Nourish Mama by Sherry Rothwell
Nourish Mama, a nutritional program by Sherry Rothwell

Nourish Mom, Nurture Child

What if more vitality, beauty and health could be yours through the sacred act of giving birth and raising a child?

You are a mindful mama. You want to raise your family on nourishing, delicious meals that nurture growing bodies- as much as family connection and pleasure at the dinner table. You already know you need to nourish yourself to nurture your family, but sometimes you need a little reminding (with a healthy heaping spoon of inspiration on top!).

Let me hold the door open for you (and make yourself at home) if….

  • • You want to learn all that you can about nourishing your family-from textbook to table.
  • • You are excited to embrace the whole continuum of motherhood from an empowered place (you have a passion for pregnancy, birth and natural parenting).
  • • You want to get connected with a strong circle of women who ‘get it’ and want to help you savour and celebrate the journey of being nourished as a mama (and walk the path with you)

Sherry Rothwell

I am a mindful mama too….

I am Sherry Rothwell, RHN founder of Nourish Mama and mother to 2 delightfully home born children, Isaiah 14 and Jasmine 9. I am also a nutrition educator and business coach for holistic nutritionists. I created Nourish Mama to make holistic nutrition knowledge during the childbearing years more accessible to mamas- and to mentor healing arts practitioners to expand their practices to include more hands on nurturing and nourishing wisdom to share with the women they serve. I believe that childbirth is a woman’s visionquest and that motherhood is one of life’s most deep spiritual journey’s. My greatest vision is to empower women to savour the experience -and their potential to create a new world through the beauty and power inherent in conscious healing, birth and mothering.

You might want to sit down and stay a while if….

I am pretty sure you’ll love what I’ve cooked up for you if….

  • • You are delighted by the spiritual significance of your role in bringing a new soul to the planet and in stewarding your child’s life (you are humbled by that responsibility and equally honoured by the power you have to nourish your family- body, mind and soul).
  • • You love to study, learn and grow (bookstores make you giddy)!
  • • You are a mama on a mission, starting with your family and your community. You want to make a difference in the world.

Wondering where you should start?

If you are a mommaexplore the blog, learn more pleasurable ways to get your family healthy (without resistance) so that you can take your family’s health to the next level (step by step).



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