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Why the Case Study Model Won’t Work for Your Nutrition Business

As you know, as a holistic nutritionist or health coach, you are pretty much left on your own to figure out how to turn what you do into a business.

Believe me, I know!

Not only have I graduated from 2 of Canada’s top nutrition schools, but I also teach business at one of them.

Unfortunately, the business curriculum at most nutrition schools go into general business knowledge, and not much into how to actually deliver the service.

As a health coach, you’ve been taught hundreds of dietary theories, but have no system of assessment….where do you start?

If you are a holistic nutritionist, you have a system of assessment, but no model for sharing that information with your clients in a way that is ‘digestible’ for them.

It is all just too much information.

Not to mention, it takes you 4 – 12 hours to put together a case study!

Here is the thing though, the case study approach is not a good model for you, for your business or for your clients.

In this video, I tell you what works better!

Want to chat about how you can learn more about how I can help you to create your own signature system and packages designed to get your clients results?

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Want new clients?…..but not really…here’s why.

When you first envisioned your business, did you find yourself super excited as you visualized yourself helping to transform women’s lives inside of a full practice of ideal clients?

But then when it came time to get your first client or your next client, you found yourself in resistance?

Do you also find yourself dreading sessions with your current clients, even though you genuinely care about them and love your modality?

This is a huge problem.

It is the reason you are struggling to get clients.

Despite knowing what to do, you just can’t get yourself to do it.

And when you do work up the nerve to do client attracting activities in your business, they often fall flat.


Because you are telling the universe that you want clients, yet screaming at it to keep them away!

All this is all happening on an energetic level.

You may have thought that there is something wrong with you (personality-wise), but I am here to tell you that there isn’t.

Every problem in your business has a root cause.

If you struggle with wanting to get clients, but then having an aversion to having them – you likely have a hormonal or neurotransmitter imbalance.

Hormonal havoc along with a heaping dose of serotonin deficiency will give you personality traits that make you driven to work hard – maybe to the point of being a workaholic – yet you will also have an aversion to working with clients.

Essentially, you are too moody to have the energy to deal with them.

You’ll prefer to hide behind your computer working day and night on your business – doing everything but the most important stuff.

That is what defines a work-a-holic.

Someone who works all the time, but accomplishes very little that is of significance.

The weirdest part of all of all this is that once you are in a session with your clients you feel totally present and happy after the fact.

Yet that doesn’t stop you from dreading their session…. sometimes for days in advance, agh!!

It is a draining way to live and definitely NOT client attractive.

So no, you don’t need to learn more client attracting strategies, to fill your practice…..because let’s face it, you will not implement them with the right vibe…so they will just fall flat anyway.

Instead, you need to address the underlying cause of your aversion to signing on and serving clients.

It is time now to elevate your mood, your energy, and your health to be the leader your movement deserves!

In this training FREE training ‘7 Steps to Heal Your Hormones by Harmonizing Your Life’, you’ll learn how to do that.

Your health and your success in business are VERY intertwined.

You must take care of YOU beauty – before you can take care of others.

We know you know that, but now is the time to DO it.

Click here to get access to the FREE training so that you can get on the path now!

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Do you hate networking? 5 tips that will help.

Honestly, I hate networking in the traditional sense too.

Many networking events are like a ‘meat market’ for entrepreneurs.

What could be more unappealing than a bunch of ‘client hungry’ people trying to drum up business from other ‘client hungry’ people.

It just feels so icky!

In fact, I’ve even had the experience where certain individuals, have invited me out for coffee under the guise of building a friendship – when it turned out they just wanted to sell me on their MLM products.

Terrible idea.

Don’t be that person, ever.

And not on Facebook either.

Don’t pretend you want to be someone’s friend if your real intention is to sell them on something.

There are so many great direct sales companies out there and unfortunately, it’s people who do ‘shit’ like that, that give the industry such a bad rep!

People see right through it and won’t trust you after being manipulated like that.

If you want someone to sit through your sales pitch, then number #1 you need to be direct about what the meeting is about  #2 you should at least buy them coffee for going out of their way to be there!

Rant over.

Back to the particulars of networking.

Besides that there are always a few bad apples that spoil the whole bunch, leaning toward being an introvert, networking is not that fulfilling for me, because I hate small talk.

You may not know it from the outside (since you see me being super comfortable online in videos, livetreams and hosting events) but I am not as extroverted as I look.

So as you can imagine the thought of networking is for us a wee bit of a drain for me.

But over the years, I’ve broken the code.

Here are 5 tips to make networking events work better for you….

1) Deal with your hormonal havoc (moodiness and exhaustion make networking next to impossible)
2) Only go to the events that take place during the waxing and full moon cycle (there is less chance you’ll regret signing up for it, since these are high energy times in the lunar cycle)
3) Don’t go to networking events ‘to get clients’, go with the intention to connect and co create with others.
4) Make your focus to help other people (not to get them to do something for you)
5) Host your own networking events that have depth (facilitate going deep with people so there is no time for small talk!)

Success in business is all about being a ‘go giver’, not a ‘go getter’.

But first give to yourself.

Attend to your hormonal health so that you are in good spirits.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

And you don’t have to be an extrovert to enjoy networking.

When you become more comfortable in your skin, have steady energy and feel more outgoing, you’ll be more attracted to the idea of getting out there and being visible in your community and online.

You just need to have more feel good hormones coursing through your blood!

People rarely realize that some of their so called personality traits are actually the result of a physiological imbalances that can be healed by addressing your health.

If you are lacking any or all of the following nutrition-wise, it is going to be pretty darn near impossible to feel happy, outgoing and in the mood to network.….

  • protein (building block of feel good neurotransmitters)
  • essential fatty acids (hormone balancing)
  • good bacteria in your gut (as much as 90% of serotonin is produced in a healthy gut)
  • B-Vitamins, Vitamin C and Magnesium (your natural nerve tonics)

But nutrition is just the beginning.

The best way to heal your hormones is to harmonize your life – body, mind, heart and soul.

You can learn how in this ‘Hormone Harmony’ training, where you’ll learn 7 steps to healing your hormones that will help you get to the root cause of your aversion to networking!

When your life, your hormones and subsequently your health are back in harmony, your vibe will elevate and so will your business!

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Dissatisfied with the ‘1 off’ session model of business?

If you work with clients offering ‘1 off’ sessions instead of packages, you are probably feeling frustrated with feeling like your clients aren’t staying in the game long enough to get the results that your modality affords.

Let’s face it. Our clients are people.

And people are people ‘ish’.

They are excited and motivated at the start, but struggle to stay committed when life gets life ‘ish’.

That’s when all of their excuses get the best of them.

Not enough time, money, energy, someone needs them or an unforseen life circumstance etc. justifies in their mind, why they can put off achieving their goals or healing themselves for later.

You might be tempted to get annoyed with your clients about this – and wonder why it seems like you care more about their health and well-being than they do!

But the truth is, it is up to you (not them) to package up your services in a way that is designed to get them results.

That’s what the experts do!

If offering your services in the ‘1 off’ model actually keeps otherwise ideal clients from committing to your process and staying the course, then you are the one responsible for that (ouch!).

There is another way though.

And that is by expertly crafting up what you offer into results based packages, designed to get your clients to commit for the long haul – and confidently invest in their health through your services.

Do you want to learn more about how you can do that?

Click here for help!


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