Nourish Mama by Sherry Rothwell

Just the Essentials: What Your Health Coaching Business Needs to Succeed

You are going to LOVE this video if you just want to know what to focus on to create a foundation for your business to thrive!

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Video 1: Turn Your Passion for Nutrition into A Profitable Business
Video 2: 10 Reasons That Your Health Coaching Business Isn’t Taking Off (yet)!


Video 4: Wise Ways to Nourish Your Nutrition Business For Effectiveness, Ease, Flow, Pleasure & Success
Video 5: How to Make Sure that You Do the Right Things in the Right Order – So that You Don’t Waste Time or Energy!

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I have learned a lot about building package plans that help generate more income versus working with clients one on one.

Before starting the Nourished Nutrition Business program, I was feeling stuck in my business with barriers such as fear, lack of knowledge about how to use my website and lacking motivation and confidence. After taking the program I feel truly blessed 🙂 What made the biggest difference for me was our weekly meet ups, they really help keep my accountable and motivate me to work my goals throughout the week. Since taking the program I have learned a lot about navigating my website as well as building package plans that help generate more income versus working with clients one on one. Since day one of working with Sherry I have felt incredibly supported! She motivates you from the beginning of this course, and keeps you accountable when working towards your business goals, whether big or small! Fear was a big barrier for me and Sherry really helped propel me forward, offering suggestions and ideas to overcome them. With my own vision in mind for The Holistic Blonde, she helped bring these ideas to life and offered continual support and technical guidance! I would definitely recommend Sherry for coaching if you are having trouble getting your business off the ground.
Kelly Gillies
Kelowna, BC



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