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Juice Jello


Read the label on that box of Jello and you’ll discover that along with gelatin, it includes: white sugar (or artificial sweetener), artificial colour and artificial flavouring.

Sounds like the perfect recipe for bouncing off the walls, doesn’t it?

No mother wants that, yet most children love jello! What to do?

Want to discover the perfect alternative to conventional Jello?

I love this simple homemade juice jello recipe.

Not only does it make a great snack, but it can help the kids transition off of the juice habit. 

Gelatin is not only a protein rich, nourishing and easy to digest food, but it also helps to mitigate the impact of the concentrated sugars in juice-by slowing down their absorption and thus preventing your child from suffering the emotional roller coaster ride of sugar highs and lows.

Juice Jello 


2 Tbsp Gelatin (from animals raised on pasture)  ie: Great Lakes
2 cups juice (Ceres Mango in the photo)


Step 1 Mix the gelatin into 1/2 cup of the fruit juice in a medium sized saucepan on low heat. Stir or whisk until dissolved completely.

Step 2: Mix with remaining juice and pour into dish or gelatin mould (I found mine at a second hand store).

Step 3 Cover with lid (or plastic wrap) and refrigerate overnight or until set.

Step 4 Serve with a generous dallop of whipping cream or slightly sweetened crème Fraiche on top for added nutrition and that grounding quality that keeps the kids calm.




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