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 pinkgreen (2)All practitioners listed on this page are certified in Nutritional Wisdom for the Childbearing Years.

What that means is that they have (or are currently) directly studying with me- to expand their knowledge of how to use food as medicine to serve the needs of women during the childbearing years -in their own unique way. You can work with them in person or VIRTUALLY in their coaching programs and packages via phone, google+ hang outs or skype.

Jodi Lee, RHN

SONY DSCJodi Lee is mama to 2 beautiful children. She is also a holistic nutritionist and professional home economist who specializes in digestive health and the well-being of women during the childbearing years. Jodi loves to show women how they can go WAY beyond gluten free for everlasting health. She’s been in your shoes – sick, sluggish, exhausted and barely functioning until she experienced firsthand the power of going beyond gluten free  to heal her own and her daughter’s health problems- restoring them both to full vitality and joy.

Jodi offers…

  •  Done-for-you LIVE and VIRTUAL retreat days to kick-start your healing journey
  •  Personal one on one coaching journeys that get to the root of the problem (and create lasting transformation)
  •  Workshops and courses that nourish, inform and inspire

Connect with Jodi at to learn more.

 Alison Ritchie, CD

AlisonAlison Ritchie is a mama of 2 sweeties, mother goddess photographer, childbirth educator and certified nutrition practitioner for the childbearing years. She does this work because she is passionate about celebrating YOU and helping you savour your journey as a mother. It is her joy and passion to help ease the transition for you- so that you don`t have to go it alone. Alison will empower you to go deep with all of it- and harness motherhood as a catalyst for a life transformation- on all levels.

Alison offers…

  • Enchanting photoshoots that will capture the moment and the memory
  • Divinely inspired mother blessings that will enliven you- body and spirit
  • Supernatural food skills – alchemy in your kitchen
  • Sacred pregnancy classes that empower and inspire- body, mind and soul

Connect with her at to learn more.

Dr. Catherine Scheffer, ND

Catherine 2Catherine Scheffer is mama to baby Lukas as well as being a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in hormone health. Catherine is passionate about sharing the knowledge of how to heal using food as medicine, as well as using simple and gentle healing methods like homeopathics, acupuncture and herbs. She practices in the Wise Woman Tradition, which means that she works from the perspective that you are a healer too -and partners with you as an equal on your healing path.

Dr. Scheffer offers…

  • Intuitive Naturopathic assessment from a systems perspective
  • Nurturing and relaxing acupuncture treatments that balance
  • Empowering and explorative live blood analysis

Connect with her at to learn more.



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