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Liver Rejuvenation Program for Holistic Mamas

0 Lessons in $397.00

The ‘Liver Rejuvenation for Mamas’ program shows you how to CUSTOMIZE Your Own cleanse, so that you can reclaim that more vibrant, uplifted and easygoing version of yourself without putting your life on hold, risking harm to your babe or experiencing detox symptoms!

Nutritional Wisdom for the Childbearing Years

22 Lessons in From: $350.00$3,297.00 / month for 10 months and a $347.00 sign-up fee

Do you want to offer more than just “informational support” to the pregnant and new moms you serve in your holistic practice? Wouldn’t it feel so much more impactful and oh sooo rewarding to provide a more hands on nurturing service - one that you know would not only be life changing for the women you serve, but one that would continue to nourish your clients (body & soul) long after your time together is done? Can you imagine knowing exactly how to impart nutritional knowledge, demonstrate traditional food skills and share natural health wisdom that can support lifelong health for the families in your practice in an engaging and non threatening way that is also fun and totally ‘outside the box’? Wouldn’t it feel soooo amazing, to rest assured knowing that you’ve done everything you can to ensure that each mama and papa you serve feels totally nurtured and cared for as they begin their new life together as a family?



Join to learn how to use food as medicine!

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