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Essential Oil Scented Epsom Salt Baths

Not being much of a crafty mom, I am always on the look out for something crafty-functional that serves both as play and as something useful again later.

This New Year’s morning, Jasmine and I went out for a girl date and I while we were enjoying our hot chocolate & coffee, I started thinking ahead to what we could do at home to continue our date just a little bit longer.

With Shoppers Drug Mart being the only place open on New Year’s day, it occurred to me that we could prepare some aromatherapy Epsom salts baths by simply stirring in essential oils then storing them in glass canning jars.

This fast, easy craft is sure to tantalize the senses of both moms and kids!

Read on to learn how and why to make your own both nourishing and detoxifying bath salts at home.

Why do it:

1) It is a simple, fast, rewarding, sensory and health enriching activity that your kids will love!

2) It will nourish the whole family (many of us are actually deficient in magnesium, plus magnesium helps us absorb calcium). Magnesium is also way better absorbed through the skin, than through digestion.

3) It is a gentle detoxifier that is safe for the whole family.

4) Reduces inflammation and muscle pain.

5) Helps relieve stress by nourishing the adrenals, as well as sedating and toning the nervous system.

6) It makes bath time luxurious and fun!

7) According to the Epsom Salt Industry Council, it has all the same benefits associated with magnesium supplementation (improves the body’s ability to use insulin, increases heart and circulatory health, reduces irregular heartbeats, prevents hardening of the arteries, reduces blood clots and lowers blood pressure, prevents migraines, improves mood, concentration and digestion all the while helping you sleep better).

8) Sulphate triggers the pancreas to release digestive enzymes, helps form proteins in joints, brain tissue and mucin proteins (the cells that secrete mucous along the digestive tract).

.How to make it:

Step 1: Put 2 cups of magnesium sulphate in a bowl.

Step 2: Add 10-20 drops of your favourite essential oil that is safe for skin application.

Step 3: Mix with a wooden spoon.

Step 4: Put in a half quart canning jar and store in an easily accessible place in the bathroom.

How to use it:

Dissolve 2 cups epsom salts in a bath (only 1 cup or less for children) that is as hot as you can tolerate. Soak for a minimum of 12 minutes.

Do this up to 3 times per week to replenish magnesium or to detoxify.

Since magnesium is so well absorbed through the skin, please do not exceed this amount excess magnesium can be fatal.

Do not let children drink the bathwater as magnesium sulphate is a laxative when taken internally.


If you prefer not to use the synthesized form of magnesium, you can use the magnesium derived from the sea although it is more costly and less accessible.


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