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Riding the tide with the full moon

If you have been following the natural flow of this month’s energy (informed by the moon’s cycles), then you are now ready to participate fully in the unfolding of the intentions that you set during the new moon.

You will now be able to ride the tide of the full moon because of the seeds you planted for your dreams and intentions to be nurtured during the waxing moon. If you did, in fact, put the wheels in motion to make the intangible, tangible, then you might have noticed that the timing and the energies were fertile ground for the seeds you carefully sowed.

While during the waxing moon you tended to and nurtured your dreams by tending to your little seedlings we are now moving into the full moon and it is time for your vision to flower!

Your power is at its peak, so roll with it! The energies are ripe for a time of celebration, so start wrapping up those big projects so you can have fun. Finish up the tasks that require high levels of your energy now. Let your creative energies and juices flow now.

But don’t forget to play as hard as you work!

This is the perfect time of the month to have pre-scheduld your social time and events- you’ll be in the mood AND have the energy for it! Don’t worry that you won’t have enough time to finish your work- the careful attention, planning and caretaking that you completed during the prior moon cycles makes for smooth sailing straight to completion!

Now get on out there and shine your light!

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