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Feel like shit, but no one can figure out what is ‘wrong’ with you?

If you’ve been going from one specialist to the next and no one can find out what’s wrong with you, you need to hear this.

There is a reason why they can’t find anything wrong with you.

Your ‘parts’ aren’t failing.

But your body is trying to tell you something.

Symptoms should never be ignored or suppressed.

Your body speaks to you through ‘symptomatology’.

Symptomatology is the study of symptoms of nutritional deficiency and organ system imbalances….. before those imbalances become diagnosable diseases.

Honestly, I think you are lucky that they haven’t diagnosed you.

That is just one less mental block in the way of YOU healing yourself.

Yes, honey, YOU do the healing.

THEY can suppress it, cut it out or diagnose it, but they don’t heal it.

You have a CHOICE in this.

You can keep going from one expert to the next, looking for the ‘one’ thing that’s wrong with you.

The problem with that though is that if you hold in mind that something is wrong with you, then you will eventually find ‘something’.

Instead of running the question over and over in your mind of ‘what’s wrong with me’, you might want to start asking yourself another question, like ‘how can I heal my self’?

Having a diagnosis doesn’t heal, although it does usually bring emotional relief to some degree – because we want to find a reason outside of ourselves to explain why we feel so bad.

We want others to validate our experience.

We are soooooo tired of hearing, ‘it is just in your head’.

I am not saying that what you are experiencing isn’t happening, but I do think it all starts in the mind.

The thoughts we think either serve us in the direction of healing – essentially that would be to go inside.

We don’t heal when we look outside of ourselves.

I am talking about the chronic stuff.

Sure you can throw diet, lifestyle and supplements at the acute stuff – and you get quick results – because the acute is active, not suppressed.

I think dis-ease is a gift.

It happens FOR you, not TO you.

But when you bypass the root cause(s) and go straight to suppressing your symptoms (or cutting out body parts) – you miss an opportunity to hear what your body is really trying to tell you.

It is trying to tell you that something isn’t right.

That’s it.

But what is it that is not right?

Who knows?

You do.

You may not be wiling to admit it right now, but you do know what isn’t right or in alignment in your life.

My grandma had stomach cancer, she had it cut out, but 10 years later she had cancer again.

She had only extracted the cancer, not the cause of the cancer.

The next time she got the diagnosis, she didn’t even try to fight it.

She told my mom “why would I want to live, all I have to look forward to is waiting on him hand and foot” (or something to that effect).

She was just done already and I don’t blame her.

Can you hear the resentment?

He never wanted to do what she wanted to do and so she never did what she wanted to do.

But did she really have to manifest a disease and die to get away from him?

She could have just decided to leave him 20 years earlier or tell him she would be doing what she wanted to do – and if he didn’t want to come along, that’s fine, he didn’t have to.

Everyday women suffer with physical pains that are simply their body crying out, because they haven’t listened to the emotions that are screaming for their attention – telling them that something just isn’t right.

You feel it in your emotions first, and if you ignore them, then your body will ‘hit you over the head’ with it.

It could be conscious or unconscious.

If you have a chronic health issue, would you be willing to consider that this is happening FOR you, not TO you?

That those painful symptoms are to finally wake you up to do ‘that thing’ that you know you should do, but you’ve been too scared to?

I hope you won’t let my grandma’s death and her teaching be in vain.

I hope that what I am saying does not fall on deaf ears.

The same creator that lovingly built in these warning signals to help you avoid sickness – also created your body with inherent self healing mechanisms.

I know you may be doubting that right now.

I get it.

But let’s put it into perspective, if you go into the kitchen right now and slice your finger, will it stop bleeding, scab over and heal?

You don’t doubt that it will. And so it does.

And it just proves that your vital healing force is alive and well.

If you are not just healing naturally right now on your own, then there is something in the way.

The whole looking to experts to fix you thing doesn’t seem to be working, so it just might be time to start looking at this thing from a different perspective.

Disease is not exempt from cause and effect.

It didn’t just magically drop into your body.

You are not a victim.

When would NOW be a good time to try something a little different?

You’ll transform your health, when you decide to transform your life.

The first time I got this, my life was transformed – by transforming my health.

It could come in either order.

If I hadn’t been diagnosed with mononucleosis and sent home to go to sleep for a couple of years along with a a bottle of antibiotics for strep throat, I wouldn’t be here right now writing you this.

I would never in a million years take that experience back.

It happened FOR me.

I found my passion, my dharma and a whole new paradigm of self responsibility – that gave me the knowing deep inside my bones that I and I alone was responsible for my health and had the power to change it.

When you stop feeling like someone else is responsible to figure out what is wrong with you, you’ve got your power back.

When you assume responsibility over your circumstances (including your health), you can change them.

I had to make a hard decision this year.

Like my grandma, I too was living with a man who let me do the lions share of everything domestic, he refused to help me or do anything I suggested – ‘it costs too much money’ was his all time favourite excuse.

Even when I had started to consistently make good money in my business (which I thought would make him take it seriously and motivate him to help me more).

It didn’t.

He still acted like my work wasn’t important and like I wasn’t important.

By this time I was consistently matching his income as a plumber and sometimes doubling it, so I finally just hired a wonderful woman to help me with cooking and cleaning one day a week to keep my sanity.

I resented how much I gave him and how much he withheld.

I was getting heavy (literally and figuratively) and bitter.

In the last couple of years, I kept having the thought….

“If I stay with him, would I end up like my grandma, with resentment eating me from the inside out in the form of cancer one day?”

And so, I wasn’t giving up on my marriage when I finally said yes to divorce.

I was making the choice to live.

The truth is that I am kind of embarrassed that I was so weak – to have stayed and settled for so long – for putting up with so much shit – and being so naive to think there was any hope of him changing.

And he never failed to disappoint me.

Besides that I am loyal to a fault – the only explanation I can give right now for why I kept ignoring the truth of how I felt is that I loved him.

I was holding in mind who I thought he could be, not who he was (a hazard that goes with the territory of being able to see people’s potential even when they can’t see it for themselves).

Then my body ‘hit me over the head’ with an extra 20 lbs in two months, on top of the fact that I was already voluptuous.

I knew the stress of my marriage was a huge factor.

And it still took a few more years before I was really ready to look at divorce as even being an option.

So I get it.

I get how hard it is to make whatever ‘that change’ is that needs to happen for you

But the real reason that I started writing this note, was just to share with you, that there is another way.

I wanted you to know that you can stop looking for what’s wrong with your body and just start making things right in your world.

In the following video, I share a bit about what I think it takes to heal and what my approach is to helping you heal your self (if you want a little or a lot of support):

I believe in you.

You can heal this.

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