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As we live, so we birth….

As we live, so we birth…… we birth, so we live……………….
Pregnancy can be a time of self development and inner growth if we choose to embark upon our births as a woman’s vision quest.

How will you prepare for the moment that all the power of the universe flows through you as you open to receive your baby?

From the moment a new soul is conceived within our wombs we are entering an altered state that we can harness to deepen our connection with spirit, humanity and our life’s purpose.

An Uncommon Parallel

While what I am about to say may not be considered  “politically correct”, it begs to be said anyway.  From my experience both with childbirth and the experimental use of recreational drugs in my youth, I liken the experience of the altered state of giving birth to the experience of using drugs such as “magic mushrooms” or marijuana. While the altered states feel very different, they are the same in that you don’t get to decide what the trip will be like, nor do you get to decided when it  is done.

Surrender is the only way through the intensity.  Yet how many of us are comfortable with letting go and surrendering to the unknown? How many of us are comfortable with altered states? Especially in a culture where we have been programmed to fear recreational drug use. Most of us would admit to being uncomfortable around people who are in altered states given that we ourselves are not. This may explain why in our modern culture we feel compelled to go to a hospital to give birth, so that the doctor (shaman) can manage our altered state for us, or save us from it if we feel like we are on a “bad trip”. We ask for socially acceptable drugs to superimpose the normal waking consciousness into our birth, while numbing our body and separating us from being connected to our experience.

The Vision-Quest

While the altered state of childbirth is a physiological experience, it is also a hormonal “high” that leaves women feeling extremely powerful. Unfortunately few women today get to experience a true DMT or oxytocin peak (the hormonal bliss of childbirth) because birth is rarely as private as it needs to be for these states to occur in their fullness. 
We can numb ourselves to the inherent spiritual nature of pregnancy and childbirth or we can embrace it fully. Via intention and inspired action we can call into out experience the rich fullness of our inherent “woman’s vision-quest par excellence”! (J.Parvati Baker)

Embracing the Journey

To begin preparing for our woman’s vision-quest, we can view our upcoming birth experience as a microcosm of the usual drama of our lives. What needs to be brought up for healing in your life? What patterns are still playing out in your life that need to be healed?

Will you use this pregnancy as a time of transformation?

In what kind of mood will you enter the altered state of childbirth? Inspired, trusting and able to flow, or will you be fearful, distracted and afraid of losing control? Will you spend this pregnancy focusing on your soul’s growth and becoming the kind of conscious person that you would want to be your own mother!? Or are you content to settle for fussing over transient details such baby gadgets and wallpaper?

Who are you? Who are you capable of becoming?

Will you embrace this journey that is your birth-rite as a woman? Will you infuse it with as much consciousness as you know how?

As we live, so we birth…… we birth, so we live……………….




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