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How to Make Labne (yogurt cream cheese balls)

How to Make Labne (yogurt cream cheese balls)

This recipe is so easy and so to die for! Homemade yogurt cream cheese is healthier and easier to digest than store bought cream cheese.

before the mixWhat you will need:
1 quart of yogurt
unrefined salt (to taste)
fresh chopped herbs
pressed garlic (to taste)
olive oil

How to do it:
Step 1: Drip the whey from 1 quart of yogurt for 2-5 days (click here for more detailed instructions for making whey and cream cheese)

Step 2: Stir in a ½ tsp or more of unrefined salt and garlic to taste and fresh herbs of your choice (if you have some on hand).
labne ball
Step 3: Roll into balls and drop into a 500ml jar.

Step 4: Pour olive oil on top.

Step 5: Store in the cupboard or on your countertop.

Enjoy by scooping out balls as a side dish or spread on bread or crackers!

When you are done, strain the olive oil with a coffee filter and use to make salad dressings (no need to let it go to waste)!

The finished product does not need to be refrigerated as the olive oil will act as a preservative. The longer it sits, the more sour it gets, so if you don’t love the sour taste, then make sure to consume it within 3-5 days. Honestly in this house, we never make it to day 3!

labne completeThis recipe is great to wow a crowd at potlucks or to gift to family and friends for the holidays. 1 quart of yogurt will make two small jars (as shown in the photo).

Wondering what to do with the leftover whey?

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What else do you make with your yogurt cream cheese? Share your ideas below!



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