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Want to specialize or have a special focus on weight loss in your business?

Have you noticed that a lot of your clients state weight loss as a health goal?

Even before I specialized in weight loss (my back-round is in prenatal and gut health), the majority of my clients stated that weight loss was one of their goals in working together.

That was easy for me to help them with because gut healing diets heal the liver and the gut leading to the release of weight.

Even my clients who hadn’t mentioned that they wanted to lose weight were always pleasantly surprised when they lost 15 lbs on my gut healing diet which is now the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse.

I am looking for people who want to either specialize in weight loss or incorporate weight loss in their current coaching, consulting, healing or counselling practice.

Now my sole focus now is teaching others so that I have a team to help me transform the culture of dieting into one that represents the true meaning of the word ‘diet’.

The word diet comes from the Greek word ‘diaeta’ which refers to the food you eat and the lifestyle you live.

The true meaning of the word has nothing to do with losing weight.

The biggest lie out there is that people need to lose weight to get healthy.

The truth is that people need to get healthy to lose weight.

I am looking for people who know this to help me create an entirely new model around helping people lose weight that isn’t about fad diets that promise instant – yet temporary results.

We need to teach people how make PERMANENT changes to their diet and lifestyle for permanent results.

Our clients need a ton of inspiration, education and support to do this in the face of a society that makes it hard to eat right and easy to eat wrong.

And yes, there is a wrong way to eat.

“Eat everything in moderation” & “no foods are bad foods” are nothing more than mottos for having low standards.

It is time that we take a stand for the natural human diet and lifestyle.

And that’s why I created the Delish Diet in the first place – so that we can take back the word diet and return to the real roots of our natural human diet.

It’s how we return to our health and subsequently our natural weight and divine right body shape (the one we were designed to have that is representative of our body in a state of optimal health).

Are you interested in joining hands with me in this pursuit?

There are multiple ways that we can work together:

1 – Have your own Delish Diet consulting practice under the Delish Diet brand and be listed on the Delish Diet website as a practitioner.

2 – Be licensed to use Delish Diet materials under your own brand or label (so you can put yourself out there as you, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel behind the scenes to properly educate and serve your clients).

3 – You can learn the Delish Diet approach and philosophy to develop food products, food preparation services, stores, cafes and restaurants to provide natural whole foods that meet the Delish Diet standards (think Delish approved labels).

4 -There will be Delish Diet subsidiary companies that will need managers, teachers, coaches and consultants. The first being Delish Un-Diet School (TM) Education Centres (that liberate people from the dieting mentality) and Delish Diet Dessert cafes (wouldn’t it be amazing to go to a cafe and have all the yummy treats without all the gross-ass sugar?!). These may also become franchises.

If any or all of the above interests you, let’s connect about it!

Learn more about how you can get certified here:

Class size is limited to 12 and there is a quick decision savings for those who join us before Nov 1st.

Book a time to chat with me or e-mail me at [email protected] to let me know you want more details!

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