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Dissatisfied with the ‘1 off’ session model of business?

If you work with clients offering ‘1 off’ sessions instead of packages, you are probably feeling frustrated with feeling like your clients aren’t staying in the game long enough to get the results that your modality affords.

Let’s face it. Our clients are people.

And people are people ‘ish’.

They are excited and motivated at the start, but struggle to stay committed when life gets life ‘ish’.

That’s when all of their excuses get the best of them.

Not enough time, money, energy, someone needs them or an unforseen life circumstance etc. justifies in their mind, why they can put off achieving their goals or healing themselves for later.

You might be tempted to get annoyed with your clients about this – and wonder why it seems like you care more about their health and well-being than they do!

But the truth is, it is up to you (not them) to package up your services in a way that is designed to get them results.

That’s what the experts do!

If offering your services in the ‘1 off’ model actually keeps otherwise ideal clients from committing to your process and staying the course, then you are the one responsible for that (ouch!).

There is another way though.

And that is by expertly crafting up what you offer into results based packages, designed to get your clients to commit for the long haul – and confidently invest in their health through your services.

Do you want to learn more about how you can do that?

Click here for help!


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