Nourish Mama by Sherry Rothwell

Delish Intro Vids

Video #1 How I Ate My Words 

Have you ever though something was easier than it actually is?

That you had all the answers…until it happened to you.

Well, the first time I lost the extra weight, I was in my mid 20’s.

It happened effortlessly, as I made the switch from a eating processed ‘food products’ to real whole foods.

I remember telling my friend, that I was so relieved that I finally knew the secret and would never again have to think or worry about my weight.

There is a reason why they say, “never say never”

In this video, I share how I had to eat my words!

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Video #2 The Factors that Create Unexplained Weight Gain

There are a lot of approaches out there to weight loss.

Most of them are deprivation diets based on restricting calories and over exercise.

A few work with emotional eating, but don’t really go into depth about food quality and definitely not insulin resistance (it seems everyone else leaves it out as a conversation just for diabetics).

That is the part that bugs me.

We are not in perfect health one day and then next day broken – and disease doesn’t come out of thin air.

We make a slow decline towards insulin resistance – if we are susceptible to it.

If you eat a ton of white sugar and processed foods, well then I am sure it’s not a mystery why you can’t lose the weight.

BUT if you don’t even eat any of the ‘white stuff’ and tend to avoid even concentrated sources of natural sugar, then you are probably mystified as to why you’ve gained weight or can’t lose it!

This video holds clues.

As you listen in to my story, think back to your story.

Do we have anything in common?

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Video #3 What Life is Like Now on the Delish Diet 

Now that you have an idea about what caused your weight gain in the first place, let’s take a look at what’s is possible for you.

When you learn how to listen to your body, you can fine tune what to eat to be in control of your weight.

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Webinar: Sweet Life Without Sugar 

Ready to learn exactly what I did to lose over 40 lbs while eating more luxuriously sweet, rich and creamy foods than ever!

You’ll love this if you want to lose weight, but just can’t make yourself diet (or you are way beyond tired of dieting)!

Is this you…….

  • can’t lose weight, despite eating a healthy diet?
  • eat healthy most days, but cravings take you down at night?
  • can’t really get yourself to eat healthy for long, because frankly, it is boring and unsatisfying to eat that way?
  • tired of diets, but still have a smidgen of hope?

In this FREE webinar you will discover:

How to eat so that your body can finally access stored fat and burn it, without having to diet or feel deprived.

Counting calories and more exercise are NOT the answer.

Find out what is!

Here is a sneak peak at what you will learn:

  • why you are eating too much sugar (even if you don’t eat a grain of it)
  • why your body wants to be fat and won’t let you burn it off
  • how to release the weight PERMANENTLY – while eating the most satisfyingly decadent yummy foods ever

This is perfect for you if..

  1. you are tired of dieting and feeling deprived (without many results anyway)
  2. you are confused as to why you used to be able to eat whatever you want, but not any more.
  3. you just want to feel slim and light on your feet again – and finally be able to wear the clothes you REALLY like!

Now that you know what has been in your way, you’ve got nothing to lose, but the weight!

It’s time to get started!

I created the Delish Diet Starter Kit to take out all the guesswork and make it easy for you to establish yourself into this lifestyle – so that you can finally make your weight loss permanent and better yet – decadently easy to maintain!

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