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7 Ways to Lose Weight than Have nothing to do with Diet or Exercise

Have you ever wondered what the extra weight people carry represents on the psycho-spiritual level?

Getting skinny won’t change your life, but losing what it represents metaphysically will!

How many of these resonate?
1. You are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.
2. You are carrying more than your fair share of the work around the house or at work.
3. You’re in a partnership that feels like dead weight and you are trying to drag that person forward with you, while they dig their heels in to keep the status quo.
4. You are insulating yourself from someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries, the fat is as a form of protection. The bigger you are, the less vulnerable you feel.
5. You are shrinking on the inside to avoid upsetting someone in your life who feels threatened or in competition with you. The more your soul shrinks-to-fit on the inside, the bigger your body grows on the outside.
6. You’re using the weight as an excuse to wait. You’ve been putting off something you know you need or want to do because you haven’t quite yet worked up the courage to get started.
7. You are carrying unhealed and unresolved emotional baggage and trauma that is draining your energy and weighing you down.

If you are struggling with excess weight and emotional weight, you are going to have to face these issues head on and stop suppressing how you really feel.

But you don’t have do it alone!

Want to chat about how you can get support to let go of both the physical and emotional weight?

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