Nourish Mama by Sherry Rothwell

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too 3 Part Video Series

Video #1 How I Ate My Words

Have you ever thought something was easier than it actually is?

Thought that you had all the answers…

Until it happened to you!

Well, the first time I lost the extra weight, I was in my mid 20’s.

It happened effortlessly, as I made the switch from a eating processed ‘food products’ to real whole foods.

I remember telling my friend, that I was so relieved that I finally knew the secret and would never again have to think or worry about my weight.

There is a reason why they say, “never say never”

In this video, I share how I had to eat my words!

You’ll be relieved to know that their is a reason that it is currently hard for you to lose weight.

The beauty is that a reason, means there is a cause.

When we know the cause and take the right action, we get to change the effect!

It’s true, I thought losing the weight was simple, when it wasn’t. But that’s because I didn’t understand the true causes. Watch your inbox because tomorrow I will send you a new video explaining the factors that come together to lead to unexplained weight gain.

But that doesn’t mean you have to wait to get started on your path to letting the weight go permanently!

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Video #2 The Factors that Create Unexplained Weight Gain

There are a lot of approaches out there to weight loss.

Most of them are deprivation diets based on restricting calories and over exercise.

A few work with emotional eating, but don’t really go into depth about food quality and definitely not insulin resistance (it seems everyone else leaves it out as a conversation just for diabetics).

That is the part that bugs me.

We are not in perfect health one day and then next day broken – and dis-ease doesn’t come out of thin air.

If you eat a ton of white sugar and processed foods, well then I am sure it’s not a mystery why you can’t lose the weight.

BUT if you don’t even eat any of the ‘white stuff’ and tend to avoid even concentrated sources of natural sugar, then you are probably mystified as to why you’ve gained weight or can’t lose it!

This video holds clues.

As you listen in to my story, think back to your story.

Do we have anything in common?

So now that you have a sense of what the real cause is of your stubborn weight gain, it is time to learn how you can still live a sweet life without sugar!

Watch your inbox, because tomorrow I am going to send you a training that walks you through how to give up sugar (in all of it’s many hidden forms, so that you can stop the cycle of weight gain – with our giving up the pleasure of enjoying sweet food!).

You don’t have to wait to get started!

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Video #3 How to Have a Sweet Life Without Sugar

Watch this webinar to learn why you don’t have to be a sugar-a-holic to be eating too much sugar!

Learn why you REALLY are eating too much sugar even if….

  • you are sure that you don’t eat any
  • you never touch the white stuff
  • you are a self proclaimed health nut (and proud of it)!
  • you are gluten free
  • you are a total hippy who only eats whole foods
  • you adhere to the Weston A. Price Traditional Food Principles
  • you are a vegetarian, vegan or raw foodist

If you are overweight, I can pretty much guarantee that you are eating too much sugar (this goes way beyond the topic of the hidden sugars found in processed foods)!

Watch to learn why.

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