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Sherry RothwellWant to walk your healing journey with me?

Sessions are offered via video skype, so that means that we can work closely together, no matter where you live in the world.

This approach isn’t for everyone though….

You should know that I offer packages and programs as part of our work together. What that means is based on what you tell me in your session, I may recommend either an e-course to support the recommendations that I give you- or if we both feel that we are a good match to work together then I might offer you a 9 month healing blueprint package.

If you are a first time client, you should know that the Nourish Mama e-course is included with this session! That means that the minute you make your payment, you will receive Module 1 delivered to your inbox. This foundation material will lay the groundwork for our work moving forward together.

*Either way, we take the $300 that you invest in your initial session off the program or package that will best serve your path. 

Just so you know…

I only do ‘1 off’ sessions with  past clients or students who have previously enrolled in one of my programs, packages or e-courses. That’s how I know you are 100% committed (not just curious) and are up to speed with the basics and ready to go to the next level with me.

I know that’s quite a bit different than how other holistic practitioners offer their services, but here’s the thing….I only want to work with women who are serious about transforming their lives using their healing journey as a catalyst. For me, true healing is a path of transformation, not simply restoration (as in returning back to your old comfort zone- the way things were before you had the pain or discomfort you now feel). No, for me this is about you stepping into the most empowered version of yourself….sometimes that is uncomfortable.

I believe that…..

Our health challenges are our body’s way of speaking to us….and putting the break on what no longer serves, as well as shedding light on where we are  out of alignment with our true self. I believe that the pain we feel in our body speaks to where we are stuck emotionally and to what we are ‘putting up with’ (sometimes in relationship to another person or in relationship to  ourselves). And sometimes, it’s a dream never tended and a life that feels disconnected from our purpose.

To work with me, you must resonate with the philosophy that your disease or discomfort is not just about boosting your nutrition and eliminating the toxins in your body, but also what your body is saying ‘enough’, ‘no’ or ‘stop’ to.

Working with me is kind of like working with an energy healer, nutritionist and life coach rolled into one.

To get the most out of our work together, you must consider that now is your divinely appointed time to take a real path of healing….time to change your world view, adopt a new paradigm…or take a new path altogether.

Because that is the kind of journey that you and I will walk together…..

Ready to get started?

Book a ‘Mindful Mama Manifest’ session with me.

In this session you will get an “aha” (or greater insight) into your health concerns and discover what your next steps are (whether that includes working with me or not)!

Remember, if you do decide to enroll in a program or package, the investment for this session will then be applied to the package price.

It is easy to get started in 3 simple steps: 

Step 1: Book your session via my online calendar.

Step 2: Fill out this form.

Step 3: Make your payment.


Have questions or need help getting scheduled? Contact my assistant Esther at [email protected].

Past client or student? Contact Esther at [email protected] and she’ll get you on the schedule : )



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