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Love Dairy Again

You can Fall in Love with Dairy Again!

Do you love the taste of dairy, but feel uncomfortable or bloated after having milk, cheese or yogurt?

How great would it be to discover that you might be able to eat dairy again without having to suffer for it later? Many people who can’t digest commercial dairy products,
do just fine with home cultured dairy?

Not only will you love dairy again, but adding cultured dairy to your menu also has many added health benefits like:
√ stop yeast infections
√ boost digestion
√ increase your minerals
√ boost your good bacteria (find out why commercial yogurt just doesn’t cut it)
and soooo much more!

In this 4 hour workshop, you will learn all about the many health benefits of cultured dairy, taste test a variety easy to digest dairy products and make your very own to take home (all supplies included in your registration fee).

You’ll bring home your very own delicious and homemade:
1) Yogurt
2) Kefir Milk *Kefir milk culture is included (it will slowly grow, so you’ll have extra to share with your friends, family and your whole community too)!
3) Kefir Cream
4) Creme fraiche

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Join to learn how to use food as medicine!

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