Nourish Mama by Sherry Rothwell

1 on 1 Apprenticeship and Certification Program


Do you want to offer more than just “informational support” to the pregnant and new moms you serve in your holistic practice?

Wouldn’t it feel so much more impactful and oh sooo rewarding to provide a more hands on nurturing service- one that you know would not only be life changing for the women you serve, but one that would continue to nourish your clients (body & soul) long after your time together is done?

Can you imagine knowing exactly how to impart nutritional knowledge, demonstrate traditional food skills and share natural health wisdom that can support lifelong health for the families in your practice in an engaging and non threatening way that is also fun and totally ‘outside the box’?

Wouldn’t it feel soooo amazing, to rest assured knowing that you’ve done everything you can to ensure that each mama and papa you serve feels totally nurtured and cared for as they begin their new life together as a family?

But right now…….

You might be feeling that you don’t have enough knowledge, the skills or the time to dedicate your attention to helping mama’s heal through pregnancy or help them with those really tough challenges like post partum depression, colic and eczema in the breastfed babes (or better yet teach them how to prevent these problems). You really see a need for more education, more community and more nurturing in the lives of the new mothers you serve, but you worry that if you take on nurturing as part of your practice- you’ll burn out yourself out. And at the same time, you sense that there is more that you could be doing and you’d love to add natural nutrition wisdom and/or hands on nurturing to your packages and services- if only there was a way to do it that didn’t add more to your already full plate.

You probably already have some training (or self study) in nutrition….

√ You’re a herbalist, fertility or pregnancy coach and you want to add a nutrition to your programs and packages. It’s likely that you’ve read a lot of books (and embody quite a bit of what you’ve learned already), but you are not really sure how to share what you know in a way that really serves women (and in a way that will actually transform their paradigm as it relates to food for lifelong sustainable shifts). You’re not simply interested in telling mamas ‘what to eat’ and ‘what not to eat’, but rather you want to inspire and extend the invitation to explore more self nourishment as part of what you are already doing with mamas.

√ Quite possibly, you’ve studied nutrition extensively, but you feel that your training lacked depth or practical knowledge in the areas of pre conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding and introducing solid foods to babies – so you don’t yet feel fully confident that you know how to help or how to structure your services in a way that also caters to a woman’s emotional needs and delivers those nurturing aspects you sense are missing.

√ Possibly you are a Doula or Midwife and you want to include nutrition guidance for your clients and/or host private retreat days or group workshops where you actually get in the kitchen with your clients and create more community in your practice -or you want a DFY (done for you) template and the systems in place to train an apprentice, Doula or Holistic Nutritionist to facilitate it for the families you serve- so that you can concentrate your energy on continuing to grow your practice and attend births (while making sure your ladies are well equipped nutritionally and feel nurtured at the same time).

√ Most likely you are a mom yourself and you are excited to take a training that will not only serve your practice, but your self care and your family at the same time.

I have been where you are….

Sherry RothwellI started my journey as a holistic nutritionist, graduating from two different holistic nutrition schools. I found that neither focused deeply in the areas of pre conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding or introducing solid foods to babies. I also studied birth physiology through a handful of different teachers and midwifery training courses (which barely touched the surface on nutrition). Knowing how intertwined and interdependant each of these fields are to the health and well-being of birthing women and families, I began extensive research of my own to integrate both midwifery wisdom and holistic nutrition- and so the Nutritional Wisdom for the Childbearing years certification was born.

Plus, after a few years of being an “informational support” Doula, I made the switch from simply educating, to truly being ‘with woman’ -actually nurturing an experience with them (not just telling). Not only did it make my work a lot more satisfying, but my clients received soooo much more value (and love) from the time that we spent together too!

My work is designed to bring holistic nutrition and birth wisdom together in a powerful way that serves families and supports you as the practitioner to live your dream lifestyle and make a sustainable and abundant living.

And that is why I am so happy to pass on my unique perspective of combined holistic nutrition and birth knowledge into the hands of nurturing women like you.

So that you can start making a bigger difference with the women NOW -and create a thriving business model that is financially & energetically sustainable- ensuring that you are abundantly compensated for the priceless and life changing work that you do to create a healthy world for mamas and babies!

This 9 month program covers…..

√ Practical nutrition knowledge as it relates to serving women (this is not a ‘heady’ course, but rather it is designed to help you make nourishment accessible to women where they are at). It is designed to serve you and your own family too. It will be as much experiential as it is, intellectual. You will begin by making simple transformations in your own life, making it oh so much easier for you to translate and transmit nutritional wisdom to others through your personal experience. And no, it is not about being a perfect example. It is about being on the path yourself.

√ Hands on skill building in the kitchen and nurturing care practices (and exercises) that you can use to nurture your clients prenatally and postnataly (and not to mention, adding these to your practice will totally make your services unique and set your work apart from what everyone else is doing).

√ Essential birth wisdom that will enable you to understand health and childbearing from a systems perspective (how it is all interrelated) so that you can truly offer an integrated service that meets your clients need for physical nourishment, heart centred connection and community in their experience of pregnancy , birth and postpartum.

√ How to create a thriving business that is in alignment with who you are, so that your work feels like play and your play ‘markets’ your work. You will learn how to set up your schedule (and your business systems) so that you can give your whole heart to your work without feeling drained by it. Learn how to stop trading your time for dollars so that you can give WAY more than just your time (while cutting your workload WAY down too). You will know exactly how to set your prices, how to package your work and how to sell your services (without being salesy) -while working only with the perfect clients for you. You’ll also learn exactly how to set up your website so that it is attractive to your ideal client through clear and consistent messaging.

√ Knowledge that will transform your own relationship to food and impart knowledge of how to use food as medicine for a lifetime of good health for your own family for generations to come.

What your program includes (in addition to 2, 30 minute monthly private 1 on 1 coaching sessions!):

Audio lessons and access to easy reference ‘cheat sheets’ and printable client friendly handouts on using food as medicine and other nourishing therapies to naturally address issues like:
Infertility, common pregnancy health concerns, GBS, gestational diabetes, pre eclampsia, preventing and recovering from birth complications, postpartum depression, breastfeeding challenges, treating colic, diaper rash, eczema, autism, ADHD, food allergies, cradle cap etc. and introducing solid foods to babies and many more!

Printable handouts and recipe bundles for your clients of how to make traditional foods like:
Cultured Veggies, cooking legumes, soaking grains and seed grains and how to cook them for easy digestion, how to make and work with sourdough and ancient grains, cultured beverages like Kefir and Kombucha and more, seed cereals, meat and bone broth, organ meat & seafood, enzyme rich raw foods & dressings, crispy nuts and seeds, fermented dairy etc.

√ Easy reference ‘cheat sheets’ and printable client friendly handouts on:
* Physiology of natural birth and blissful breastfeeding
* Nurturing the women’s experience of pregnancy
* Educating women about how to adopt a mindset and create the external circumstances that protect the optimal expression of her birthing potential (in any environment).
* Creating external environment and emotional terrain that act as a container for a sacred experience of pregnancy, birth, post partum and breastfeeding
* How to help a family create their ‘babymoon’ (even if you can’t be there all the time)
* Natural care of the newborn
* Family Natural Medicine kit
and more!

Audio lessons on holistic business and marketing topics such as:
1) How to sell your services without being salesy
2) How to set up your work schedule so that you have plenty of downtime and stay organized
3) Business systems that save you soooo much time, so that you can focus on the women
4) Doing the right stuff that actually attracts clients (and avoiding the tasks that simply burn you out and are not income generating).
5) Getting clear on what makes your service unique and who you can best serve
6) Creating your packages (plus retreat days and a la carte services)
7) Knowing exactly what to do in each of your sessions
8) How to create a website flow that actually helps you turn visitors into clients
and more!

Plus you get these BONUSES!

BONUS e-courses (TOTAL VALUE $1191)
Nourish Pleasure e-course VALUE $297
Liver Rejuvenation Program for Mamas e-course VALUE $397
Heal Your Gut for Good e-course VALUE $497

BONUS (Value $297)
A private 30 min 1 on 1 session where you and I will get acquainted with one another so that I can discover what your unique needs are to better serve you.

BONUS (Value $497)
1 hour strategy session to help you get a head start in your business (from where you are)

BONUS (Value $697)
In the second to last month you will book a private 2 hour session with me where we will talk about what’s next for you in your business and I will answer any questions that you have about what you’ve learned and integrated.

BONUS (Value $1597)
In the final month, you will be invited to join me for a 4 hour private 1 on 1 virtual retreat to take your business to the next level (or join me in person for a LIVE 5 hour retreat day in my home)!

Plus along the way you get these awesome resources that you can bundle into your client packages:

Nurturing the New Family e-book VALUE $27
Blissful Breastfeeding e-book VALUE $27
Expecting the Best When You Are Expecting e-book $27

Total Value of BONUSES: $4360

You can do this! (and here’s why)….

√ Unlike a ‘do-it-yourself ‘correspondence course or e-course, you will have plenty of support, accountability and connection as you learn and implement ( including 2, monthly 3o minute coaching sessions with me for 9 months)

√ You don’t have to spend time reading textbooks, but rather you can learn while you cook, clean or do your art -don’t worry about being hands free- I’ve done all the hard work for you with my DFY (done for you) notes highlighting the stuff you need to know.

√ I have created ‘to accomplish’ lists to keep you on track with learning! Plus the calls will be soooo engaging that you’ll have no trouble keeping up! You’ll look totally forward to them.

√ To help you start getting a return on your investment right away, I have created scripts, templates, systems, e-mail sequences and hand outs for your clients that you can customize to match your brand and your niche and start serving your current and new clients right away.

√ What you learn will be nourishing to your self and to your family (you won’t be stressing out to keep up), but rather allowing the course to nourish your own self care on many levels.

This is not for you if:

1) You want a heady “sciency” training- this is a traditional wisdom course that honours the wise woman tradition, ancient food & healing traditions from around the world including women’s ancestral knowledge and intuition.

2) You’re into diets, food pyramids or the 4 food groups. We won’t be telling women what to eat, how much to eat or how often- this is about expanding women’s knowledge of healthful options, exploring flavours and customs and about learning and inspiring new skills in the kitchen- we leave the act of eating up to the women herself.

3) You are more comfortable with conventional approaches – this is a more feminine and natural approach to health during the childbearing years.

4) You are a whiner or chronic skeptic -sorry but no, this program is definitely not for you.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, this is for you if:

√ You want your work with family’s and in the community to leave a lifelong legacy of better health.

√ You want to offer a service that is less about imparting information, but more about imparting useful and practical skills that make a difference for a lifetime.

√ You want to learn how to create a thriving business so that your work makes waves, makes money and makes a difference.

√ You want to learn new ways of offering your services- ones that take up less of your time, yet gives WAY more value to your client.

√ You want the DFY (done for you) programs, packages & hand outs etc. so that you can do the stuff you love –instead of spending countless hours doing the time consuming work of putting the resources together that you know will help your clients implement much easier.

√ You want the nutrition knowledge and skills, the certification and a ‘business in a box’ so that you can start making a return on your investment right away!

√ You want 1 on 1 support and on-going coaching to get your nutrition business on it’s feet fast!

Investment for this private 1 on 1 coaching program….

Regular Investment:
Full Pay:  $6,997
Downpayment $1997
Payment Plan: plus 9 additional payments of $638 per month

Quick Decision Savings (when you book within 48 hours of our initial conversation)
Full Pay: $5997 (SAVE $1000 )
Downpayment: $1997
Payment Plan: plus 9 additional payments of  $511/month

Want to apply for a *COMPLIMENTARY* session to have a chat to make sure that this is the perfect program for you and to make sure that you and I are a great fit to work together?

contact me at: [email protected]




Prefer to learn in a group?

If you are interested in the future group coaching version of this program? Contact me to get on the waitlist to be notified when the nenrollmentment opens.

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