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Nourish Mama, a nutritional program by Sherry Rothwell

Who’s in charge, you or god/ess?

Q. Hello Sherry! My question is: If divinity is my most important goal, because in my view it will shape all else considered “success” in this life, then how do I craft an intention that says I want to thrive mentally, emotion ally, physically & financially, while perfecting my divinity? How do I envision that goal? I really don’t know where to begin bcuz the universe really has a good sense of humor, lol! Pls help.

A. From my perspective, divinity is always present flowing through you…..meaning you have the power to create from that power at all times – you were born with it.

It is nothing to attain or intend, you already ARE that.

It is up to you to consciously direct your inherent power.

Because you have ‘free will’ as a unique expression of that divinity, it is not up to God/ess to decide how your life is to be shaped.

You get to play with the creative force in your own unique expression of it! That is the game of life. Your life is a ‘choose your own adventure story’!

You must gain a clear picture of your life as you would like it to be.

Journal out (or point form) exactly how you want to feel and look like mentally, emotion ally, physically & financially.

Be as specific as possible ….and then write …..”or something better and so it is!”

Next you must claim all these things as yours and tangibly decide and commit.

You do that by saying no or goodbye to what you already have created that you don’t like.

It means you burn a bridge or close a door.

Then you commit by creating something new or do something different than you have before (with consistency).

We must continue to take action in alignment toward the ideals we have imagined.

You let go of the outcome on the feeling level, yet still take aligned action in the physical world… acting on your hunches, opportunities etc. that come your way.

Divinity opens doors for you, but you walk through them!



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