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The Nourish Mama-putting pleasure back on the table e-course is designed to help you learn (step by step) how to integrate natural whole foods into your family’s diet, so that you can rest assured as a mama that you are providing the right nutritional building blocks that make for calm, bright, beautiful and healthy children. Discover how to eat nutrient dense foods in a totally pleasurable way that the whole family will love- without giving up their comfort foods!

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Do you wish you could feed your family the foods you know would nourish them best without hearing those dreaded words ‘ew yuck’ or ‘I don’t like that’?

footer-3-photoHow amazing would it feel to put dinners on the table that make your kids shout “hooray!” and at the same time make you feel assured as a mom knowing that you really are providing the nourishment that your kids need to shine?

And more than that even, wouldn’t it be so great to feel more connected and relaxed at mealtimes- with those power struggles a long gone thing of the past?

Breathe a sigh of relief. The Nourish Mama e-course was designed to get your family on track through pleasurable eating. It is the only whole foods course you’ll ever need to get your family eating healthy- without eliminating their favourite comfort foods!

But right now you might be finding yourself…..

Deeply concerned about your family’s health and possibly scrambling to put all the missing pieces together….it’s overwhelming. Plus worrying about your kids health is really draining your energy (you know you would feel so much better if you knew that you had this nutrition thing handled so that you can focus a little more on fostering the growth of their soul- and a little less time worrying about their body). You think your family eats fairly healthy, but you have a sneaking suspicion that something might be missing- and you are not quite sure what it is….

And while you really do want your family to eat healthier, you worry that you’ll literally have to make a part time job out of sifting through and making sense of conflicting health information to get there.

Or maybe you imagine that eating healthy means that you’ll have to give up all the foods your kids love- you worry that it is futile to even try……..

Ideally you’d eat healthier if you had the time, but right now, you suspect that you’ll have to read a library of books and chain yourself to the stove to get it all done -and to stay on top of it!

And worse, you imagine that eating healthier is pretty much a guarantee that your husband and kids won’t eat it and you’ll end up having to cook two separate meals (as it is, sometimes you can barely get one on the table)!

You’ve probably tried….

Nagging, shaming, forcing food, or flip flopping from setting strong boundaries around your family’s food values and the next minute throwing your hands up in the air and just letting it all go!

But what if you could be free (once and for all) of that nagging voice that tells you that your child`s health is not where it could be and that your family’s diet is probably the culprit?

What if you could start over and introduce healthy foods in a way that your kids will love and in a way that creates connection instead of counter will)?

“I completed a holistic nutrition program with Sherry that was life changing! Sherry taught us a whole new perspective on healthy eating and living that was so unlike anything I had ever learned before (even from the “natural” community). I can honestly say I have learned more from Sherry in this past year then I have learned from most people in my life, in a lifetime. My lifestyle has changed 100% since meeting Sherry, but not in a drastic detox -go cold turkey- off everything type of change, rather it was a gentle supported transition. Sherry is kind, supportive, crazy smart and has a holistic perspective that truly encompasses all facets of your life and helps you to transition back to a way of life that nature intended! I would truly recommend any of Sherry’s programs that resonate with you!! Thank you Sherry for EVERYTHING!”

Sarah Picken
Winnipeg, MB

I know how it feels….

Sherry Rothwell, RHN

I get it….sometime’s I too hear the words ‘yuck’ and ‘I don’t like that!’….but, I have a learned a few things along the way (sometimes the hard way after 12 years of parenting : ).

I know what works and what doesn’t, to introduce healthy eating in a way that kids (and kids at heart) will like!
In fact, mostly they won’t even notice the subtle shifts and simple upgrades you will be implementing in the Nourish Mama e-course.
Years ago before I became knowledgeable about natural foods, I thought that getting healthy meant that I would have to give up all my comfort foods and eat like a rabbit. And because that didn’t sound very pleasurable to me, I never tried to eat healthy- apart from dieting to lose weight!
Looking back I realize that I had a lot of misconceptions about healthy eating that kept me stuck (and on the diet roller coaster).

What I didn’t understand back then was that…..

1) Eating healthy is about the quality of ingredients -any food can be made into a healthier more delicious version (plus, better quality ingredients make for better taste!).

2) That a whole world of foods existed out there that I didn’t even know about – my limited understanding of what was available to me, caused me to assume that eating healthier meant that I would be reducing my food choices – but that couldn’t be farther from the truth– learning about healthy food actually broadened my choices and expanded my eating pleasure!

3) I thought it required willpower (it doesn’t)! Along with the changes in my choices I discovered that my desires and palate naturally shifted to be geared toward more healthy food without having to try- yip, that’s right!  All I had to do was add new healthy foods and the desire for the old unhealthy standby’s fell away- effortlessly!

Throughout the years working with my private clients I have discovered that there are certain foundational steps that we must all take on the journey to better health. They are simple, logical, sequential and actually EASY steps that are required for a sustainable healing journey.

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I also lost 16lbs!
“I am doing fantastic since we had our phone consultation, my yeast infections have gone way down, I am taking a daily probiotic as you
recommended as well as a daily acidopholis. I cut out gluten from my diet completely and that made a HUGE difference ( I also lost 16
pounds tee hee). I have also been eating a complete whole foods diet as you recommended and that has made me feel better then I have in years! I want to thank you again for your guidance, that consultation really helped me!”
Amanda Mutch
Winnipeg, MB
Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader

Simply by upgrading the quality of the food your family already eats (and loves), plus making some delicious additions (not subtractions!) we will make eating healthy become what your family does naturally (without even trying)!

And that is why I have created this program…..

The Nourish mama  e-course is meant for moms who want to stock their kitchen with the right foods that will transform their family’s health without eliminating  those family favourite comfort foods- because eating should be pleasurable!

The course is laid out in such a way that your kids won’t even notice that their food is becoming healthier (that means you can get your family healthy without resistance)!

We start with all the invisible stuff that you can do as a mom to to improve the nutritional quality of the foods that your family already eats, and at the same time turn your family onto new and exciting foods that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without!

We’ll also focus on some kid centered stuff like help for picky eaters and how to create connection and calm around mealtimes.

Plus you get the following BONUSES….

BONUS 1: A growing assortment of videos of fun foods for the whole family! Value $97

BONUS 2: Private Nourish Mama Facebook group where you can connect with the other participants, share knowledge, new recipes and get support from one another! PRICELESS!

BONUS 3: Meal Flow Charts for breakfast, lunch and dinner- Never wonder what to eat again! $97

Total BONUS Value: $194

Here is what to expect…

This course is delivered as a video e-course (over 25 videos) with hand-outs, exercises and cheat sheets to help you quickly reference practical information. The course is delivered over a period of 8 weeks. Modules are delivered every 2 weeks so that you have plenty of time to implement!

Each module also features a teleseminar (audio lesson) that you can listen to on your computer or download to your ipod (that means you can learn while you are cooking or cleaning up from dinner)! I suspect that you don’t have a lot of time so the bulk of videos are shorter than 10 min and audio lessons are 45 min.

Your family can do it and here is why…..

1) Rest assured that you don’t need willpower for this program! We won’t be eliminating fat, sugar, salt, caffeine, your vices, meat, carbs or gluten (and yes you CAN still get healthy)!

2) You don’t have to remember to take your supplements (because you won’t be adding any)…if anything, you will be downsizing in that area (your hubby is gonna love what that means for your bank account, isn’t he?)!

3) The program is step by step and includes hand-outs, checklists and ‘cheat’ sheets to streamline the learning process (with plenty of time inbetween to implement)!

4) The program does not require more work for you in the kitchen (in other words, you don’t have to become a gourmet cook or grow a garden to feed your family wholesome food). Once you understand some key crucial distinctions about what it really means to eat healthy, making healthy choices becomes effortless.

This program is for you if…..√ You are a busy ‘mompreneur’ or ‘work outside the home’ mom and you want to boost your energy and concentration so that you can work with precision focus and effectiveness (AND put healthy food on the table -despite life’s interruptions!)

√ You want to feel confident about your family’s health – you are excited to discover wholesome food and healthy treats your kids will love.

√ You want to say goodbye to cravings and hello to feeling fully satiated (so that you don’t find yourself sheepishly sneaking junk when the kids aren’t looking)!

√ You’ve been trying to eat healthy for a while and you have a sneaking suspicion that something is missing (you want to cover all your bases).

√ You resonate with “eating clean” and you want to take a sustainable, natural and preventative approach to good health- but you don’t really know how to do that or where to start.

√ You are already a whole foodie mom but you wonder if you might be missing any crucial pieces along the path or maybe you`ve been on the path for a while, but you need a refresh and some great reminders about why you chose the path in the first place!

This program is NOT for you if…..

√ You don’t like to try new foods.

√ You’d rather do it yourself- you are happy to spend the time and money researching and figuring this ‘health thing’ out by your self.

√  You are not motivated and and you don’t perceive time, energy and attention spent toward improving your family’s health as a worthwhile investment.






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