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Moon Cycles to Plan Your Life By

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it’s like “pulling teeth” to get certain things accomplished and other times it seems like your life flows in tune like a symphony orchestra?

Or do you mostly feel like you are “pushing the river” with your life?

What if there was a way to tune into the flow, so that you could ride the tide?
Women of ancient understood that our cycles are deeply connected to the moon.

These women are celebrating the erection of the sacred moon lodge. The moon lodge was a place where women on their moon time retreated to pray and connect with their feminine gifts of sisterhood.

In fact, our physiology (bleeding) literally informs us that we need to step away from the daily flow of responsibililties and enter “the red tent” as it were, taking much needed rest from relentless “tending and mending”.

In ancient times, women would bleed apart from the community. While this occured on account of a patriarchal society’s fear that menstruating women were dirty- it did indeed serve a hidden purpose that offers much needed healing and restoration to women.

In this sacred place, women and mothers would relax together while sharing women’s wisdom and stories. In “the RED Tent”, the menstruating women were served food and tended to- by pregnant women and young ladies who were yet to commence their own “moontime” journey.
Think you could handle a few days like that each month? Rejuvenated and refreshed- your cup full and ready to continue to be inservice to your family and community?

While few of us have the luxury to spend time alone visioning and “mooning” with our women friends, we can still take time to tune in each week.

On my journey, I have discovered that much of that which I find challenging in this world, is on account of the fast pace and seclusion of modern living. It just doesn’t provide the elements that I need to thrive. Over the years I have been watching what I do, where the moon is and whether or not what I am doing is working well -or not. I find that this conscious attention to the cycles of the moon brings me back when I feel harried, overwhelmed, undersupported and like I am losing myself in it all.
Just noticing, is itself like a deep breath of understanding into where I need to stop and step back into the river.

I believe that as more and more of us are called to do this conscious noticing, we will collectively come up with ways to revive the much needed custom of the red tent, in our communities and for our daughters.

And to help you do just that……

We are super excited to be able to bring you gentle reminders each week about where we are all in the flow with the moon’s cycle- so that we can help you tune in and get more done by doing less!

As I write this, we are entering the waning moon cyle. Your energies will naturally begin to recede during this time as your consciousness begins to move inward. Release and let go of that which is no longer needed (ie: clear clutter in your home). Journal or enter deep conversation with loved ones to assimilate and absorb that which you encountered and learned in the previous weeks. Take care of unfinished business, so that you can create a clear slate for yourself moving forward. Finish up your  unfinished projects so that you can move forward in creativity and make space for the visioning time of the new moon that is on its way.

Take a deep breath, tune in and let go!!

If this moves you, resonates or inspires you, we’d love to hear about it!

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