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Get Thin From Within

There is something you need to understand about weight loss if you are ever going to really achieve your ideal weight naturally, sustainably, pleasurably and permanently.

That is, that your results come from the inside out ….on two levels.

Level #1  Inside the Body: You have to transform how your body’s physiology is functioning on the inside (it is not about cutting calories or exercising – that is just forcing your body to lose weight temporarily).

What we do in the Delish Diet is change how your body responds to what you are eating by addressing the underlying health imbalances that are causing you to gain weight (you don’t lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose weight).

Level #2 Inside the Mind: You have to transform your feelings, thoughts and personal paradigms (you can’t have a self concept of being a fat person and expect to lose weight – because your body follows your mind)

What we do in the ‘Weightless – Thin From Within’ Group Coaching Program is up level your mindset, reprogram your paradigm around weight loss and re-create your self concepts so that you can stop experiencing yourself as an overweight person to feeling yourself to be a naturally thin one, who doesn’t need to fret about food.

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