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Harmonize Your life to Heal Your Hormones!

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You are in the right place if you want to?

lose weight . gain energy . feel beautiful . get organized . be focused . get shit done . feel happy . love life

Cleansing isn’t just great for PMS, it is also the perfect time to purge and create new beginnings too!

Let me help you get your glow back and feel foxy again, instead of frumpy!

If you are feeling weighed down by your life, your weight or by a lack of energy, THAT is NOT a problem of willpower or motivation, you can bet it’s likely a hormonal issue with it’s roots in malnutrition, toxicity and stress!

There is ‘shit’ weighing you down. A holistic approach to releasing the weight and healing your hormones includes diet, but goes beyond food.

Right now you are probably carrying the weight of the world honey and diet can’t change that (although the right diet and supplements certainly CAN help you cope better with stress)!

If you’ve tried everything and nothing works, how about we have a look-see into some bigger things that could be in the way?

Is this a day in your life?

✓ Does it feel like you are constantly facing insurmountable tasks?
✓ Always playing ‘catch up’?
✓ Never feeling accomplished or like you are making progress in your life?
✓ You’ve put your dreams on the shelf?
✓ Feel like time is running out?
✓ Tired of putting yourself last?
✓ Running on empty?

Enough is enough already, let’s get you on top of this!

You need to cleanse more that JUST your body, you need to cleanse your life.

That’s what the 21 Day Hormone Harmony Cleanse is all about!

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You could just keep going the way things are….or you could do something different (if you want to change your life, you have to CHANGE your life)!

Does THIS sound familiar?

You are tired of feeling heavy in your body, overwhelmed with life, unorganized and lacking energy. It seems that just when you get on top of things your ‘cycle’ takes you down again and you feel like you are constantly starting over. If only there was a way that you could concentrate your efforts in one place and get your whole life handled at the same time.

There is!

Imagine how amazing it would feel to finally get in the flow (figuratively and literally). It would be so fulfilling wouldn’t it, to feel like you are moving forward and making progress in all areas of your life!

Imagine what a relief it would be to live in a clutter-less home where there is a place for everything and everything in it’s place.

One that is sparkly clean, deliciously fragrant with a crisp atmosphere that literally calls you to creativity!

It is going to feel soooooo amazing and like you are moving forward and finally able to paint your future on a clean canvas!

Not to mention, you are going to feel amazingly light with your new hot ‘bod’ and maybe even a whole new wardrobe to boot!

All of this is possible to accomplish with concentrated effort.

Too many people are looking to achieve balance, but let’s face it, you’ve already tried that and it is not maintainable.

Here’s why……

It’s because the world doesn’t hang in the balance. It moves in circles, cycles and seasons.

You need to focus down hard on doing this work – every spring (or starting now if you’ve never done this before – your hormones can’t wait until then)!

Spring is liver season in TCM (traditional chinese medicine) which means that now is that spring is a special time of year when the environment will support you to cleanse your body by nourishing your liver – liver health is at the root of many health concerns – especially hormonally related ones!

Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings.

The answer lies not just in spring cleaning your house, but in spring cleaning your body and your life too!

But right now you can just can’t get yourself to even start because ….

  • you can barely keep up with putting dinner on the table, never mind get to the part of having a clean house
  • the piles of clutter are so overwhelming, that the thought of doing something about it, makes you want to watch Netflix or obsessively scroll Facebook for the meaning of life instead!
  • when you bleed, you bleed hard, clot, have cramps or just turn into an emotional mess and can’t get anything accomplished – either way, it feels like you lose a week of every month of your life!
  • you are tired all the time (you get burned out just thinking about all the amazing ideas that come to you – but you never implement – because the thought of taking on any more responsibility in your life exhausts you)!
  • you feel heavy and weighed down (literally and figuratively)

Sounds like you need a life detox beauty!

This is about more that just doing a cleanse.

It’s about re – creating your life.

But before you do that, you are going to have to make room for the things you want by dropping the stuff that is drains you first.

You can’t pile what you want on top of the clutter of what you don’t want!

I have totally been where you are…

K, honey. Here is the truth. From the moment I started my period as a pre teen, my cycle caused me grief. Finding natural relief was a long yet worthwhile journey and I thought I was past it – until I started pushing 40! I was 20 years into a failing marriage and I was starting to lose my juice. It was starting to feel like there was nothing to look forward to, other than more of the same. I didn’t really realize just how unfulfilled, stressed out and under nurtured I was – until I stepped on the scale at 176 lbs on my just over 5 ‘3 inch frame and realized that according to the BMI (body mass index) I was considered obese! Now you might not be THAT overweight or need to let your husband go to live your best life ever (like I did) – but I bet there are places in your life that you too have been shouldering too much on your own, protecting yourself from stress and need to let go of more than just the weight!

And that is exactly why I created this program, to offer you a truly holistic solution – you aren’t just going to feel light, energetic and lose weight, but you’ll release what it is about life that is weighing you down too!

In this program we are going to go into all areas of your life and purge what doesn’t serve!!

This is a NEXT level spring cleanse we are talking about!

In a matter of 3 weeks, we are going to go hard eliminating…..

  • the mental clutter that stops you before you even get started
  • that ‘messy ass’ house that makes you feel lazy, tired and overwhelmed
  • relationship issues that are draining you
  • foods and lifestyle choices that are making you tired and unfocused

You are not just going to drop what is draining you, but you are going to achieve the highest level of health, while clearing clutter and paving the way forward for the life of your dreams.

This is NOT about balance. It is about harmony. If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to achieve balance, then you’ve come to the right place.

I do it differently around here.

We are going to go hard and fast and then we’ll do it again next year with seasonal rejuvenation!

You need this program if….

  • You want to lose weight, but have no desire to exercise.
  • Despite eating healthy, you keep packing on the pounds.
  • You are feeling puffy, bloated and drying out.
  • You’re feeling harried, frazzled and overwhelmed.
  • You are super driven, but don’t accomplish much because you are unfocused.
  • Your periods are painful, heavy and not regular.
  • Menopause is really messing with you.
  • Chronic stress is your middle name
  • You have a something going on in your life that you just can’t seem to rise above or make a decision about

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Here is what you get when you join the Harmonize Your life to Heal Your Hormones program….

The 7 core trainings…..

Module 1: Indigenous diet and lifestyle

Eating right is not complex. You don’t need a fancy diet to heal your hormones, you need a foundational one. The body heals itself when you come into alignment with your primal nature.

You’ll learn…
✓ how to eliminate toxins from your external environment that are impeding your body’s self healing capacities.
✓ how to eat as nature intended for deep nourishment that provides the building blocks for healing
✓ how to tap into and receive the earth’s healing forces
✓ how to cultivate more love, connection and community in your life
✓ creating sacred space in your kitchen so that you look forward to preparing food
✓ how to make your house feel like a home
✓ eliminate clutter from your environment to clear your head and make space for being creative
✓ get back in tune with your intrinsic rhythms

Module 2: Use food and word medicine to unleash your inner fire

It’s time to come alive again! You feel burnt out because you haven’t been stoking the fire of your desires. You’ve been putting yourself last.  It is time to live passionately again!

You’ll learn….
✓ how to boost your digestive fire so that you can absorb more nutrition from your food
✓ how to journal to digest your life experience to really ‘get’ the lesson and re-write the story so that you don’t have to keep reliving patterns that are ‘snuffing’ you out
✓ how to give yourself permission to start dreaming again
✓ learn how to dig up beliefs that keep you stuck
✓ how to reprogram your subconscious for success
✓ how to embrace your creativity and full self expression once again
✓ how to live your passion in daily life

Module 3: Release your frustrations!

There are things that you’ve been putting up with in your life for far too long! Holding in your frustrations suppresses your life force and causes energy blockages that press against your organs – blocking the flow of your intrinsic healing energy.

You’ll learn how to…..
✓ identify the negative emotions that are creating the exact situations you want to avoid
✓ how to stop suppressing or ’emoting’ and actually release the feeling of frustration so that you can finally create what you want and how you want things to be
✓ cultivate and download new positive feelings in their place so that you can feel the feelings you actually want to feel.


Module 4: Reduce Stress

Of course you know that you ‘should’ reduce the stress in your life, but how?! No, this is not about managing stress, it’s about eliminating chronic stress entirely. You don’t have to simply cope, it’s time to make those important decisions and finally thrive!

You’ll learn how to….
✓ identify the one thing that if you changed it, would change everything and deconstruct it down so that you can live fully
✓ learn how to make a decision and take action to transform your life
✓ systematically eliminate the stuff in your life that is draining you on all levels


Module 5: Self love

Your pleasure is not in the future. It is right here now! It is time to start savouring and sucking the juice from life today. Your fulfillment is found in the present moment and you can be happy today regardless of your current circumstances.

You’ll learn how to….
✓ define your purpose for pleasure and fulfilment in every day
✓ learn how to carve out space just for you
✓ cultivate more pleasure in your life
✓ increase your powers of attraction
✓ embrace your feminine nature


Module 6: Nourish the specific hormone that is the most out of harmony for you

Your hormones don’t need to be balanced, they need to come back into harmony with each other. It is time now to take your healing to the next level.

You’ll learn how to….
✓ synergistically nourish all of your glands and hormones
✓ learn how to strategically feed your glands using food as medicine
✓ how to use targeted supplementation to speed your healing
✓ realize the metaphysical causes of hormonal havoc so that you can go even deeper with your healing


Module 7: Liver build with seasonal rejuvenation

Your liver regulates your hormones and so you must know how to keep it healthy to maintain hormone harmony throughout your entire life! Spring is the perfect time to do so on a cyclic basis.

You’ll learn how to….
✓ eat according to the season
✓ learn which foods in particular support the liver
✓ discover which nutrients are essential for detoxification
✓ explore herbs and supplements that give your liver extra support


Take a sneak peek at what else we’ll be covering …..

Besides showing you how to take a mind, body, heart and soul approach to each of the aforementioned 7 core steps, you’ll also learn…

✓ How to Schedule Your Homemaking Tasks in Tune with the Moon so that You can Finally Feel on Top of It All

✓ How to Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

✓ How to Eliminate the Emotions that Keep You Circling in Patterns and Reliving the Same Old Frustrations Day after Day

✓ How to Identify the Beliefs that Are in the Way of Healing Yourself with specific exercises and energy work to shift them (awareness isn’t enough)

✓ How to Boost your Internal Fire so that you can Live with more Passion, Energy and Joy, while Increasing your Libido, ability to Burn Fat while Absorbing more Nutrition from the Food you Eat!

✓ How to Embrace your Femininity for more Radiance – at any size!

✓ How to Deal with Stress by Dropping What Drains You (this is beyond coping, ‘managing’ stress and into paradigm shifting perspectives that give you the guts to make the hard decisions)

✓ How to Coach Yourself to Clarity so that You can Finally Make A Confident Decision Either Way about What’s Been Weighing on You

✓ How to Put First Things First (prioritize your non-negotiables)

✓ Simple tasks to de clutter your life, home and health

✓ New recipe ideas

Plus the minute you join, you’ll get instant access to this amazing BONUS program!

BONUS 1: DIY Delish Diet Quick Start VALUE $197

Lose up to 15 lbs in 21 days with this quick start fat loss program that gets to the root of stubborn weight gain by balancing your blood sugar, eliminating toxicity (say goodbye to cellulite!) and eliminating the inflammation that’s making you feel puffy, bloated and fat. You’ll learn everything you need to know to lose the weight fast – and get healthier at the same time in this 3 part no fluff video training!

BONUS 2:  2 hour Holistic Nutrition Coaching Session with Sherry VALUE $297

In this session we’ll go over what you’ve implemented and accomplished thus far – we’ll identify the root cause of any areas you feel stuck and get you coached to a breakthrough – after that we’ll map out a path to taking your health to  an even higher level.



Here is how it works…

  1. When you register, you get instant access to the DIY Delish Diet Quick Start program.
  2. Every few days, you will receive  a new core training for a total of 7 core trainings.

Together, we are going to nurture ourselves body, mind, heart & soul while getting shit done!

Best of all, with the power of momentum you’ll take leaps and bounds with your hamonizing your life in just 21 days!

When you register, you get instant access to the private Facebook group where you can stay connect with others in the program for community, connection and support.

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What are the benefits of learning through an online e-course?

    1. Never have to leave home to take a class!
    2. Don’t need to hire a babysitter!
    3. Always have access to the materials organized online in one place.
    4. You can go back and listen to the recordings later if you forgot or missed something.
    5. You can listen to the recordings anytime you want, so you never have to miss a class!
    6. You can listen and learn while you cook, clean, draw, paint, sew, knit or ‘whatever turns your crank’.
    7. Download onto your ipod and listen while you drive, exercise (or travel)!

Wow. It was honestly so complete..

“I love your message Sherry, and love your authentic, natural and traditional approach. I have to tell you how grateful I am for this program. Wow. It was honestly so complete, and as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and Certified Wellness Coach, I never expected to actually learn as much as I did. Thank you for making this program available in it’s holistic entirety to mamas everywhere, and for such an amazingly affordable price. I absolutely love your authenticity and guidance. We need it:)”
Kathryn Hadad Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and Certified Wellness Coach, Denver, CO

I gained more energy, clearer skin and even weight loss which wasn’t even a goal!

“I took Sherry’s online Hormone Harmony program last year during my studies. Initially, I took the program to learn about cleansing the liver and hormones but came out of it learning so much more! Sherry goes beyond just the food for a holistic approach and even addressed mindset blockages and healing from within. It gave me perspective in my own life and taught me about my body, food cravings and mindset to properly heal.

I also was impressed with how much work Sherry put into this program, lots of detail and clear explanations with all her videos. It really helped me understand why I was doing what I was doing and I knew exactly what I should be eating over the 3 week period.

Prior to this, I had never done any type of cleanse before and so when I did this with Sherry and the support of the group, it felt great. My health goal initially, was to improve my skin and energy. From doing this, I gained more energy, clearer skin and even weight loss which wasn’t even a goal. I highly recommend doing this program for anyone looking for a reset, more energy, weight loss or simply want to learn more about your hormones. After doing this program, I was so impressed, I signed up for another online health program with Sherry. She really does go above and beyond, and genuinely wants you to get results! For what you pay, Sherry offers a lot of value and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!”

Nicole Barnes, Calgary AB



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