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Childbirth As a Catalyst for Conscious Evolution

Cultivating the Sacred In Birth

Giving birth is SACRED.

After all, it is the bridge between heaven and earth….the momentous moment that a new soul arrives on our planet. What could be more sacred than that!

When we enter holy places, we feel moved with reverence, we lower our voices and speak and act with great consciousness and respect. Contrast this with the environment in which we birth our babies. People rushing, coming and going, loud voices, beeping machines, etc.

If we are to bring the Sacredness back to birth, we must prepare our birth space as a sacred birthing space.

How can you infuse your birthing space and your child’s first day on the planet with ceremony and quiet reverent celebration?

What customs or rituals do you hold sacred?

Our baby’s souls are born open and ask for a gentle welcoming. Our attention to creating a sacred birthing environment also protects our baby’s delicate senses. What we create for this day, need not be religious or ritualistic, but rather symbolic of our deep appreciation of the cycle of life and of our gratitude to be in the presence of, and to receive this new soul into our love and care.

As we infuse more consciousness into birth, we infuse more consciousness into the consciousness of humanity.

Birth as A Woman’s Visionquest

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a vision quest is “a period of spiritual seeking among certain Native American peoples, often undertaken as a puberty rite, that typically involves isolation, fasting, and the inducement of a trance state for the purpose of attaining guidance or knowledge from supernatural forces”.

Most of us are familiar with this definition of a vision quest, but few recognize that this masculine rite of passage has a feminine counterpart!


As women we need not go out alone into the depths of the forest to receive guidance from spirit in a supernatural way. Our journey is inherent and it is a turning within. We surrender to the altered state, and merge with the universe to bring forth new life!

The vision quest is inherent within us!

The turning inward begins at the moment of conception. Throughout pregnancy the natural feminine tendency to be receptive increases, preparing us to be literally penetrated by spirit’s love, as we surrender to the profound altered state of consciousness, that giving birth is .

Just as we can open to God with our lover through Tantra…we can also open to God through the birth experience….. after all, birth is the continuum of our love making.

This isn’t just to hint at orgasmic and pleasurable birth, but it is also to give rise to the inner visionquest…..

What you will bring back from your “birth quest”?

How will your birth journey evolve your soul?

If you embrace your potential to harness the power of your birth journey into a spiritual path of conscious evolution…..if you intend it….if you claim it….. IT WILL BE YOURS!

What you claim in this experience, is your gift to your children, your children’s children and humanity at large!

As each individual evolves, the collective is elevated as well!

Birth is Evolving!

Yes it is true! Women all over the globe are beginning to experience pleasure instead of pain in childbirth!

Women are accessing expanded inner capabilities through conscious childbirth!

They are having more than just a pleasurable experience, they are having a spiritual experience!

How will you intend the energy of the universe, as it flows through you as you give birth?

Imagine a world in which baby’s are born without pain and trauma, where mothers birth in love, trust and pleasure and where women experience birth as orgasmic!?

How would this impact all facets of our lives and “ways of being” as a human beings? Stay tuned for the next “inner”quiry…. Parents as Genetic Engineers

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