain after having milk, cheese or yogurt?

Many people who can’t digest commercial dairy products, do just fine with home cultured dairy!

How great would it be to discover that you might be able to eat dairy again without having to suffer for it later?

Not only will being able to include dairy in your life again give you easy access to nourishing ‘fast food’ , but putting cultured dairy back on your menu, has many other added health benefits like:
√ stop yeast infections
√ boost digestion
√ increase your minerals
√ boost your good bacteria (find out why commercial yogurt just doesn’t cut it)
and soooo much more!

We will be making..
Kefir milk
Kefir cream
Creme Fraiche
Yogurt cream cheese balls

Coming Soon!

Cultured Kitchen

Learn to make cultured (probiotic) foods at home!

Want to learn how to make cultured foods (at home) for better digestion, smooth skin and optimal immunity?

Does this sound familiar?

  • Is your skin itchy, sensitive, acne or rash prone?
  • Do you suffer from fatigue, depression, irritability, mood swings and uncontrollable cravings for sugar?
  • Are you are sick and tired of living with gas, constipation, diarrhea, pain and bloating?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to….

  • eliminate your sugar cravings (without willpower)
  • digest and assimilate your food better (no point eating all that healthy food if your body can’t digest with it!)
  • overcome those annoying yeast and fungal infections

Here’s what you can expect in this hands on weekend workshop…

1) Engaging lectures
2) Hands on demos
3) Create 7 quarts of delicious fermented vegetables that will bring your kitchen to life with flavour, colour, enzymes and increasing health for the whole family.
4) Taste testing

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1) How to recognize if you have a bacterial imbalance
2) How we acquire microbial imbalance (and how to heal it)
3) Why cultured foods is the missing food group
4) The many health benefits of eating cultured foods
5) Why cultured foods are a more effective probiotic than pills
6) How to make yogurt cream cheese
7) How to make whey (this is your homemade starter culture)
8) How to make Raw Salsa, Kimchi, Decadent Daikon, Simple Sauerkraut, plus Bread and Butter Pickles, Delicious Dill Pickles and Kids Kraut!
9) Why you need to include cultured foods in your family’s diet as a forever food group

and much more!

Get fully immersed in a new way of eating, so that you can continue to reap the benefits of probiotics for a lifetime!

Coming Soon!





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