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Do you wish you could finally just enjoy food again?

Learn how you can plan, prepare and implement a gut healing strategy that eliminates your digestive discomforts, food intolerances, mood swings, brain fog and skin problems, so that you (or your child) can FINALLY eat anything in moderation WITHOUT having to pay for it later!

Is this you?

Have you hit a place of futility? Does everything you eat seem to aggravate your symptoms while your list of food sensitivities and intolerances is increasing to the point that you wonder if there will be anything left to eat in your future?

You’ve already tried….

Replacing all your staple foods with gluten free, casein and soy free alternatives, but maybe you are wondering if all this processed gluten free stuff is doing more harm than good for your long term health?  You’ve eliminated the obvious triggers, but you still don’t feel like your old healthy, resilient and care free self. Sure these changes have made a difference, but you still feel sensitive to everything- and you are wondering why you don’t feel that great, even though you have eliminated everything that you’ve been told that you should.

I know how it feels…..

My name is Sherry Rothwell and I am a GAPS practitioner and holistic nutritionist specializing in digestive issues in women and children, but most importantly I am a mother who has stood in your shoes. Not only have we lived with food sensitivities as a family, but we overcame them. Using nothing but food, I helped my son overcome eczema that was triggered by food sensitivities – and we did it in 4 weeks without drugs or supplements. You can read our story here….. or register for my COMPLIMENTARY recorded teleseminar where I share all the details.

When my son had food sensitivities, I lived with an underlying anxiety that permeated most of my days. I worried that things might get worse and I was concerned about what was really going on in my child’s body (and what it meant about his health for the long term). I too invested thousands of dollars in practitioners, testing, supplements and gluten and casein free processed foods with minimal results.

That is why I want to share this program with you…..

While I am excited to see you free of your symptoms and able to enjoy wholesome food again, more importantly, I want to share with you what is required not only to heal, but to maintain optimal digestive health for a lifetime, so that you can experience a level of health that you may have never even imagined was possible for you.

What people are saying….

After working with Sherry, my son enjoys a clear complexion and I now eat healthier and more consciously than I have ever done!
Approximately 1 year ago, my completely breastfed 4 month old son started to have eczema first on his face and then later all over his body.The Skin specialist told us that there was nothing that we could do as far as diet or environmental factors go and that it definitely wasn’t allergies. We were prescribed a steroidal cream and told to use sparingly as it would work temporarily, but could possibly cause permanent skin thinning. Keeping our son from scratching his red and raw skin consumed us constantly and a good nights sleep was like an impossible dream. Once I contacted Sherry, she understood right away what was happening and we felt supported to try a more natural way to heal.Through some detective work, Sherry helped us figure it out. As a result we finally eliminated all of the triggers to my diet and my son’s complexion became clear! Yes! Sherry patiently and positively answered the many, many questions I had during our time together and for this I am so grateful. After working with Sherry, my son enjoys a clear complexion and I now eat healthier and more consciously than I have ever done. The investment in our health has totally been worth it and I recommend Sherry to anyone who has a gut issue they want to heal. And thank you Sherry for all the relevant information, love and support!

Christine G., Taiwan

In a short period of time I’ve seen really remarkable results


“My three-year-old daughter Emilia has suffered from eczema since infancy. None of the conventional methods I used to treat her worked. Plus, these methods focused on treating the symptoms of her problems, rather than the cause. One day, I decided to search for the cause of her eczema. That search led me down a confusing road of information. I was overwhelmed. Then one day I found Sherry Rothwell and finally got the help my daughter and I needed.

In order to truly heal my daughter I needed to know how to do it. Sherry presented me with a tremendous amount of information in a very easy to understand manner. The materials she provided were very well organized and extremely thorough. From this information, and one-on-one discussions with Sherry, she developed treatment a treatment specifically for Emilia.

In a short period of time I’ve seen really remarkable results. Sherry gave me the tools to heal my daughter. Those tools included an alignment blueprint which helped to inspire me as a mother and woman. Used in conjunction with the healing plan Sherry devised for Emilia, I am also healing myself. I no longer feel helpless. I feel empowered and hopeful. I’ve learned so much about Emilia and I learned even more about myself, which I wasn’t expecting at all. Sherry is truly caring and the services she offers are personable and very worthwhile. I am extremely grateful to Sherry for all she has done and I’m glad she’s guiding me on this journey.”

Jennifer Callendar
California, USA

My breastfed baby who had a chronic red rash on her face, eczema from head to toe and susceptibility to diaper rash cleared everything in a shockingly short period, only 7 days!”

“Before working with Sherry, I never believed I could actually undertake the changes that I needed to. Implementing the strategies that Sherry shares for healing the gut have eliminated nearly a lifetime of chronic stomach pain that I had been enduring with nearly every meal. As well, my painful eczema has slowly healed. Plus, my breastfed baby who had a chronic red rash on her face, eczema from head to toe and susceptibility to diaper rash cleared everything in a shockingly short period, only 7 days!”

Kat Funk, Herbalist, Winnipeg, MB

Sherry helped me formulate a leaky gut plan that KO’d my allergies.

 “There’s a reason I am so happy to be working with Sherry- I too have experienced the transformational effects of her work FIRSTHAND! Sherry helped me formulate a leaky gut plan that KO’d my allergies. Before working with Sherry, I suffered from hives as a result of my food sensitivities. After doing her leaky gut diet, I was able to quit taking antihistamines and I can now enjoying ‘eating out’ in moderation without having to suffer for it later! When I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this for myself, I feel so glad that I didn’t wait. I am amazed at how little time it took for me to feel great! I highly recommend working with Sherry if you struggle with skin issues, digestive pain and food sensitivities, you will be so glad you did!” 

Adrienne Percy, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

This program covers……

  • How to plan, prepare and implement a gut healing strategy that you can use  to heal and boost your digestion anytime you feel like you need a reset.
  • What to eat and what not to eat on the diet (including 1 week of recipes and a menu plan).
  • How and when to come off the diet.
  • How and what to eat to keep your digestion in tip top shape so that your health doesn’t spiral back down the same path that created the problem in the first place.

This program is for you if…..

You want to learn how to heal your own or your children’s food sensitivities, intolerances and the associated symptoms at the level of root cause (instead of simply accepting ‘avoidance’ as a lifetime strategy).

  • You have a feeling that you need a digestive re-set- because your symptoms are concerning you and you don’t want them to get worse!
  • You are not ok to accept avoidance as a way of life.
  • You want to heal at the level of root cause, rather than simply treat the symptoms.
  • You know that certain foods trigger your symptoms, but you are tired of trying to figure out which ones.
  • Or maybe you know which foods trigger your symptoms, but you are at the point where you are starting to wonder if there will be anything more left to eat!
  • You are sick and tired of eating out with friends and having to interrogate the waitress to find out what’s really in the food, or you are embarrassed because you constantly have to ask for alternate ingredients no matter where you eat and you are tired of feeling so high maintenance- you’d like to enjoy a meal out with friends without it being a huge issue.
  • And finally you are tired of seeing your child suffer! You are at the end of your rope and you’ll do WHATEVER it takes to help him or her heal!

Here is what to expect in the program….

This program will be delivered via 6 audio lessons that you can listen to on your computer or iPod.

Here is what you will learn along the way….

  • Listen to this COMPLIMENTARY teleseminar where you will hear our story and discover the ins and outs of the leaky gut diet.
  • Learn the ins and outs of the physiology of leaky gut so that you understand what you are doing and why. Discover 14 ways our health is impacted when our inner ecosystem is out of balance. Plus, learn how to prevent a cleansing reaction or cleanse gently.
  • We’ll get you prepared to implement the diet (you will also get my recipes and 1 week menu plan to get you through the first week – the first 3-5 days are always the hardest).
  • Learn how to come off the diet and how to eat and prepare food to maintain your results for a future free of digestive problems and food sensitivities.
  • Learn how to keep your digestion in tip top shape moving forward and how to use traditional food preparation techniques to make your food easier to digest, more nutritious and the nutrition more easy to assimilate.
  • and much more!

BONUS #1 Easy reference chart: what to eat and what not to eat on the leaky gut diet. Recipes and 1 week menu plan. $147

BONUS #2 Easy to reference hand-outs and charts that summarize what you learned on each call! VALUE $147

BONUS #3 Recipes and ‘How to’ Hand Outs! VALUE $97

BONUS #4 Cultured Kids e-course VALUE $97

You can do it and here’s why……

Leaky Gut Diet Potluck

When our family first did this program over 7 years ago, we had no idea what to eat and no plan…..we just got started. Over the years, we have periodically used this same plan as a digestive reset or simple spring cleanse. During those times I have explored many more options and developed delicious recipes that will nourish you and keep boredom at bay!

If our family could do it with no support and no recipes, your family will be able to blast through the first three weeks (the most crucial time) without the trouble of trying to figure out what to eat. In fact you will actually expand your diet, your nourishment and your skills as you learn to prepare and enjoy foods that you normally wouldn’t have naturally gravitated to in the past!

This program is NOT for you if….

    • You are satisfied by the avoidance approach (you are content to avoid the foods and leave it at that).
    • You are not willing (or you are afraid) to take your own and your family’s health into your own hands.
    • You are easily discouraged, have a tendency to complain and need lots of hand holding.
    • You are not willing to do the work (while the diet is simple, it is isn’t easy for most people).
    • You want a quick fix so that you can go back to eating an unhealthy diet (it can be a quick fix, but the results are not sustainable if they are not followed by a natural whole foods way of eating and traditionally preparing foods- the how to is explained in the course teleseminars).

This program is $297 and is a DIY e-course

Have questions? Simply send them to [email protected]

Thank you and I look forward to supporting your family on your journey to optimal health!




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