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Waxing Moon

We are about to enter the time of the waxing moon. This is the time of the month when our energies begin to grow.

It is a special window of “seeding” where we don’t necessarily give birth to our intentions, but we nourish and nurture the gestation of our projects.

What structures or containers do you need to put into place in order to create a foundation that supports the unfolding of your intentions, goals and dreams?

The energy of the waxing moon’s cycle is now calling you to take action. This is the time to begin “putting the wheels into motion” so to speak.

Begin acting on the revelations that you received during the the new moon.

If you have been managing your energy in tune with the moon cycles, you will have already invested time during the past waning moon cycle to clear clutter and remove any obstacles that are standing in your way.

During the new moon, you would have spent precious time with yourself, making an inquiry into what kind of month (or next moon cycle that you want to live into). You peered into your own soul and embraced your sacred moon time by reclaiming the power to say YES to those elements of your life that serve, and NO to that which no longer does. You got clear, set intentions and spent time visioning into the future.

Are you ready now to make the life of your dreams manifest?

What actions do you need to take on the physical plane to make manifest that which you have inner-vision-ed and intended? What nourishment will it require to firmly root your dreams into the garden that is your life, so that they can bloom and flower later?

Don’t just make a to-do list! Look at your upcoming month- keeping the different energies of each of the moon’s cycles in mind. Which tasks would best fit, at what times of the month?

Literally, put each task on your calendar, synchronizing the kind of energy they require with the most fitting of the moon’s cycles. For example, put the highest energy tasks near the full moon and keep your schedule free and open during the new moon, so that you do not fall into the trap of regretting saying yes to high energy tasks at a time when your energy is naturally more internally focused.

It is often easy to get inspired, dream and vision, but we often “drop the ball” when we fail to take the necessary successive steps along the way.

Both the outer and inner work that you did during the waning and new moons are in and of themselves a crucial part of the structure or foundation needed to support the unfolding of that which you desire. But we must be mindful not to overlook the details, skipping ahead to the dream- which will be manifest in the perfect timing, but that crumbles without a firm foundation.

Take it one step at a time and put the foundation in place. Nurture and tend to the gestation time of your dreams, so that they can be fully realized and birthed in a natural and easy flow.

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