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Nourish Mama, a nutritional program by Sherry Rothwell

Fertility Freezer Fudge..or a little “lovebite“ for those looking to boost their libido!

If you are low on progesterone or looking to boost your libido, you’ve got to try maca. Maca is a root vegetable that is not only nutritious, but has a reputation both for nourishing the womb and for liberating the libido! One I might add that it often Dramatically lives up to!


Fine Tune Your Fertility or Liven Up Your Libido!

Maca has a very distinct taste and is best mixed in a smoothie. However, I recently came up with the idea of making myself a freezer fudge version to take along with my fermented cod liver oil (cod liver oil should be consumed with butter for optimal assimilation). I’ve been making a carob peanut butter one for the kids, but thought I would try making a maca one for myself so that I can both optimize my daily dose of Vit.A and Vit.D, AND get a quick daily infusion of maca.

The Recipe:

3/4 -1 cup pastured (or best quality butter you have access to) butter
1/4 cup maca powder
1/4 cup  honey or unrefined cane sugar
1-3 tsp vanilla

Blend with a fork and taste as you go, to see how much butter and vanilla tastes best to you in combination with the maca.

1/4 cup organic carob or chocolate
1 Tbsp espresso
1 Tbsp Teecino shot (or other coffee like alternative)
substitute coconut oil for butter

Put your fudge in a container in the freezer. I cut mine into pie shapes because I wanted a pretty picture, but little squares will be just fine too!

Enjoy and tell me your favourite variation on this theme!



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