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How to Make Whey & Yogurt Cream Cheese

How to Make Yogurt “Cream Cheese” & Whey

making wheyCream cheese is nice, but yogurt cream cheese is even better (and FREE of nasty additives)!

What you will need:
 plain full fat yogurt
a cheesecloth or nut milk bag (or you can use a tea towel).
optional: unbleached coffee filter

Grab a medium sized bowl, your nut milk bag (or cheese cloth) and the yogurt. Pour the yogurt into the nut milk bag (or put a strainer over the bowl if you are using a cheesecloth). The liquid portion of the yogurt is the whey and it will begin to drip through into the bowl.

wheyYou will need to hang your bag over the bowl so that the process can occur over a period of 4-8 hours (depending on the texture you want your yogurt cream cheese to have). When I use cheesecloth and a strainer, I actually let the strain happen for a few days inside the fridge.

* To make sure that no milk solids have dripped through, do a second strain with a coffee filter as shown in the photo below.

Keep the whey and the cream cheese in separate glass containers and store in the fridge.

The cream cheese will last from 5-7 days and the whey will last for up to 6 months!

You will use the whey to culture your ferments.

You can use the cream cheese to spread on toast, to make cheesecake, cream cheese icing or whatever you normally use cream cheese for. Mmmmm…..imagine probiotic desserts!!  A whole new realm of guilt free pleasure is available to you!!

Wondering what else you can do with your cream cheese? 

1) Make labne (spreadable yogurt cream cheese balls)

What about the whey?

1) Enjoy this article for more ways to use whey!

2) Make these kid-friendly ferments : )

3) Join the Cultured Kids e-course to get the recipes, video demonstrations, inspiring audio trainings and more!



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