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The Garden You Didn’t Know You Had!

Over the years on the path to reclaiming domestic arts and traditional wisdom, my vision and focus, pretty much has never left the kitchen.

These days though, I’m starting to think more and more about how to grow and access food, without relying on a grocery store – even the organic ones.

weed grass

Move over wheatgrass, ‘weed grass’ is in the house!

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the convenience, it’s just that, I want to know for sure, that I know how to grow and access appreciable amounts of food for my family – anytime.

Whether you want to save money, access more nutrition or gain survival skills, you’re going to love discovering the garden you didn’t even know you have!

And no, it’s not about going into the woods and foraging (although you could), it’s a little closer to home…. right outside your door in fact!

I’ve been having so much fun with it and it lights me up so much, that I’m going to share the process with you, as I learn it, so that we can both grow in knowledge together.

I get so excited when I find really cool stuff…. I just can’t help myself from sharing it!

In this case I am sharing with you, something you already have!

Something you may even be trying to get rid of.

You should have seen the look of trepidation on my husbands face when I offered him a cold glass of ‘weedgrass’ juice tonight before dinner!

I decided to create video to show you what I’m learning, so that you can learn along with me!

It’s pretty cool isn’t it, that there is such an abundance of one of nature’s most nutritious foods (leafy greens) right outside your door.

It’s not only super accessible, but it’s completely free for everyone.

While you should invest in a weed book (just to make sure what you’re eating is actually edible) don’t worry about whether or not your weeds are perfectly pristine.

weed salad

Free the Salad!

If you don’t spray your lawn or garden, it’s likely that even weeds growing by the side of the road are much cleaner then the conventional food at the grocery store (not to mention how often we eat commercially or organically grown food situated at the edge of the highway and don’t even know it)?

Remember, it’s earth, not dirt!

If you want to learn how you too can identify common edible weeds, instead of wasting them, click here to buy Katrina Blairs inspirational life-saving and practical book!

On another note, and yet in perfect timing…. did you know that according to Chinese medicine, it is liver season? If you want help loving up your liver this year, then check out this free training that will give you the knowledge of how to eat to nourish your liver this spring.

Will you eat weeds with me?



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