Nourish Mama by Sherry Rothwell

10 Reasons That Your Health Coaching Business Isn’t Taking Off (yet!)

You are going to LOVE this video if you are really struggling to get your nutrition business on it’s feet despite being full on committed doing the work!

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Video 1: Turn Your Passion for Nutrition into A Profitable Business


Video 3: Just the Essentials: What Your Health Coaching Business Needs to Succeed
Video 4: Wise Ways to Nourish Your Nutrition Business For Effectiveness, Ease, Flow, Pleasure & Success
Video 5: How to Make Sure that You Do the Right Things in the Right Order – So that You Don’t Waste Time or Energy!

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Sherry goes deep with business….giving you an understanding not just of the technical side, but the spiritual and emotional side too!

“Sherry is a goddess when it comes to nutrition and business. This course was worth every penny. It has definitely changed my life! If I hadn’t done this, I would still be stuck on building a website! Sherry goes deep with business….giving you an understanding not just of the technical side, but the spiritual and emotional side too! If Sherry doesn’t know the answer to a question, she will find out for you. She’s the hardest working and most reliable teacher I have ever had. Before working with Sherry, I was lost on how to begin my business but, since joining the Nourished Nutrition Business program, I have completed my website and know what to say to prospective clients. When I look back at the moment that I made the decision to do this program, I know I made the right decision. I highly recommend this program if you are starting your own nutrition business and you need inspiration and quality advice. Before I started the program, I was worried that I might not ever get clients or even get my nutrition business started! But now I feel confident that I can make it work, working from home to be with my child and not have to work outside the home for someone else. What I enjoyed most about the program is the advice and inspiration Sherry provided, as well as the group discussions we had and the connections I’ve made. The most profound difference that I experienced as a result of working with Sherry is confidence. I highly recommend her services because Sherry has the knowledge and skill to come up with marketing ideas on the spot and without breaking a sweat!
Jennifer Chisholm, RHN
Kelowna, BC



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