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Why the Case Study Model Won’t Work for Your Nutrition Business

As you know, as a holistic nutritionist or health coach, you are pretty much left on your own to figure out how to turn what you do into a business.

Believe me, I know!

Not only have I graduated from 2 of Canada’s top nutrition schools, but I also teach business at one of them.

Unfortunately, the business curriculum at most nutrition schools go into general business knowledge, and not much into how to actually deliver the service.

As a health coach, you’ve been taught hundreds of dietary theories, but have no system of assessment….where do you start?

If you are a holistic nutritionist, you have a system of assessment, but no model for sharing that information with your clients in a way that is ‘digestible’ for them.

It is all just too much information.

Not to mention, it takes you 4 – 12 hours to put together a case study!

Here is the thing though, the case study approach is not a good model for you, for your business or for your clients.

In this video, I tell you what works better!

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