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Nourished Nutrition Business Summer 2017 Wait List

Do you wish you had someone by your side to show you how to get your start up nutrition business on its feet fast?

Imagine having your new practice fully set up and systematized, so that you feel organized, prepared and ready to invite
new clients to work with you? It would be so amazing wouldn’t it, to finally have a step-by-step, repeatable system that you can rely on to successfully support your new clients to adopt the diet and lifestyle changes you recommend! Wouldn’t you feel oh so much more professional and proud of your work, if you had something ‘hold in your hand beautiful’ to give to your clients to help them retain and implement what you teach in each of your sessions? It would be such a relief to go into a session with full clarity about what to do in advance. And, so much more rewarding to spend more time serving your clients and less time trying to find them!

But right now……

You are feeling confused about where to get clients and about how to get organized to officially open your practice. You’re likely feeling doubt about whether you really even know enough to charge good money for your advice (after all you just graduated or you haven’t had many clients to practice with yet)! You might even secretly feel like your own health and habits aren’t where they “should” be …and you wonder “how will I be able to help my clients do ‘this’, when I can’t even help myself sometimes?”.

Part of the reason that you are not able to focus on taking care of yourself, is because you’ve been
working so hard trying to figure out this business and marketing thing. You are so tired of not getting a return on the time you spend working on your business. What’s worse is, you are even finding yourself subtlety resisting signing on new clients, because you don’t feel that confident that you can help them, not to mention, you are becoming overwhelmed with how long it takes you to prepare for client sessions, and create hand outs. You are starting to wonder if you can really make this whole natural nutrition business work (there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day)!

Finally, you are exhausted from having to reinvent the wheel with each client and from constantly worrying about whether or not they think the service you offer is really worth what they are paying – to the point that the self doubt it is really starting to hurt your self esteem. Sometimes, you wonder if you are even really cut out for the work anyway!

And at the end of the day though, you have to start making a living doing this (like yesterday!) or you worry that you’ll have to go back to your ‘day’ job – or never be able to leave it!

You have probably tried….

“Winging it”, putting your cards in health food stores and yoga studios, making posters and postcards, giving free talks (and exhausting free sessions!), reading books about business and taking internet marketing courses…..without much success.

I was once standing in your shoes…..

I started working in the natural health field in 1998 after healing myself of mononucleosis using a combination of diet, supplementation and energy medicine – in fact, it worked so well for me that I never missed a day of work! In the process of healing myself, I discovered a passion for nutrition and began to spend my evenings and weekends in coffee shops and libraries studying everything that I could get my hands on! Naturally (pardon the pun) I quit my toxic career in the field of aesthetics, took a pay cut and gave up the ‘tips’ to work for minimum wage in a health food store. None of that mattered to me as I was so deeply passionate about helping people take responsibility for their health and heal themselves from disease (the way I had done for myself).

Somewhere along the way I opened up my own natural baby and mama store and pursued studies in the field of childbirth – a passion parallel to my love of nutrition. I also began a homestudy course in nutrition from the Edison Institute of Nutrition. I graduated in 2006, but felt I was missing pieces that could only come from being in a classroom with fellow nutritionists in training and experienced teachers. So I sold what was then my dream home (the home that my daughter was born in), packed my family up and traveled from Winnipeg in south central Canada, to the west coast to study at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Vancouver, BC.

Yet, even after graduating with honours and a second certification in nutrition, I still felt like there were gaps in my knowledge. Without clinical experience and mentorship, like you I was on my own to figure out how to translate my intellectual knowledge in to a practical context that would support my clients to make the changes that were necessary – not only to heal themselves, but to maintain that healing too.

And even though my final mark in business was 100% and while it came easy to me in theory – what I learned about business in nutrition school did not translate into money or clients in the real world.

From my past experience marketing in the alternative birth field, I knew that natural nutrition would have some of the very same obstacles, and I didn’t want to waste time making the same unproductive mistakes or spinning my wheels doing the same thing and expecting different
results (definition of insanity)!

Essentially, I was lost because, number one I didn’t want to have to sell or to convince people to keep coming back for more sessions, yet I knew that in most cases more than one session would be needed to get results. And, that many more sessions than that would be required to learn and implement all the essential lifestyle changes in a complete way – leaving no stone unturned on their healing path.

When I began to write down all the things that I knew my clients needed to do and the changes they needed to make to get the same kind of results that I got through diet and lifestyle – I felt again at a loss, because the only practitioner model I had heard of people using was the ‘1 off’ sessions model.

And yet it didn’t seem like the right fit for nutrition consulting or health coaching.

I wondered, how would I be able to help people ‘go all the way’ when the human condition is to simply stop when things get difficult?

Even though I knew how I would need to work with people to help them make permanent change, I just couldn’t imagine people spending the kind of money they would need to, to spend THAT much time with me. So I simply didn’t have the guts to set up my practice and just do the I saw that it needed to be done.

I was still looking for the proof that it was even possible!

So I turned my focus to marketing. I began searching around on the internet to see what other successful nutritionists were doing and discovered that many of them were in fact using a package model – which is the perfect fit to help someone create better health and maintain it!

I found people who were doing what I wanted to be doing and learned from their experience how to set up my business, not only so that it better served my clients, but so that I could make a generous living as well. I immersed myself in studying business systems, practicing copywriting and I literally invested tens of thousands of dollars to learn how to market effectively.

As a nutritionist, I went from charging $70 a session and wondering where my next client was g
oing to come from – to charging $4000 per client for 6 month coaching packages… and knowing exactly how to get new clients to keep my programs full.

The first year that I fully embraced the package model, I made $48,000 working part time from home with kids in tow, seeing clients 2 days a week (only 3 weeks a month!).

The reason why I created this program…..

I had so much fun learning and doing the work of creating my own package based nutrition business, that I eventually certified as a business coach so that I could confidently help you to do what I did – without burning yourself out having to reinvent the wheel and start your programs from scratch.

I can’t wait to show you how you can do this too and help you get set up for success from the start! 

I want you to get the best results possible for your clients, while building a financially and energetically regenerative business that nourishes your soul – because your work should give back to you, as much as you give to it!

We start soon! Get on the wait list to be one of the first to know when the doors are open to join!



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