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Wanna Be a Hot Granny? How you can keep your curves after 40!

I have such fond memories as a young child of my grandma.

She was such a beauty.

hot-grannyShe had long black hair with one thick band of contrasting grey and soft blue mysterious eyes.

All day she wore her hair in a bun.

At night she would let down that gorgeous mane and I would beg her to let me brush it.

I was obsessed with long hair.

And then one day it happened.

Her daughters convinced her that she was too old for long hair.

And so she had it cut, dyed and permed into what I thought was a hideous and homogenous ‘old lady hairdo’.

You know the one.

I was appalled.

From that day forward, I decided, I would never be one of those old ladies.

I would keep my hair long.

I would also grey naturally and I prayed that I would be blessed with the same gorgeous thick grey ‘skunk stripe’ that my grandma had.

I just can’t stand seeing women succumb to the idea that long hair is just for young ladies.

Or that growing old means that fat and frumpiness are inevitable.

Good god, that is ridiculous.

What I see is that many women who were once radiantly feminine, when they get to a certain age, they stop adorning themselves in the feminine ways they once enjoyed.

It shows from what they choose to wear, how they style their hair, to letting their body change from curvy to square.

Aging this way has become not only accepted, but expected.

Frankly, it saddens me that women just accept it.

And worse, it maddens me, that as a woman ages, she is expected by society to cut her hair, buy old lady clothes and drench her scalp in chemicals?


I am not going to do any of that….and I am not going to succumb to the chub either.

Just because it is common for women (and men) to start packing on pounds after 40, that doesn’t mean it is natural or the healthy sequela of aging.

Some people justify that gaining weight is a natural healthy part of aging, because that extra belly fat can help the adrenals take over for the ovaries to produce estrogen when the ovaries stop producing it (menopause).

Although fat cells do produce and store estrone, some consider too much estrogen generated in this way, to be the unhealthy form related to estrogen dominant cancers.

During menopause, our adrenals produce adrenaandrostenedione, which is converted into estrone by an enzyme called aromatase, found mainly in adipose tissue.

Estrone is then converted into estradiol, the most potent healthy form of estrogen.

To do so, we need to have optimal adrenal gland function, but due to the chronic stress of the modern life, many women’s adrenals are taxed (this is one of the reasons that menopause is often such a challenge for modern women).

Overtaxed adrenals fail to keep up with the demand for sex hormone precursors (inhibited by cortisol – the stress hormone).

So the tummy roll develops to compensate, but beware that the tummy roll is also a symptom of insulin resistance.

Far too many women experience chronic stress, so it stands to reason that while this compensatory mechanism is a common occurrence (one that makes for a rough ride into menopause!), it doesn’t mean that it is optimal or necessary.

If the tummy roll was a sign of good health, would that mean that women who keep their curves and don’t have one are unhealthy?

That doesn’t make sense.

Look around you.

aging-coupleHave you noticed that as people age and become overweight, their body shape often becomes more and more androgynous?

Men can have estrogen dominance too – it feminizes them.

That’s where the ‘beer belly’ and the ‘man boobs’ come from.

I became aware of this long before it started happening to me.

I distinctly remember having this moment when I realized I was at a crossroads.

I’ve mostly been curvy all my life. But around the age of 37, I started packing on the pounds in what felt like literally overnight.

At first I didn’t really notice because I was bigger everywhere – and honestly, I enjoyed having the big  boobies, tee hee!

But when suddenly I noticed my waist disappearing and that arm and back fat was appearing, I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

I could have simply accepted the weight gain and begin to enter into my crone years taking on the typical grandma look.

The truth is, part of me thought it wouldn’t be that half bad, after all pudgy grannies are the cutest ever!

Who doesn’t love the image of a little white haired granny with reading glasses half way down her nose, sitting on a rocking chair in front of a fire knitting?!!

Or I could chose to look like this grandma Annette Larkins (raw foodist 74 yrs), or this one Mimi Kirk (raw food cookbook author 75 yrs) or this one Ernestine Shepherd ( body builder 77 yrs), this one Daphne Selfe (model at 88 yrs), this one Greta Pontarelli (pole dancer 66 yrs),  this one Tao Porchon-Lynch (yogini 98 years) or Josefina Monasterio (71 year old body builder)

What do you prefer: the curves created by balanced hormones or the bulges created by hormonal havoc?

Personally, if curves are on the menu, that’s what I’m having!

But that doesn’t happen by accident. You can’t just do what everyone around you is doing and expect to get different results than they have.

In this day and age there is a lot working against those of us who want to blossom into hot grannies!

The truth is, when you lose your curves and gain weight around the waist, that is a symptom of estrogen dominance and insulin resistance.

Even if you are fine with the extra weight, you must know that beyond appearance, estrogen dominance is a serious health issue that should not be ignored.

So if you want to let go of the ‘bulges’ and get your curves back, you are going to want to listen in to my upcoming call to learn how to balance your hormones so that you can go from feeling fat, frumpy, frustrated, puffy and drying out – to feeling slim, sexy and satisfied again!

It is never too late!

I am going to show you how easy it is and best of all, you don’t have to exercise, count calories or give up the rich, creamy sweet foods you love : )

Click here to get access to the ‘Live Sweet w/o Sugar’ training!

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