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Let the rhythm take you!

Do you ever just feel like you don’t feel like doing anything, but don’t know what to do, what not to do and at the same time feel frustrated that you are neither accomplishing anything or even taking a break?

I totally get that.

Here is why it happens and what to do with it.

Find out why it is a gift!

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Let the Waning Moon help you go with the flow!

waning-moonThis is the time in the month where you may start to notice that you suddenly feel less inspired to vision and create with your mind, and more turned on by the idea of clearing space and working with your hands.

We are entering the waning moon cyle. Your energies will naturally begin to recede during this time as your consciousness begins to move inward (your ‘moontime’ is coming).

Now is the time to start making preparations for conscious ‘moontime‘ (menstruation). Not only does the waning moon help you ‘go with the flow’, but attending consciously to your self  care in this time will make space for your other ‘flow’ (menstruation) to become a time of relaxation and restoration (rather than a time of pain and tension).

Now is a perfect time of the month to reflect:

  • Are you living in line with your values?
  • What needs transformation in your life?
  • What structures or support systems must be put in place so that you can live a life of your conscious choosing?
  • More importantly, what obstacles do you need to overcome or eliminate in order to make room for a way of life that works better for you?

Get out that dusty journal or enter deep conversation with loved ones to assimilate and absorb that which you encountered, struggled with and learned in the previous weeks.

Release and let go of that which is no longer needed (ie: clear clutter in your home).

Take care of your unfinished business, so that you can create a clear slate for yourself moving forward (including unfinished business with people).

Complete your unfinished projects so that you can move forward into new realms of creativity and make space for the visioning time of the new moon that is on its way.

How will you need to rework your plans for this week so that you stay in the flow?

If you notice that you are ‘pushing the river’ on something, or that you keep coming up against obstacles, stop trying to force it.


Get clear on what the obstacles are and systematically remove them one step at a time. Acting on that will get you back in the flow. The energies at this time of the month support self reflection and movement toward more space.

While your mind might want you to ‘keep pushing’, in the end you’ll get more accomplished if you are simply willing to put down the things that just aren’t coming together for you easily right now.

If you continue to ‘push’ things, they might still get done, but they will take you much longer than they should……and you’ll still be left with the clearing you need to do on all levels (putting you ‘behind’ in the bigger picture-exactly the opposite of why we ‘push’ in the first place).


If you flow in cycle with the moon’s energies….everything you need and desire will begin to fall into place. Trust it.

Allow the moon to help you cultivate harmony in your life. As you continue to pay attention, you will come to fine tune your natural rhythms.

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Riding the tide with the full moon

If you have been following the natural flow of this month’s energy (informed by the moon’s cycles), then you are now ready to participate fully in the unfolding of the intentions that you set during the new moon.

You will now be able to ride the tide of the full moon because of the seeds you planted for your dreams and intentions to be nurtured during the waxing moon. If you did, in fact, put the wheels in motion to make the intangible, tangible, then you might have noticed that the timing and the energies were fertile ground for the seeds you carefully sowed.

While during the waxing moon you tended to and nurtured your dreams by tending to your little seedlings we are now moving into the full moon and it is time for your vision to flower!

Your power is at its peak, so roll with it! The energies are ripe for a time of celebration, so start wrapping up those big projects so you can have fun. Finish up the tasks that require high levels of your energy now. Let your creative energies and juices flow now.

But don’t forget to play as hard as you work!

This is the perfect time of the month to have pre-scheduld your social time and events- you’ll be in the mood AND have the energy for it! Don’t worry that you won’t have enough time to finish your work- the careful attention, planning and caretaking that you completed during the prior moon cycles makes for smooth sailing straight to completion!

Now get on out there and shine your light!

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