Nourish Mama by Sherry Rothwell
Nourish Mama, a nutritional program by Sherry Rothwell

(Waning Moon) Are you feeling a little blazeh today? Here’s why.

We are in the waning cycle right now – moon wise.

And that means that your energy might be starting to recede along with the moon.

It is the perfect time to start looking at what specifically is draining your energy.

And systematically deal with each thing, until you’ve freed yourself up from limitations, clutter and soul sucking situations.

If you want help with any of that e-mail me at [email protected] and tell me what’s holding you back.

This week is the perfect time to address it and let it go.

I have a small coaching package designed to help you deal with that 1 thing, that if you solved it – would change your life.

It is probably something that is really hard for you to look at on your own (or you would have already dealt with it).

Which is why you might need support to focus on it long enough to uncover what REALLY needs to be done to change it.

e-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested and I will reply with details about how it works!

Even if you don’t want my help, please take a moment to think about ‘that thing’.

What is stopping you from changing it? Is there even a small step you can take now towards it’s resolution?

Now is the perfect time to contemplate this (moon cycle wise).

If you decide to courageously meet your major life issue head on and stop ignoring it, minimizing it or plain pretending it is not an issue, you could have a completely different life – by next week!

As the saying goes, ‘you have to change your life to change your life’.

You can DO this!

e-mail me at [email protected] for help!


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Let the rhythm take you!

Do you ever just feel like you don’t feel like doing anything, but don’t know what to do, what not to do and at the same time feel frustrated that you are neither accomplishing anything or even taking a break?

I totally get that.

Here is why it happens and what to do with it.

Find out why it is a gift!

Want ‘word medicine’ like this on a daily basis?

If you said ‘YES’! then you’ll want to join the Dream Design Tribe to stay focused on being who you need to be and doing what you need to do, to make your dreams come true!

Click on the following link to join or learn more:

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Moon Rhythms in the Kitchen

Do you feel overwhelmed by the tasks in your kitchen?

I know I often have…

With all that we have on our plates these days (pardon the pun) it is no wonder that many people feel overwhelmed by the time it takes to make wholesome food from scratch.

All these years I have been stepping into each day looking at all that I need to get done (in my kitchen) like it needed to happen all at once-  no wonder it often seemed like such an insurmountable task!

But out of nowhere a simple shift in my perception changed the way I feel about my time spent in the kitchen?

While I have been practicing living in tune with the moon, my focus has been on housework and business tasks. It never occurred to me that I could use moon rhythms in the kitchen- after all meals need to be made 3 times a day, 7 days a week!

When I finally saw my kitchen tasks inside of the cycle of the moon’s rhythms, it completely altered my perception of what is possible!

Prior to this time, I couldn’t see the obvious because the truth is I pretty much live in the kitchen between driving the kids to school, working and housework- I was so often living there in maintenance and catch up mode, that I never stopped to stand back and look at the bigger picture.

And here’s what I ‘got’ inside of my new vantage point…. 

Instead of being caught up in the minutia of minutes -and wasting my thought energy by focusing in on every little task that needs to be done- I can now clearly see an easy flow that follows my natural energy and attention fluctuations!

I threw out my kitchen to do list because there is no hope in catching up with all the tasks that lie ahead anyway- as soon as we do them, they are right back up there on the top again anyway- and that’s just a recipe for failure and dissatisfaction!

Instead my kitchen tasks now have a cycle and a season -and when they are done- I feel done for awhile -instead of feeling like everything needs to be maintained and started all over again at once (after all they are eating it faster than we can cook it, aren’t they?)!

The tasks that I do now, naturally match my energy levels so that I don’t set myself up for failure. Sure I still have to follow the basic rhythm of 3 meals on the table, 7 days a week, but I do my prep work according to the moon cycles, rather than simply because the cookie jar is empty. When the cookies are out, I don’t need to think of cookies. There are plenty of other things to snack on….

Using the moon as my guide, I get a break from certain tasks (a 3 week one at that), AND my need for variety is built right in- thus increasing the pleasure I experience in my kitchen!

Now doesn’t that just make you breathe a sigh of relief!

Here is how I conceptualize the time I invest in my kitchen……

New Moon Kitchen
During the new moon our energy is low and it is not the best time to do a lot of cooking or housework. Now is the time to make simple salads to add to quick crock pot meals, leftovers and food that you’ve made and frozen ahead during the waxing moon cycle. Have as much food prepared ahead so that you can take a break in the kitchen. Now is the perfect time to vision the month ahead. Put on some tea, light a candle, lay out those cookbooks and do some meal planning for the upcoming weeks.

Waxing Moon Kitchen
During this time your energy is building and you are ready to do the work for a month of smooth sailing in the kitchen! Shop and cook in big batches so that you have plenty of food on hand when you need to grab n’go!

Full Moon Kitchen
Your energy is at it’s peak right now so that means you’ll be working and playing hard. Integrate your social and fun time into the kitchen! Expand your palette, get creative in the kitchen and invite friends over for dinner!

Waning Moon Kitchen
Your energy is beginning to recede. Now it is time to take stock of what is working and what isn’t for you. It’s also the perfect time to do some extra food prep to coast you through a restorative new moon experience. Tie up loose ends in your kitchen so you can take a break from the kitchen in the new moon.

I have to tell you that I am sooo inspired by my new way of being in the kitchen that I want to share this practice with you! If revamping your kitchen in tune with the moon sounds like just what you need, then join me on my upcoming COMPLIMENTARY teleseminar ” Kitchen Rhythms: Using the moon’s cycles to get organized so that you can stay on top of it all -without becoming a slave to the stove! Click here to register for FREE!

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13 Simple Ways to Sync your Bleeding with the New Moon….

(Photo: Moonwater Medicine)

Before the dawn of electricity we used to bleed together on the new moon and ovulate during the full moon-  perfectly in tune with the women in our community and with the moon energies that naturally supported us during this time.

Bleeding in sync serves to help us manage our energy.

The light of the full moon gives us the natural energy boost we require to get ‘in the mood’ and take advantage of the fertility of our ovulation time.

While the dark new moon is the perfect backdrop to support our going inward and attending to the needs of our soul.

Today, many of us are bleeding backwards.

The most telling sign that we are out of sync with our natural rhythm is that we bleed during other times of the month (rather than with the new moon).

When this happens we often feel out of sync.

So how can we re establish a bleeding rhythm that matches the energy of our environment?

Anything that attunes us to the natural forces can help to re harmonize our body with nature’s cycles.

Here are 13 ways that you can sync your bleeding with the moon: 

1) State the intention out loud or on paper that you want to bleed during the new moon and ovulate at the full moon.

2) Begin by listening to your body and asking it what it needs to do that.

3) Go to bed with the sunset (or before 10pm) and arise with the sun.

4) Eat local food in season.

5) Sleep in a complete darkness during the naturally darkest times of the moon’s phases (new moon).

6) Take moonlight walks at night.

7) Take nature into your body by eating food in the whole form that nature provides.

8) Walk barefoot on the earth etc.

9) Plan your activities in flow with the moon`s energies.

10) Create a Moon Lodge with your women friends simply by gathering and creating sacred space together on the new moon (in whatever form that feel sacred for you).

11) Share this wisdom with your women friends (women who spend a lot of time together naturally sync their bleeding -which can work for or against our intention to bleed with the new moon).

12) Attend to your menstrual health with the help of a holistic practitioner. If you suffer from yeast infections, infertility, heavy bleeding, cramps, PMS etc. claim the gift inherent in these health challenges, by using them as a catalyst to transform your life- rather than simply treating or suppressing the symptoms.

13) Avoid foods that contain endocrine disruptors or xenoestrogens such as: growth hormones, food packaged in plastic or BPA cans and bottled water etc.

As you sync up with the natural cycles, notice the impact on your health, energy and overall satisfaction with the rhythm of your life- even adopting just one or two practices daily -can go a long way toward restoring harmony in our bodies and our lives.

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Why women should pay attention to the moon’s phases

Is paying attention to the moon’s phases just new age mumbo jumbo, or are we tapping into a purposeful force of creation that has served traditional peoples in a deep and meaningful way from the beginning of time -to keep us in sync with the healing and life supporting rhythms of nature?

There are so many elements in the world today that throw us out of sync with natural rhythms- constant lighting, access to any kind of fruits and vegetables year round, and a work pace that doesn’t acknowledge the natural ebb and flow of our natural energies.

So, never has it seemed MORE important for women to be consciously aware of the moon’s phases.

Given all that we have on our plate, we can benefit greatly from consciously tapping into the effect of the moon’s phases on our energy throughout the month.

In the days before electricity, we didn’t have to use our conscious awareness to be in harmony with the moon’s phases. The increasing and decreasing radiance of the moon would naturally call us into sync with the rising and falling energies of the month.

Art by Leah Dorion

For example, the new moon is a time of greater darkness- and we would naturally have done less because not only would we have been bleeding, but the dark would also have called us to sleep earlier.

During the full moon, our energies naturally rise, we are fertile, social and celebratory under the light of the moon in her brilliance.

At least that is how it could be.

Unfortunately the very structure of modern life creates an artificial homogenization of our night and day- so that we act as if each day is simply the same as the one before- as if it is up to us to simply manage our time better when we feel out of sync.

Nature though, provides a perfect rhythm to manage our energy in a way that both calls us to slow down -and to rise up in perfect harmony with the fluctuating energy we feel throughout the weeks of each month.

Each of the moon’s phases has a specific energy level and quality. As the light builds, so does our energy. As it recedes, our energy decreases. When we plan our monthly tasks in sync with that, not only are we more productive, but our lives naturally feel more harmonious because visioning and rest are built into our feminine template (or patterning).

In fact the more we resist the way we feel (when our body says no and our soul is uninspired) – and push forward through tasks that are not in sync with where we are at in the lunar cycle, the more unproductive we can find ourselves – even if we never stop working on the task at hand!

When we “push the river” we struggle against the very nature of our femininity and the beautiful blueprint we have for a harmonious and healthy life.

Our bleeding time is a gift and our inspiration is the signpost that tells us ‘yes’, in fact we are taking the right path. Our intuition speaks through the language of the body and through our feelings about what is occurring in the moment.

If we follow our natural rhythms- even if that means stopping work that seems really pressing- we are more productive overall (and healthier because we attend to both the body and soul’s need for rest and recuperation each month).

Our clear visioning ensures that we act in alignment with our values and our purpose. By taking the time to slow down and evaluate what serves and what doesn’t, we make space for that which is yet to be manifested.

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Let the Waning Moon help you go with the flow!

waning-moonThis is the time in the month where you may start to notice that you suddenly feel less inspired to vision and create with your mind, and more turned on by the idea of clearing space and working with your hands.

We are entering the waning moon cyle. Your energies will naturally begin to recede during this time as your consciousness begins to move inward (your ‘moontime’ is coming).

Now is the time to start making preparations for conscious ‘moontime‘ (menstruation). Not only does the waning moon help you ‘go with the flow’, but attending consciously to your self  care in this time will make space for your other ‘flow’ (menstruation) to become a time of relaxation and restoration (rather than a time of pain and tension).

Now is a perfect time of the month to reflect:

  • Are you living in line with your values?
  • What needs transformation in your life?
  • What structures or support systems must be put in place so that you can live a life of your conscious choosing?
  • More importantly, what obstacles do you need to overcome or eliminate in order to make room for a way of life that works better for you?

Get out that dusty journal or enter deep conversation with loved ones to assimilate and absorb that which you encountered, struggled with and learned in the previous weeks.

Release and let go of that which is no longer needed (ie: clear clutter in your home).

Take care of your unfinished business, so that you can create a clear slate for yourself moving forward (including unfinished business with people).

Complete your unfinished projects so that you can move forward into new realms of creativity and make space for the visioning time of the new moon that is on its way.

How will you need to rework your plans for this week so that you stay in the flow?

If you notice that you are ‘pushing the river’ on something, or that you keep coming up against obstacles, stop trying to force it.


Get clear on what the obstacles are and systematically remove them one step at a time. Acting on that will get you back in the flow. The energies at this time of the month support self reflection and movement toward more space.

While your mind might want you to ‘keep pushing’, in the end you’ll get more accomplished if you are simply willing to put down the things that just aren’t coming together for you easily right now.

If you continue to ‘push’ things, they might still get done, but they will take you much longer than they should……and you’ll still be left with the clearing you need to do on all levels (putting you ‘behind’ in the bigger picture-exactly the opposite of why we ‘push’ in the first place).


If you flow in cycle with the moon’s energies….everything you need and desire will begin to fall into place. Trust it.

Allow the moon to help you cultivate harmony in your life. As you continue to pay attention, you will come to fine tune your natural rhythms.

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Riding the tide with the full moon

If you have been following the natural flow of this month’s energy (informed by the moon’s cycles), then you are now ready to participate fully in the unfolding of the intentions that you set during the new moon.

You will now be able to ride the tide of the full moon because of the seeds you planted for your dreams and intentions to be nurtured during the waxing moon. If you did, in fact, put the wheels in motion to make the intangible, tangible, then you might have noticed that the timing and the energies were fertile ground for the seeds you carefully sowed.

While during the waxing moon you tended to and nurtured your dreams by tending to your little seedlings we are now moving into the full moon and it is time for your vision to flower!

Your power is at its peak, so roll with it! The energies are ripe for a time of celebration, so start wrapping up those big projects so you can have fun. Finish up the tasks that require high levels of your energy now. Let your creative energies and juices flow now.

But don’t forget to play as hard as you work!

This is the perfect time of the month to have pre-scheduld your social time and events- you’ll be in the mood AND have the energy for it! Don’t worry that you won’t have enough time to finish your work- the careful attention, planning and caretaking that you completed during the prior moon cycles makes for smooth sailing straight to completion!

Now get on out there and shine your light!

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Waxing Moon

We are about to enter the time of the waxing moon. This is the time of the month when our energies begin to grow.

It is a special window of “seeding” where we don’t necessarily give birth to our intentions, but we nourish and nurture the gestation of our projects.

What structures or containers do you need to put into place in order to create a foundation that supports the unfolding of your intentions, goals and dreams?

The energy of the waxing moon’s cycle is now calling you to take action. This is the time to begin “putting the wheels into motion” so to speak.

Begin acting on the revelations that you received during the the new moon.

If you have been managing your energy in tune with the moon cycles, you will have already invested time during the past waning moon cycle to clear clutter and remove any obstacles that are standing in your way.

During the new moon, you would have spent precious time with yourself, making an inquiry into what kind of month (or next moon cycle that you want to live into). You peered into your own soul and embraced your sacred moon time by reclaiming the power to say YES to those elements of your life that serve, and NO to that which no longer does. You got clear, set intentions and spent time visioning into the future.

Are you ready now to make the life of your dreams manifest?

What actions do you need to take on the physical plane to make manifest that which you have inner-vision-ed and intended? What nourishment will it require to firmly root your dreams into the garden that is your life, so that they can bloom and flower later?

Don’t just make a to-do list! Look at your upcoming month- keeping the different energies of each of the moon’s cycles in mind. Which tasks would best fit, at what times of the month?

Literally, put each task on your calendar, synchronizing the kind of energy they require with the most fitting of the moon’s cycles. For example, put the highest energy tasks near the full moon and keep your schedule free and open during the new moon, so that you do not fall into the trap of regretting saying yes to high energy tasks at a time when your energy is naturally more internally focused.

It is often easy to get inspired, dream and vision, but we often “drop the ball” when we fail to take the necessary successive steps along the way.

Both the outer and inner work that you did during the waning and new moons are in and of themselves a crucial part of the structure or foundation needed to support the unfolding of that which you desire. But we must be mindful not to overlook the details, skipping ahead to the dream- which will be manifest in the perfect timing, but that crumbles without a firm foundation.

Take it one step at a time and put the foundation in place. Nurture and tend to the gestation time of your dreams, so that they can be fully realized and birthed in a natural and easy flow.

Want to be reminded as we transition in and out of each of the moon’s cycles?

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New Moon, Moontime

We are now heading into the rebirth and renewal aspect of our feminine cycle. Each month as we bleed, not only does our physiology create the conditions that shed the lining of our uterus, but we also enter a slightly altered state of consciousness, very much like we do when we give birth to a child.

During the new moon we have the power to give birth to a renewed sense of ourselves. This is the time of the month where we hit “transition“, that time when we think we just can`t take it anymore and something has to give. Just as the pain and discomfort of birth alerts us to the need for a shift in our environment (internal and external), premenstrual tension also serves us, because it alerts us that it is time to stand up, claim our power and give birth to the vision of the life that we truly “see” for ourselves.

You might notice that you are weepy or impatient or clumsy during this time of the month (if your body is in tune with nature`s cycles, you will now begin your “moontime“ (menstruation) but know that as you harmonize yourself more and more to living in harmony with the moon, these monthly breakdowns will start to feel more like breakthroughs as you plan ahead to create your month in such a way as to facilitate this sacred time of the month. Make it your downtime, rest time and time of enhanced self-care.

Do not let this special window of expanded inner power and intuitive vision, go unclaimed. When we allow life to go on as usual, we often experience pain and suffering both in body and mind because we are acting against our natural rhythm. This internally generated and intrinsic power has positive and negative sides. In the positive, it gives us the courage we need to speak our truth or say “no“ to the things that we generally put up with, but shouldn’t. On the negative side this same power can be repressed into depression or if not channeled consciously into something that transforms our life, it becomes more of a destructive energy- released through anger, impatience and frustration.

Again to use birth as a metaphor, the tension we carry of not becoming , transforming or beholding that which we long to birth (our creations or passions), while continuing to carry the weight of those things that we no longer want to be burdened with in our lives, is translated both into emotional (eg: PMS) and physical pain (eg: cramping).

So what can we do?

Just as we “nest“ to prepare a sacred space for the birth of our new baby, we must also create a nurturing space to be rebirthed each month on the soul level (which is what we are called to do with the clearing and releasing that is asked of us during the waning moon).

Allow your renewal and rebirth this month to be unhindered.

Ask for your desire for privacy to be respected, so that you can concern yourself with nothing more than the rebirth of your soul or nurturing your creativity. If you are a mother, engage your partner in a conversation about how you can plan for and get the amount of solitude that you need on a personal level.

This time of the month is the perfect time to plan for a date with yourself or socialize mainly with other menstruating women (again the fact that our physiology actually attunes our bleeding to be in sync with our close women friends making it so that we bleed together is yet another hint that we are made to spend our time together with other women during this aspect of the moons phases). Take a meditation retreat, book a massage or other body work. Spend time alone if that serves.

The new moon is a time for deep introspection, reflection, stillness and meditation. Take time to be still and listen to your inner voice. This is the perfect time to vision ideas for new projects. Visualize how you want your life to be in this next moon cycle. Meditate, vision and then set your intentions. Make sure to write them down in a special journal that you can keep coming back to and reflect upon. Write down your goals for the upcoming month. Take time to schedule them into your calendar, so that you make time for them. This is not time to act, it is time to plan and to vision.

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