Nourish Mama by Sherry Rothwell

Want a little something different in a birthing class?

Assisting you with specific and inspired actions to prepare for a natural, beautiful and soul satisfying birth experience!


  • Are you looking for an UNCOMMON yet ANCIENT Approach to Childbirth that prepares you to birth NATURALLY?
  • Seeking an ENGAGING and PROGRESSIVE online childbirth class?
  • Looking for JOY and inspiration in pregnancy?

You are in the right place then, because women who take this class get EXCITED about the EXPERIENCE of giving birth!

The key to instinctive birth is Trusting YOURSELF, Trusting your Body and Trusting YOUR unique process while Allowing POSITIVE EXPECTATION to Inspire your choices and actions. This course will help you make it happen!

Here is what you will learn in this COMPLIMENTARY e-course…..

Module 1

In this first Module, we explore the all the wonderful benefits that nature gifts mama and babe when birth unfolds as nature intended. We look at how the allowing the natural physiological outplay of labour affords ease of mothering and an optimal start health wise for baby and mama. We begin here to help you access inspiration and the motivation you require to take your birth choices seriously and an step up to your responsibilities as a mother confidently.

Module 2

In this second Module, we explore the frontiers of Symbolic Anthropology, in order to make us conscious of the disempowering messages of the birth rituals of our culture. By intellectually deconstructing the symbols, we bring unconscious messages into our consciousness to be dismantled, making room for beliefs that can empower us. We delve into, and question the assumed necessities of the prenatal care rituals of our culture, and finally explore Ultrasound- The Ultimate Pregnancy Ritual.

Module 3

While pain may be a common occurance in childbirth, it doesn’t have to be! Learn why there is little physiological explanation for why women experience so much pain in the uterus during contractions. In this third module, we offer a unique perspective on pain that is not pain with a purpose, hypnosis or the pain coping mindset, but rather “The Yoga of Childbirth”. Learn to disinstinguish pain from suffering and how to open to the possibility of ecstatic birth!

Module 4

Here in Module 4, we explore the Hormonal Blueprint of Labour and discover that we truly were meant to birth ecstatically! We discover incredible facts about how amazing our birthing anatomy truly is. This module offers an insightful and exciting exploration into the complexity of the birthing woman’s anatomy and physiology, substantiating a new paradigm in womens’ capabilities and potential in childbirth! This is not your “run of the mill” anatomy and physiology lecture! We make practical points, with tangible examples so that you can easly understand and remember how beautifully suited you are to give birth!

Module 5

In module 5, you will learn the essentials of labour and birth. We tell you what few others will, in terms of what you can realistically expect in your chosen birth environment. We caution you of the some of the typical dilemnas that first time parents fall into, and remind you how not to “go there” in the first place!!! We teach you how to navigate the typical birth interventions, while staying Present, Open and In Your Power!

Module 6

Don’t forget, you still have to birth the placenta! Let us take you on a journey of the postpartum! Many women, pregnant for the first time, don’t actually get to the part of imagining or preparing for the immediate post partum- undoubtedly a time with significance beyond measure! In module 6 , we will show you what you need to know, to protect your baby’s comfort, health and bonding experience. We share uncommon wisdom such as how to prevent excessive postpartum bleeding, how to protect 1/3 of your baby’s blood supply and ensure that you get your oxytocin peak (the hormonal counterpart to an optimally loving bonding experience with your new baby)!!!!

Plus, you will receive BONUS modules about Childbirth Herstory, The Psychology of Natural Birthing, a Fear Release Workbook & Creating your Birth Intentions journal exercises. 

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