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29 Kid Friendly Ways to get Cultured Foods into Your Child’s Diet!

Did you know that cultured foods are nature’s probiotics?

Cultured foods, unbeknownst to many of us are actually a missing food group! That means in order to provide your child with optimal digestive and immune health, it is essential to make cultured foods a part of your family’s diet.

Before refrigeration, our ancestors used lactic acid fermentation in the form of cultured foods as the original method of food preservation. In the old days, we simply consumed probiotics through the food we ate.

Today, though, because of canning, refrigeration and the processed foods- we are missing an essential aspect of our original diet- probiotics!

To add insult to injury, with the overuse of antibiotics, our babes are not only having their beneficial bacteria wiped out, but they also have no way of replenishing their stores of good bacteria because eating cultured foods went out of fashion along with other ways that ensure them a good supply – like breastmilk!

Luckily, cultured foods are making a comeback! Not only because they are an essential part of a healthy diet, but because they taste great!

Got picky eaters?

The secret to getting our kids on cultured foods is to start them young so that they get used to the ‘sour’ flavour.

But what if your kids are already older and you’ve just discovered the benefits of cultured foods for your family?

Here are 29 kid-friendly ways that you can get cultured foods into your child’s diet (great ideas for picky or timid adults too)!

  1. model it for them by eating cultured foods yourself!
  2. kefir juice
  3. other fermented beverages (Kefir water, Kombucha, kefir milk)
  4. start with the juice of cultured veggies by pouring it on food or in warm soup
  5. pickles and cultured carrots are the most kid- loved cultured veggies
  6. chop other cultured veggies into very small chunks and add to dishes like salads, bean and grain salads etc.
  7. transform all your standard north american condiments like ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo and barbecue sauce into lacto fermented versions
  8. make smoothies to hide kefir milk and kefir water
  9. add carrots and ginger to your favourite cultured recipes to add a bit of sweet flavour for the kids
  10. make dips with cultured dairy or bean ones with whey or the juice of cultured veggies mixed in.
  11. put whey in your child’s water with greenleaf stevia and cherry or orange extract for a creamsicle flavour!
  12. mix cultured veggies with creme fraiche or mayo and honey with dried fruit
  13. kefir jello
  14. miso soup or traditionally brewed tamari
  15. use a mandolin to slice veggies, culture them and then dehydrate into chips
  16. creme fraiche or kefir cream in soup and on everything
  17. home brewed yogurt
  18. cultured fruit (chutneys, jams and fruit sauce for pancakes!)
  19. cultured applesauce
  20. cultured fruit leather
  21. sourdough bread and crackers
  22. dressings, dips and sauces made with lacto fermented beverages
  23. raw cheese
  24. cultured butter
  25. popsicles, kefir milk ice cream
  26. sourdough cookies, cakes, muffins and biscuits
  27. apple kraut (apple to cabbage 1:1)
  28. lassi (yogurt drink)
  29. mix sauerkraut with creme fraiche and cultured ketchup in lieu of salsa
BONUS! The latest one in our home is Kefir Juice & Kefir Milk (1:1)

Want to learn how to make cultured foods for the whole family at home?

Click here to join myself and Adrienne Percy from the comfort of your home to learn how in our Cultured Kids e-course and watch us transform a standard North American lunch into a wholesome probiotic feast!!!

What are your ideas? Tell me and I will add them to the list!

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