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Coconut Breakfast Custard

Decadent enough for dessert, healthy enough for breakfast!

Is there anything more to say?!

coconut-breakfast-custardWhat you will need:
1 can coconut or coconut cream
3 Tbsp powdered erythritol (blend in a blender to powder)
5 egg yolks
1/2 –  1 tsp cardamom, cinnamon,  vanilla powder

How to do it:
Step 1: Warm coconut milk and cardamom on med heat and pre heat oven to 300 F
Step 2: Meanwhile, separate egg yolks from the whites.
Step 3: Stir the erythritol into the egg yolks.
Step 3: Take the warm coconut milk off the stove and stir in egg yolk mixture stirring quickly to make sure the eggs don’t cook and ‘gel’ together.
Step 4: Put hot water in a large shallow pan.
Step 5: Put ramekins in the water.
Step 6: Pour the custard into the ramekins (make sure that the water is level with the custard).
Step 7: Bake in the oven for 1 hour.
Step 8: Let cool.
Step 9: Refrigerate

Serve for breakfast or dessert!

Now what to do with those egg whites? Click here to get the mousse recipe I make as soon as this one is in the oven!

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